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  • Fire pit: which one suits me?

    Fire pit: which one suits me?

    Find your fire pit

    If you read this blog, we assume that you want to transform your backyard into a cosy and warm place. A place where you can invite your friends or family, even in the autumn and winter months. Or a place where you can relax with a good book or good music after a long day at work. Now you don't know where to start, because there are so many options to put light and warmth in your garden. Luckily we are there to help you find your fire pit. In this blog we cover the fire pit in three types; from functionality to design.


    The round fire pit

    This design can be called the classic among fire baskets. This shape fits perfectly with the backyard that has cosiness as a priority. We see many natural colors, such as green and brown, and plenty of room to move in the garden. This garden belongs to someone who loves variety and dynamism. This is what the Esschert Round fire basket is suitable for. Its light weight and small dimensions make it easy to move around the entire garden. Place it in the middle of the garden when your friends are on the floor and let the cosy evening begin.


    The square fire pit

    Do you have a backyard with a sleek and modern look? Are the colors gray and white often reflected in the garden furniture and tiling? Then the Barbecook Fire pit Classic Squadra is for you. Its square appearance makes it the perfect addition to the trendy backyard. This is one you can put in the centre of your garden with a few luxurious, comfortable garden benches around it. Grab a nice glass of wine or whiskey and enjoy!


    The artistic fire pit

    Do you think the previous fire pits are too 'simple' and do you want one that really makes an impact on everyone who enters your backyard? The Esschert Fireball Laser Cut makes heads turn and mouths fall open. The cut-out patterns and the special design make the fireball a truly decorative object. It fits in the backyard where art is number one. Think for example of decorative garden cushions, posters or paintings on canvas and small statues scattered throughout the garden. The Fireball Laser Cut has several designs to choose from, such as flowers, leaves, birds and trees with deer. Something for everyone, so.


    This one suits me!

    Perfect! If you have a choice of one (or more) of our fire baskets, you can easily order them through our webshop. Are you stuck or do you want to see the fire baskets in real life first? Then we will be happy to help you in our showroom. We will gladly show you around while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. See you soon!


  • How te create an attractive terrace with outdoor gas fires

    Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside....

    Welcoming autumn on your terrace can be a bit painful at first. Daytime warmth, light and conviviality. Hello cold, shorter days and... Cosiness! During this period you can make your terrace attractive with the right accessories. Outdoor fires that run on gas are one of them. The luxurious appearance of these outdoor fires provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for this season. In this blog we introduce our three favorite outdoor gas fires for the autumn of 2019.

    Outdoor gas fire

    An outdoor gas fire on wheels

    For a somewhat larger terrace, one outdoor fireplace can be just enough, but sometimes just not enough. Then it is useful if you can move the fireplace to all the corners and places you have. The Happy Cocooning Cocoon Move is ideal for this. This fireplace has a built-in gas fire, which makes it safe to move anywhere in addition to its sleek appearance. The burner is located under the supplied ceramic fireplace blocks that the fire creates and maintains. This makes it look as if the fire is really wood-fired, which creates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. But this is a secret trick your guests don't need to know, right?


    Outdoor gas fire

    A luxury built-in outdoor fireplace on gas

    If you want to focus on your outdoor gas fire, this one is the right one for you: Faber The MOOD Gas Fire. This fire is made of Corten steel, which gives a natural brown rust colour when the fire itself stands on the terrace. The long chimney gives the gas fire an interesting, but unique look that can catch glances. Does your terrace have a sleek and luxurious appearance? With this outdoor gas fire it is possible to build it into two connectors, making it look as if the fire is in the middle of the installation. So this outdoor gas fireplace can fulfill more than just one terrace wish.


    Outdoor gas fire 

    An outdoor gas fire in several colours

    Yeah, you read it right. Would you like to have a gas-fired outdoor fireplace on your terrace in a specific colour? The Sunwood Marino Terrace Fireplace can fulfill this wish for you. But first let's tell you more. This outdoor gas fire is the absolute mood creator for hours on end, because one gas cylinder will give you 30 to 35 hours of pleasure from a burning fire. In addition, the outdoor gas fire is made of sustainable materials and components by the Dutch design and manufacturer! That makes this fireplace unique. What also makes the patio fireplace unique is the choice of colours that you have. You can choose from the standard colours black, anthracite grey and white. But do you want a different colour? Then we can make this dream come true. Read here how you can do this.


    Which gas-fired outdoor fireplace suits you?

    We are happy to help you with this question. You can feel free to take a look at our webshop for our range of outdoor gas fires. For questions you can contact us. Do you want to see the gas fires in real life? Then you are most welcome at our showroom. We will gladly show you around while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. See you soon!



  • How to enjoy the summer evenings for longer

    Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside....

    As we slowly crawl towards the month of October, we have to believe that the summer is almost over. We are lucky to have a beautiful late summer and we are still going to have one. It's about time to invite your friends to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and summer evenings together. No inspiration with what you might need to organize an unforgettable evening? In this blog we will show you how to do this in the best possible way.

    Fire pit


    Give your backyard extra warmth

    Although it can still be around 20 degrees during the day, the evenings are getting cooler and shorter. The most pleasant way to solve this? Fire. A firepit is ideal to use when you want to sit outside with friends even longer. Place the fire basket in the middle of your garden, put all the chairs you have around it and you've created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Barbecook firepit Classic Squadra is ideal for this setting. With good food and good drinks, everyone can last for hours in the cooler evenings.


    Give your backyard extra light

    Is a fire pit just not enough to light up the space in your garden? Swedish torches can help you with that. Did you know that these torches were used by the Swedish army in the 1600s? Thanks to the special oxygen intake technique, the burning stems give you hours of light. You can also use these torches to make a good impression on your friends. This torch consists of a wooden block that stands vertically. Spread the torches over the entire garden, or put them together in a group for the ultimate source of light.


    Give your backyard a culinary twist

    Of course, meeting with your friends also requires good food. If you want to cook outside, a barbecue is quite obvious. But you can also do it differently, namely with a smoker. The smell and taste of smoked meat or fish gives a completely different experience to an evening sitting in the garden with friends. In the afternoon you make sure that the smoker is switched on with the desired meat or fish in it, and in the evening you can enjoy top quality food. The Barbecook Smoker Oskar is perfect for this, even if you are a beginner using a smoker. This is because it is easy to use and you will have delicious dishes on the table in no time at all.

    What can we add to your backyard?

    Take a look at our webshop or visit our showroom. We can give you advice on how to make your summer evenings run smoothly. You are most welcome!



  • Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside....

    These OFYR accessories will enhance your outdoor cooking experience

    Do you feel like you had to say goodbye to the warm, sunny summer weather? Then we have good news for you. If you haven't followed the weather forecast yet, this week we'll see the sun again and feel the warmth again. Ideal weather for cooking outside. Earlier this summer we wrote a blog about the OFYR barbecue and how it can transform your garden into the most beautiful and cozy outdoor kitchen. But with a few OFYR accessories, you can complete outdoor cooking.



    Storage space and butcher block in one

    To use the OFYR barbecue you need logs. There are different ways to store them, but the best solution is the one closest to the barbecue and easily accessible. The OFYR Butcher Block Storage 45 may be right for you. It fits the design of the barbecue and doesn't take up a lot of space. What's more, not only can you store your wood in a stylish and functional manner, but the block also comes with a handy worktop (butcher's block). So you don't have to constantly walk back and forth with cutting boards from your kitchen or logs from the barn. You can spend this extra time cooking or sitting with your family or friends.


    Stylish outdoor cooking

    While barbecuing, it may occur that some pieces of hot wood get on your clothes. Or that you accidentally spill your excellent prepared food on your T-shirt. It can happen to the best of us. To prevent this from happening, wearing an apron is an efficient solution. The OFYR Leather Apron is made of high-quality leather. Not only does this look cool and trendy, but the leather also protects you from the heat. In addition, the stains you make are easy to clean. So you can wear the apron over and over again without constantly washing it in between.




    72 culinary evenings

    * The barbecue is ready to be used. * You have stored the logs nicely. * You look cool and stylish with your leather apron. Now it's time to use all the products. Don't know what you want to cook? OFYR has already thought about this. The OFYR cookbook consists of 72 delicious and simple recipes that you can prepare with your OFYR barbecue and accessories. The recipes are suitable for every season, just like the barbecue. So you, your friends or your family can enjoy your cooking season after season.


    Want to buy OFYR accessories? has been an official OFYR dealer from the start and has grown into the largest OFYR store in the Netherlands and Belgium. Take a look at the entire OFYR range in our webshop and take advantage of the competitive prices and attractive promotions. Do you prefer to visit our showroom first? Off course you are most welcome here!



  • Celebrate the summer

    Enjoy the summer with the OFYR BBQ!

    With the beautiful, summery days on the rise, it is time to bring out the barbecue, but just like every year, looking up and preparing the BBQ is a challenge. Maybe you'd rather go out to dinner with friends after all? With our OFYR barbecue you don't have to make that consideration. The OFYR is ready to use in just a few minutes. Enjoy the summer evenings, together with friends and family, a delicious meal and an atmospheric campfire.


    A unique experience with an OFYR barbecue

    With its classic lines and maintenance-free griddle, the OFYR is a very stylish and practical barbecue. The fire that is released, releases comfortable heat within a radius of two meters, so that even in winter cooking and eating can take place. The round baking tray allows you to prepare a nice meal while enjoying a nice drink.


    From the middle of the round baking tray, the heat gradually flows to the outside. This allows you to prepare several dishes on one baking tray. Cut the desired vegetables, drizzle the griddle with the desired oil and grill the vegetables and fry a nice piece of meat or fish at the same time. Thanks to the gradual heat distribution, the ingredients on the barbecue are ready at the same time, so that you can all sit at the table at the same time. After preparation, the griddle is easy to clean. With a spatula, you can put food leftovers and excess fat directly into the fire. This keeps the baking tray clean and you can clean the baking tray with just a wet cloth. This means that you don't waste any time cleaning the barbecue and can enjoy the late evening sun for a long time.




    The ultimate in outdoor cooking

    Unlike other barbecues, the OFYR does not need to be stored, regardless of the weather. The base and fire bowl are in fact made of copper-containing steel, which gives this barbecue an unprecedented, long service life. In addition, the OYFR has a beautiful brown-orange colour when used frequently. Over time, the steel gets an attractive patina layer.


    In addition to simple and cosy outdoor cooking, OFYR also offers a special experience. The conical fire bowl with wide, flat edge makes it an artistic object in the backyard. The crackling fire and the orange, warm glow give you a pleasant evening.




    Want to buy OFYR? has been an official OFYR dealer from the very beginning and has since grown into the largest OFYR store in the Netherlands and Belgium. Take a quick look at the entire range in our webshop and take advantage of our competitive prices and attractive promotions. If you prefer to visit our showroom first, you are more than welcome! The coffee is ready for you!



  • Turn your garden into your kitchen

    Barbecuing & outdoor cooking tips for this summer

    Outdoor cookingWith next week's weather forecast, we are no longer going to beat around the bush. Time to have a nice dinner outside again! With an eye on summer evenings, your code orange and the occasional hailstorm came through, didn't they?

    But what about the Grillmaster inside you? Maybe it's been a long time since you've been able to show off your skills. Did you know that you can do more with a barbecue than just turning hamburgers and bacon slices? Don't panic, we'll get you ready for the outdoor cooking in no time. So you can grill (and stew, and bake, etc.) the stars from heaven in the garden and score points with your friends.




    Tips to make your barbecue evening a success:


    Beef and lamb can be kept at room temperature for half an hour.

    If the meat is too cold, it will take much longer for the meat to reach the ultimate core temperature. With the risk, of course, of trying to cut a shoe sole on your plate. You don't want that. In other words, preparation is at least as important as the actual act of grilling.


    A steak will be dry in no time.

    Blinking your eyes once and your perfect medium steak is suddenly evaluated into a piece of liquorice. Within 4 minutes, when you're barbecuing really hot. Don't be distracted by the opening of a new beer and stay with your meat as a grill master. When you remove the meat from the barbecue, it will continue to cook for a while and even the core temperature will rise. Once dry, always dry and that is of course a waste of a nice piece of meat.


    Outdoor cookingPork has no infinite cooking time 


    Pork often comes from young animals. As a result, the animal has not yet had time to produce connective tissue and collagen. This means that your bacon steak can quickly become tough. These factors affect the firmness of the meat. Therefore, fry it briefly, but never on high heat. Your piece of meat is perfect when it is old pink in colour. Is your piece grey? Then you probably started getting another beer and you didn't pay much attention.




    On some barbecues you can also prepare a pizza.

    Outdoor cooking

    Ceramic Japanese or Kamado barbecues such as the Big Green Egg offer endless possibilities to prepare your favorites. This one is not only perfect for grilling and smoking. You can even bake your favourite pizza on a pizza stone in this egg. And that goes for breads and cakes as well. That's because the ceramic casing holds the heat extremely well, allowing the average temperature to be as high as 400 °C. The pizza can be baked at any time, so it's easy to clean and dry. In addition, the supply of air (and therefore also the temperature) in a Big Green Egg can be regulated very precisely, so that the BBQ acts as a kind of wood-fired oven. This means that this egg can fry and bake anything that is roasted or baked in a traditional oven. This makes the Big Green Egg a real all-rounder when it comes to outdoor cooking.





    We hope that you will feel like showing off your barbecuing skills again with this steamy cooking session. Unleash your creativity and experiment with new flavours and combinations. (Almost) anything is possible. Let's enjoy!




  • Which model garden fireplace is suitable?

    Buy which garden fireplace?

    As summer approaches and temperatures rise, we want to spend as much time in the garden as possible. No, a simple folding chair is no longer sufficient to enjoy the beautiful weather and the peace and quiet outside. Nowadays we are expanding our living space by turning our garden into a real outdoor room. A lounge area with cheerfully coloured soft cushions on the benches; that's a lot more comfortable.

    Gardenmaxx garden fireplaceBut in the design of our garden, a cozy garden fireplace should not be missing. It completes the picture. Until late in the evening chilling with a good glass of wine and let yourself be enchanted by the magical flames of a cozy fireplace is with a fine outdoor fireplace no problem at all. Whether you spend the evening alone, with family or with friends, the garden fire provides an atmospheric atmosphere until late in the morning. But which garden fireplace suits you best?

    Cheap garden fireplaces in many shapes and sizes

    The purchase of a patio fireplace does not have to be in the papers at all.  At, the range of garden fireplaces is enormous. You will find over 180 different models. And that offer is only increasing. The choice is therefore not easier on ....

    Because a garden fireplace is so atmospheric, the choice in model, shape and material used is very large. Garden fireplaces quickly become a real eye-catcher in your garden. The choice of materials used can also determine the atmosphere. There are patio fireplaces made of Corten steel with a brown rust colour, but also outdoor fireplaces with a trendy, modern look that are made of stainless steel, for example. So there is something for everyone.

    But the most important thing is that you can enjoy a beautiful fire during long summer evenings and stay warm on cooler evenings due to the heat of the fire. We have listed a few models for you:

    The traditional garden fireplace

    The traditional garden fireplace is often characterized by the presence of a chimney. The garden fireplace is usually fully closed and has a central opening at the front where the firewood can be added. Basically, the terrace fireplace is similar to a fireplace for inside, but the garden fireplace is normally on legs and is therefore easy to move. The latter is also a great advantage because you place the fireplace where warmth and atmosphere are most desired.

    The pipe of the patio fireplace can be extended in some cases. Convenient extensions can be ordered directly or are available at a DIY store or specialist shop. Extending a stove pipe is particularly desirable if you want to place the fireplace under a veranda or roof. Keep in mind that if you want to go through the roof, you will need a double-walled roof outlet!


    GardenmaxxGarden fireplace made of Corten steel

    The choice of material is very personal and tasteful. One person loves austere and minimalistic, the other loves rugged and robust. However, there is a garden fireplace for every taste.

    Garden fireplaces are available in many different materials. Think of stone, clay, cast iron and steel. The latter material, however, can be subdivided into stainless steel, steel with a black heat-resistant coating and corten steel.

    Corten steel is also known as weather-resistant steel. Characteristic for Corten steel is on the one hand the brown-orange rust colour and on the other hand the long lifespan. The lifespan is so long because the first corrosion layer prevents further corrosion, making painting superfluous and maintenance is therefore very low. The more you use a garden fireplace made of Corten steel, the more beautiful it becomes. Over time, the steel gets a beautiful, natural patina.

    One of the advantages of a garden fire made of Corten steel is that it can therefore remain outside in all weather conditions and does not need to be covered.

    Both the Forno and GardenmaxX brands have a wide range of corten steel garden fireplaces.

    Garden fire made of cast iron

    If you like a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere, a cast iron patio heater is an excellent option. The round shapes and the raw material give your garden character and a warm atmosphere.

    An advantage of cast iron is that the material retains the heat well. This allows you to enjoy the warmth for a long time, even when the fire is almost out. In addition, you will probably use less wood than for garden fireplaces made from other materials that retain heat for a shorter period of time.

    In addition, cast iron is firmer and heavier than, for example, stainless steel, which means that the fireplace remains in place and is pressure-resistant. A number of cast iron outdoor fireplaces come with a small door with a spark screen that prevents sparks from jumping away. This protects your terrace and your clothes against small burns.

    The Esschert Design brand has a wide range of cast iron garden fireplaces.


    Cosi Stove Mid Wood burning stoveThe wood-burning stove

    Simply put, a garden fireplace does not have a door and a wood-burning stove does. Even though these two fireplaces are very similar, there is a big difference in the fire characteristics. The patio heater uses less wood, has a higher efficiency and normally gives off more heat.

    The use of a wood-burning stove has, in addition to bringing the wonderful atmosphere, warmth and conviviality even more advantages. One of the most important advantages of a wood-burning stove is that it is equipped with a door with a window and is therefore relatively safe to use. You don't have to be on the lookout for sparks or falling wood.

    The choice of wood stoves is also large. Both for a modern, nostalgic or classic (garden) design, there is a wide range of suitable wood stoves. Take a look at the wood stoves of Cosi fires, for example.


    The Mexican fireplace

    Do you want to create a warm Mediterranean atmosphere in the garden? Then the so-called Mexican fireplace is probably a bull's-eye. With these colourful ceramic patio fireplaces, lighting a fire is very attractive. Prepare some tortillas, pour a drink and enjoy the cozy Mexican warmth that these fun fireplaces give off.

    The Mexican fireplace is made of clay and is particularly suitable for lighting a small cosy fire. Because of the beautiful size and the often fresh colors, there is always a copy to be found to your liking.

    If you are an avid stoker and you enjoy a large fire, choose a different type of fire, such as a garden fire made of corten steel. The Mexican fireplace will rupture when the temperature is too high.

    The La Hacienda brand in particular has a huge range of fun Mexican fireplaces.

    Sunwood MarinoOutdoor fireplace gas

    A gas-fired outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who are looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fire, but don't have room for a chimney or, for example, don't want to lug around logs. For everyone who is looking for comfort and just nice and easy, with a turn of the knob the gas fire just wants to turn on...

    These gas fireplaces often burn on propane or butane gas. The gas bottles of 5 to 10 litres can be bought at a DIY store, garden centre or petrol station. And if the bottle is empty, just change the gas bottle there for a full one.

    The gas bottle can be stored at the bottom of the fireplace and the big advantage of this is that you are very flexible and the mobile fireplace can be placed anywhere. First at the garden table and later, for example, at your lounge set. The most popular models of these mobile gas fires are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz.

    The latter model, the Faber The Buzz, is one of the few gas fires in this segment that can also be connected to a natural gas pipeline. A small adjustment is then sufficient.

    Would you like to buy a garden fireplace?

    For a cheap patio fire, a garden fire made of corten steel, a Mexican fire or a cast iron garden heater, is always at the right place! The range of outdoor fireplaces is wide and varied and the great thing is that you can order your patio fire online. You do not have to go out the door and get the garden fire for free home delivery! What more could you want?

    Because we have all the patio fireplaces in stock, we can deliver quickly if ordered before 17.00h. If you prefer to have a look at the patio fireplace first, then you are most welcome in our showroom. The coffee is ready for you!




  • Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowl corten steel

    As seen on tv: the dune garden

    For a TV programme, a sandy garden has been transformed into a robust, natural dune garden! The end result was beautiful and again we were able to contribute a small part to it with our fire bowl Zara from Gardenmaxx.

    Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowl

    The garden was transformed into an attractive lounge area. The atmosphere of the dune landscape around the house was subtly continued and the garden was fully equipped. For example, a long garden table was placed to be able to dine extensively with friends and family. But also an outdoor shower for these avid surfers could not be missed.


    Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowlFire bowl made of Corten steel

    A spacious seating area around a fire bowl was chosen as the central focal point in the garden. The choice fell on the GardenmaxX Zara fire bowl which is made of durable corten steel. Precisely because of this material, this bowl fitted perfectly into the overall picture. Corten steel has the pleasant property that it only becomes more beautiful as time goes by. In addition, Corten steel does not rust through and gives this dune garden the natural look it deserves.


    Patio fireplace made of corten steel

    The designers opted for a round fire bowl for this garden, but because of the popularity of Corten steel, there are many other possibilities to create an atmospheric fire in the garden today. The GardenmaxX brand in particular has a very wide range of garden fireplaces made of corten steel. But also fire pits and fire tables made of corten steel are now available in many different models.

    OFYR Classic 100-100 corten steel

    Do you want the combination of a cozy fireplace and delicious outdoor cooking? Then the OFYR Classic is the ultimate garden cooker. This large corten steel fire bowl is equipped with a baking tray / plancha and lies on a 1 meter high base. It is a beautiful piece of furniture to see and much more fun to use. Because of the round shape he invites you to be there with all your guests around to stand. The OFYR is without a doubt a guarantee for long culinary evenings!

    As an alternative to the OFYR, variants such as the FORNO BFC6 or the FORNO BFC3 are also available today. All made of the same beautiful corten steel.


    Want to buy a fire bowl of Corten steel?

    The use of corten steel is very popular today. Whether you are looking for a Herb Garden bench, a letterbox or a fire bowl made of corten steel, there is a wide range on offer.

    With regard to the latter, you have come to the right place at With us it's all about creating a little extra fun in the garden. And we are good at that. That is why we have by far the largest range of fire pits, fire bowls, patio fireplaces and firepit tables.

    Take a look around in our webshop or visit our showroom. You will find everything around the theme of "fire, warmth and conviviality" in the garden.


  • Sunwood Marino or Faber The Buzz gas fireplace?


    With an outdoor gas fireplace comfortable enjoyment in the garden

    Do you like to sit in your garden until late at night? A nice snack and a drink, maybe a good book. Unfortunately, a falling temperature can sometimes be a game breaker. But don't worry, there are plenty of solutions for extending a beautiful summer evening. And of course we are not talking about the use of a fleece blanket...

    Faber the Tube


    If you are looking for a pleasant warmth around you, a fire pit or patio fireplace is ideal. Then you kill two birds with one stone because the garden fire spreads a wonderful warmth and also guarantees a cozy atmosphere. Moving flames have an unprecedented appeal and invite you to sit for hours.


    Because the outdoor fireplace is such an atmospheric factor in your garden (or on your terrace), there are an incredible number of models available nowadays. The range varies from wood-burning fireplaces to comfortable outdoor gas fires. We would now like to confine ourselves to this last category.


    Faber the BuzzOutdoor fire gas

    A gas-fired outdoor fireplace is perfect for those looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fireplace, but who do not have room for a chimney or, for example, do not want to walk up and down with logs. For anyone who is looking for comfort and just nice and easy, with a turn of the knob the gas fire just to turn on. An additional advantage can be that you don't want to bother your neighbours with the smoke and smell of a wood stove.

    How does the outdoor gas fireplace work?

    The outdoor gas fire stands for convenience and comfort. These fires often burn on propane or butane gas. The 5 to 10 litre gas cylinders can be bought at a hardware store, garden centre or petrol station. And if the bottle is empty, just change the gas bottle there for a full one.


    The gas bottle can be stored at the bottom of the fireplace. The big advantage of this is that you are very flexible and can place the mobile fireplace anywhere. First at the garden table and later, for example, at your lounge set. Examples of these mobile gas fires are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz.


    SunwoodThis last model, the Faber The Buzz, is one of the few gas fires in this segment that can also be connected to a natural gas pipeline. A small adjustment is then sufficient. However, you do need to make this known in advance so that you receive the correct one. Laying and preparing the natural gas pipeline is of course at your own expense.

    If you prefer a Happy Cocooning fire pit table, you can also connect it to a natural gas pipeline. However, Happy Cocooning is the only one to do this. Other brands such as Cosi fires and Forno only have fire tables that work on a gas bottle.


    Sunwood Marino or Faber The Buzz gas fire?

    Outdoor gas fires like the Faber The Buzz and the Sunwood Marino are equipped with a built-in gas fire. The burner of this fire is camouflaged by the included ceramic logs so that the fire looks like a real wood-fired fire. The power of the gas fire varies from 5 to 9.3 kW so one gas fire gives off more heat than another.

    The atmospheric fire is visible on three sides of the Faber The Buzz and on four sides of the Sunwood Marino and is enclosed by toughened glass, guaranteeing safety with children, for example.

    The ignition of the gas fire is very simple by means of an electronic ignition with thermocouple. In addition, you determine the height of the flame yourself by using the rotary knob, which together with the ignition knob is incorporated in a handy control panel.

    Because of the safety, the ease of use and the atmosphere, both the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz are often found on catering terraces.


    Faber The MoodFaber The MOOD gas fire

    If flexibility is less important to you, then the Faber The MOOD may be a big hit. The Faber The MOOD is a beautiful outdoor fireplace made of corten steel. The fireplace can be installed freestanding or built-in. Freestanding, this garden fire is just a beautiful object in the garden and built-in it offers possibilities to connect two parts of the garden, for example.

    With this garden fire Faber is following the trend to move the comfort of the living room outside. The fireplace can be used on both propane and natural gas.

    The fire table on gas

    A fire pit table is a built-in gas fire recessed into a large solid table. This table is available in various shapes (square, rectangle, round, oval) and is particularly suitable for use on the terrace or in the garden. The table is closed on all sides so that the centrally placed built-in burner disappears neatly for the eye and in many cases a gas bottle can be stored underneath it.

    Besides the composite fire tables, there are now also tables available that are finished on the outside with beautiful teak wood, douglas wood or scaffolding wood. But also a fire table made of corten steel is now a possibility.

    Because the fire table is a little lower, it is often the centrepiece of a cosy lounge set. Read more about fire tables here.

    Cosi Fires Cosi LoftThe built-in burner

    A built-in burner is actually a derivative of the traditional fire table. In this case, however, it is not a ready-made table, but only the burner as it is also used in the above-mentioned fire tables.

    With a built-in burner you can equip your own garden table, a column or any other piece of furniture with a gas fire. To put it simply, you can use a mould to make a hole in your garden table, for example, and hang the burner there. In this way you can easily create your own fire table and enjoy the same comfort, warmth and atmosphere.


    Want to buy an outdoor gas fireplace?

    Then you have come to the right place at! We have tried above some more information about these comfortable garden fires to give. Because the possibilities, but also the choice of different brands, models and materials, is now so great, it is important that you inform yourself well in advance.


    At we sell gas fires from renowned brands such as Sunwood, Happy Cocooning, Cosi fires and Faber. A huge range of gas fires in which you can always find one that meets your wishes and needs.


    All fireplaces are easy to order online, but if you prefer to come and have a look in the showroom first, we would like to invite you. Our staff will be happy to help you make the right choice and the coffee is ready for you!


  • Big Green Egg; Which model do you choose?

    Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside…

    What's the secret behind the Big Green Egg?

    Americans, Belgians; anyone who tastes the dishes made on a Big Green Egg will fall like a brick for the unrivalled delicious taste. What's the secret behind the Big Green Egg? Actually, it's a combination of a number of things.

    Big Green Egg


    It's the ceramics that reflect the heat, creating an airflow that makes ingredients and dishes extra tender. It is the prefect air circulation, so food cooks evenly at the desired temperature. And it is the fact that the temperature can be regulated and maintained to the exact degree. Even external temperatures have no influence on the temperature within the EGG due to the high-quality, heat-insulating ceramic. And - last but not least - its looks are of course there too.




    A combination of old wisdom and innovative technology

    For the idea behind the kamado and the Big Green Egg we have to go back centuries in time. More than 3,000 years ago, kamado was already used in East Asia as a traditional, wood-fired clay oven. There it was discovered, embraced and taken away by Japanese who affectionately called it "kamado", or oven or fireplace.

    Once in Japan, American soldiers discovered the kamado at the beginning of the last century and took it home as a souvenir. In the course of time, the centuries-old model was further perfected according to contemporary knowledge, production techniques and innovative materials. The advanced developments in NASA's ceramic technology have also contributed to the creation of the special outdoor cooker: the Big Green Egg.


    Big Green EggEnjoy the ultimate taste experience together

    Enjoying the good life together is what Big Green Egg stands for. Family, friends and loved ones around you and the best dishes you've ever tasted. Because the Big Green Egg has a temperature range of 70° C - 350° C, you can use all kinds of cooking techniques: grilling, baking, cooking, stewing, smoking and slow cooking. Do you want to make it even more versatile? For every model of the Big Green Egg, there are handy accessories that make cooking even easier and more fun and give your cooking skills even more flavour. The interplay of the multifunctional EGG and good company ensures unforgettable moments. The question is not why you want a Big Green Egg, but which of the seven models suits you best.


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