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The crackling sound of the fire burning, the smell of nice burning wood and a lovely warm glow spreading around the fire pit. It looks like a scene from a campfire holiday, but it can also happen in your own backyard. With a fire pit, you immediately place an atmosphere and heat source in the garden and enjoy a nice atmosphere and good warmth for hours.

A source of atmosphere and warmth

A fire pit is a garden item that burns a pile of wood directly in it, providing both fine warmth and a nice atmosphere. Light the fire pit with some simple firelighters and logs and enjoy the crackling fire. The nice thing about a fire pit is that it immediately brings a cosy and convivial atmosphere. Sit with a group around a fire pit and the conviviality shows itself.


Besides creating a nice atmosphere, a fire pit is a wonderful source of heat and therefore perfect for balmy summer evenings or cold winter nights. When the evenings are cooler, you can use the fire pit as a lovely heat source. Thanks to the open nature of a fire pit , you enjoy wonderful warmth in the immediate vicinity. And the higher the fire, the more heat is released. So if you like to be with a large group of friends or family, a larger fire pit such as the Inflamed Olaf is a very nice heat source. Due to its open character and good size of 104cm in height, the fire in this fire pit can certainly heat a larger group.

Atmospheric light during an event

A fire pit provides very atmospheric lighting of the burning fire. Place several smaller fire pits scattered around an area during a neighbourhood party, birthday or Christmas dinner and the garden will be beautifully lit with different light sources. This gives an intimate and casual atmosphere and instantly dresses up the venue. For a moment, consider a fire pit such as the La Hacienda Swallows Globe fire pit. This fireball has a beautifully lasered pattern and therefore gives off a unique light. If you spread it around the garden, you will create a beautiful display and give the garden an instant fun decoration.


The HEAT Mandal Fire pit is also a good option to have lit during an event. The fire pit is simple in design but gives a lot of light with a good burning fire. Thereby, the fire pit comes with a bottom plate which can be very practical for the stability of the fire pit.


Of course, safety is very important when working with fire. Therefore, keep a close eye on the fire and make sure the fire pits are far away from flammable materials.

Cooking outdoors with a fire pit

You can cook outside in both winter and summer. And with a fire pit, you also have this option. A number of fire pits in our range come with a grill grate. You can also find many accessories in our webshop which allow you to transform your fire pit into an outdoor kitchen. Think of a tripod with grill grid that can be placed over the fire pit or a plancha baking plate that fits perfectly on the fire pit.


With a tripod or grill grid, you can not only grill. Place a Dutch Oven on the grid and you can also make a deliciously tasty simmering pot or soup. Or do you like toasted marshmallows? Prick a few on a Marshmallow Pin and you'll make the best toasted marshmallows over the open fire.

Atmospheric light source with cooking options

A fire pit is very versatile and can be used as simply or elaborately as you like. Turn your fire pit into a complete outdoor kitchen with the BonVes with grill grid and plancha or use the fire pit for a wonderful atmosphere and heat source during a birthday or cosy winter evening. This way, you can turn a dull winter evening into a cosy intention or extend summer evenings by a few more hours. Would you like to cook outdoors but lack inspiration? Then read our blog with various cooking options.