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  • Which model garden fireplace is suitable?

    Buy which garden fireplace?

    As summer approaches and temperatures rise, we want to spend as much time in the garden as possible. No, a simple folding chair is no longer sufficient to enjoy the beautiful weather and the peace and quiet outside. Nowadays we are expanding our living space by turning our garden into a real outdoor room. A lounge area with cheerfully coloured soft cushions on the benches; that's a lot more comfortable.

    Gardenmaxx garden fireplaceBut in the design of our garden, a cozy garden fireplace should not be missing. It completes the picture. Until late in the evening chilling with a good glass of wine and let yourself be enchanted by the magical flames of a cozy fireplace is with a fine outdoor fireplace no problem at all. Whether you spend the evening alone, with family or with friends, the garden fire provides an atmospheric atmosphere until late in the morning. But which garden fireplace suits you best?

    Cheap garden fireplaces in many shapes and sizes

    The purchase of a patio fireplace does not have to be in the papers at all.  At, the range of garden fireplaces is enormous. You will find over 180 different models. And that offer is only increasing. The choice is therefore not easier on ....

    Because a garden fireplace is so atmospheric, the choice in model, shape and material used is very large. Garden fireplaces quickly become a real eye-catcher in your garden. The choice of materials used can also determine the atmosphere. There are patio fireplaces made of Corten steel with a brown rust colour, but also outdoor fireplaces with a trendy, modern look that are made of stainless steel, for example. So there is something for everyone.

    But the most important thing is that you can enjoy a beautiful fire during long summer evenings and stay warm on cooler evenings due to the heat of the fire. We have listed a few models for you:

    The traditional garden fireplace

    The traditional garden fireplace is often characterized by the presence of a chimney. The garden fireplace is usually fully closed and has a central opening at the front where the firewood can be added. Basically, the terrace fireplace is similar to a fireplace for inside, but the garden fireplace is normally on legs and is therefore easy to move. The latter is also a great advantage because you place the fireplace where warmth and atmosphere are most desired.

    The pipe of the patio fireplace can be extended in some cases. Convenient extensions can be ordered directly or are available at a DIY store or specialist shop. Extending a stove pipe is particularly desirable if you want to place the fireplace under a veranda or roof. Keep in mind that if you want to go through the roof, you will need a double-walled roof outlet!


    GardenmaxxGarden fireplace made of Corten steel

    The choice of material is very personal and tasteful. One person loves austere and minimalistic, the other loves rugged and robust. However, there is a garden fireplace for every taste.

    Garden fireplaces are available in many different materials. Think of stone, clay, cast iron and steel. The latter material, however, can be subdivided into stainless steel, steel with a black heat-resistant coating and corten steel.

    Corten steel is also known as weather-resistant steel. Characteristic for Corten steel is on the one hand the brown-orange rust colour and on the other hand the long lifespan. The lifespan is so long because the first corrosion layer prevents further corrosion, making painting superfluous and maintenance is therefore very low. The more you use a garden fireplace made of Corten steel, the more beautiful it becomes. Over time, the steel gets a beautiful, natural patina.

    One of the advantages of a garden fire made of Corten steel is that it can therefore remain outside in all weather conditions and does not need to be covered.

    Both the Forno and GardenmaxX brands have a wide range of corten steel garden fireplaces.

    Garden fire made of cast iron

    If you like a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere, a cast iron patio heater is an excellent option. The round shapes and the raw material give your garden character and a warm atmosphere.

    An advantage of cast iron is that the material retains the heat well. This allows you to enjoy the warmth for a long time, even when the fire is almost out. In addition, you will probably use less wood than for garden fireplaces made from other materials that retain heat for a shorter period of time.

    In addition, cast iron is firmer and heavier than, for example, stainless steel, which means that the fireplace remains in place and is pressure-resistant. A number of cast iron outdoor fireplaces come with a small door with a spark screen that prevents sparks from jumping away. This protects your terrace and your clothes against small burns.

    The Esschert Design brand has a wide range of cast iron garden fireplaces.


    Cosi Stove Mid Wood burning stoveThe wood-burning stove

    Simply put, a garden fireplace does not have a door and a wood-burning stove does. Even though these two fireplaces are very similar, there is a big difference in the fire characteristics. The patio heater uses less wood, has a higher efficiency and normally gives off more heat.

    The use of a wood-burning stove has, in addition to bringing the wonderful atmosphere, warmth and conviviality even more advantages. One of the most important advantages of a wood-burning stove is that it is equipped with a door with a window and is therefore relatively safe to use. You don't have to be on the lookout for sparks or falling wood.

    The choice of wood stoves is also large. Both for a modern, nostalgic or classic (garden) design, there is a wide range of suitable wood stoves. Take a look at the wood stoves of Cosi fires, for example.


    The Mexican fireplace

    Do you want to create a warm Mediterranean atmosphere in the garden? Then the so-called Mexican fireplace is probably a bull's-eye. With these colourful ceramic patio fireplaces, lighting a fire is very attractive. Prepare some tortillas, pour a drink and enjoy the cozy Mexican warmth that these fun fireplaces give off.

    The Mexican fireplace is made of clay and is particularly suitable for lighting a small cosy fire. Because of the beautiful size and the often fresh colors, there is always a copy to be found to your liking.

    If you are an avid stoker and you enjoy a large fire, choose a different type of fire, such as a garden fire made of corten steel. The Mexican fireplace will rupture when the temperature is too high.

    The La Hacienda brand in particular has a huge range of fun Mexican fireplaces.

    Sunwood MarinoOutdoor fireplace gas

    A gas-fired outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who are looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fire, but don't have room for a chimney or, for example, don't want to lug around logs. For everyone who is looking for comfort and just nice and easy, with a turn of the knob the gas fire just wants to turn on...

    These gas fireplaces often burn on propane or butane gas. The gas bottles of 5 to 10 litres can be bought at a DIY store, garden centre or petrol station. And if the bottle is empty, just change the gas bottle there for a full one.

    The gas bottle can be stored at the bottom of the fireplace and the big advantage of this is that you are very flexible and the mobile fireplace can be placed anywhere. First at the garden table and later, for example, at your lounge set. The most popular models of these mobile gas fires are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz.

    The latter model, the Faber The Buzz, is one of the few gas fires in this segment that can also be connected to a natural gas pipeline. A small adjustment is then sufficient.

    Would you like to buy a garden fireplace?

    For a cheap patio fire, a garden fire made of corten steel, a Mexican fire or a cast iron garden heater, is always at the right place! The range of outdoor fireplaces is wide and varied and the great thing is that you can order your patio fire online. You do not have to go out the door and get the garden fire for free home delivery! What more could you want?

    Because we have all the patio fireplaces in stock, we can deliver quickly if ordered before 17.00h. If you prefer to have a look at the patio fireplace first, then you are most welcome in our showroom. The coffee is ready for you!




  • Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowl corten steel

    As seen on tv: the dune garden

    For a TV programme, a sandy garden has been transformed into a robust, natural dune garden! The end result was beautiful and again we were able to contribute a small part to it with our fire bowl Zara from Gardenmaxx.

    Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowl

    The garden was transformed into an attractive lounge area. The atmosphere of the dune landscape around the house was subtly continued and the garden was fully equipped. For example, a long garden table was placed to be able to dine extensively with friends and family. But also an outdoor shower for these avid surfers could not be missed.


    Gardenmaxx Zara fire bowlFire bowl made of Corten steel

    A spacious seating area around a fire bowl was chosen as the central focal point in the garden. The choice fell on the GardenmaxX Zara fire bowl which is made of durable corten steel. Precisely because of this material, this bowl fitted perfectly into the overall picture. Corten steel has the pleasant property that it only becomes more beautiful as time goes by. In addition, Corten steel does not rust through and gives this dune garden the natural look it deserves.


    Patio fireplace made of corten steel

    The designers opted for a round fire bowl for this garden, but because of the popularity of Corten steel, there are many other possibilities to create an atmospheric fire in the garden today. The GardenmaxX brand in particular has a very wide range of garden fireplaces made of corten steel. But also fire pits and fire tables made of corten steel are now available in many different models.

    OFYR Classic 100-100 corten steel

    Do you want the combination of a cozy fireplace and delicious outdoor cooking? Then the OFYR Classic is the ultimate garden cooker. This large corten steel fire bowl is equipped with a baking tray / plancha and lies on a 1 meter high base. It is a beautiful piece of furniture to see and much more fun to use. Because of the round shape he invites you to be there with all your guests around to stand. The OFYR is without a doubt a guarantee for long culinary evenings!

    As an alternative to the OFYR, variants such as the FORNO BFC6 or the FORNO BFC3 are also available today. All made of the same beautiful corten steel.


    Want to buy a fire bowl of Corten steel?

    The use of corten steel is very popular today. Whether you are looking for a Herb Garden bench, a letterbox or a fire bowl made of corten steel, there is a wide range on offer.

    With regard to the latter, you have come to the right place at With us it's all about creating a little extra fun in the garden. And we are good at that. That is why we have by far the largest range of fire pits, fire bowls, patio fireplaces and firepit tables.

    Take a look around in our webshop or visit our showroom. You will find everything around the theme of "fire, warmth and conviviality" in the garden.


  • Sunwood Marino or Faber The Buzz gas fireplace?


    With an outdoor gas fireplace comfortable enjoyment in the garden

    Do you like to sit in your garden until late at night? A nice snack and a drink, maybe a good book. Unfortunately, a falling temperature can sometimes be a game breaker. But don't worry, there are plenty of solutions for extending a beautiful summer evening. And of course we are not talking about the use of a fleece blanket...

    Faber the Tube


    If you are looking for a pleasant warmth around you, a fire pit or patio fireplace is ideal. Then you kill two birds with one stone because the garden fire spreads a wonderful warmth and also guarantees a cozy atmosphere. Moving flames have an unprecedented appeal and invite you to sit for hours.


    Because the outdoor fireplace is such an atmospheric factor in your garden (or on your terrace), there are an incredible number of models available nowadays. The range varies from wood-burning fireplaces to comfortable outdoor gas fires. We would now like to confine ourselves to this last category.


    Faber the BuzzOutdoor fire gas

    A gas-fired outdoor fireplace is perfect for those looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fireplace, but who do not have room for a chimney or, for example, do not want to walk up and down with logs. For anyone who is looking for comfort and just nice and easy, with a turn of the knob the gas fire just to turn on. An additional advantage can be that you don't want to bother your neighbours with the smoke and smell of a wood stove.

    How does the outdoor gas fireplace work?

    The outdoor gas fire stands for convenience and comfort. These fires often burn on propane or butane gas. The 5 to 10 litre gas cylinders can be bought at a hardware store, garden centre or petrol station. And if the bottle is empty, just change the gas bottle there for a full one.


    The gas bottle can be stored at the bottom of the fireplace. The big advantage of this is that you are very flexible and can place the mobile fireplace anywhere. First at the garden table and later, for example, at your lounge set. Examples of these mobile gas fires are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz.


    SunwoodThis last model, the Faber The Buzz, is one of the few gas fires in this segment that can also be connected to a natural gas pipeline. A small adjustment is then sufficient. However, you do need to make this known in advance so that you receive the correct one. Laying and preparing the natural gas pipeline is of course at your own expense.

    If you prefer a Happy Cocooning fire pit table, you can also connect it to a natural gas pipeline. However, Happy Cocooning is the only one to do this. Other brands such as Cosi fires and Forno only have fire tables that work on a gas bottle.


    Sunwood Marino or Faber The Buzz gas fire?

    Outdoor gas fires like the Faber The Buzz and the Sunwood Marino are equipped with a built-in gas fire. The burner of this fire is camouflaged by the included ceramic logs so that the fire looks like a real wood-fired fire. The power of the gas fire varies from 5 to 9.3 kW so one gas fire gives off more heat than another.

    The atmospheric fire is visible on three sides of the Faber The Buzz and on four sides of the Sunwood Marino and is enclosed by toughened glass, guaranteeing safety with children, for example.

    The ignition of the gas fire is very simple by means of an electronic ignition with thermocouple. In addition, you determine the height of the flame yourself by using the rotary knob, which together with the ignition knob is incorporated in a handy control panel.

    Because of the safety, the ease of use and the atmosphere, both the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz are often found on catering terraces.


    Faber The MoodFaber The MOOD gas fire

    If flexibility is less important to you, then the Faber The MOOD may be a big hit. The Faber The MOOD is a beautiful outdoor fireplace made of corten steel. The fireplace can be installed freestanding or built-in. Freestanding, this garden fire is just a beautiful object in the garden and built-in it offers possibilities to connect two parts of the garden, for example.

    With this garden fire Faber is following the trend to move the comfort of the living room outside. The fireplace can be used on both propane and natural gas.

    The fire table on gas

    A fire pit table is a built-in gas fire recessed into a large solid table. This table is available in various shapes (square, rectangle, round, oval) and is particularly suitable for use on the terrace or in the garden. The table is closed on all sides so that the centrally placed built-in burner disappears neatly for the eye and in many cases a gas bottle can be stored underneath it.

    Besides the composite fire tables, there are now also tables available that are finished on the outside with beautiful teak wood, douglas wood or scaffolding wood. But also a fire table made of corten steel is now a possibility.

    Because the fire table is a little lower, it is often the centrepiece of a cosy lounge set. Read more about fire tables here.

    Cosi Fires Cosi LoftThe built-in burner

    A built-in burner is actually a derivative of the traditional fire table. In this case, however, it is not a ready-made table, but only the burner as it is also used in the above-mentioned fire tables.

    With a built-in burner you can equip your own garden table, a column or any other piece of furniture with a gas fire. To put it simply, you can use a mould to make a hole in your garden table, for example, and hang the burner there. In this way you can easily create your own fire table and enjoy the same comfort, warmth and atmosphere.


    Want to buy an outdoor gas fireplace?

    Then you have come to the right place at! We have tried above some more information about these comfortable garden fires to give. Because the possibilities, but also the choice of different brands, models and materials, is now so great, it is important that you inform yourself well in advance.


    At we sell gas fires from renowned brands such as Sunwood, Happy Cocooning, Cosi fires and Faber. A huge range of gas fires in which you can always find one that meets your wishes and needs.


    All fireplaces are easy to order online, but if you prefer to come and have a look in the showroom first, we would like to invite you. Our staff will be happy to help you make the right choice and the coffee is ready for you!


  • Big Green Egg; Which model do you choose?

    Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside…

    What's the secret behind the Big Green Egg?

    Americans, Belgians; anyone who tastes the dishes made on a Big Green Egg will fall like a brick for the unrivalled delicious taste. What's the secret behind the Big Green Egg? Actually, it's a combination of a number of things.

    Big Green Egg


    It's the ceramics that reflect the heat, creating an airflow that makes ingredients and dishes extra tender. It is the prefect air circulation, so food cooks evenly at the desired temperature. And it is the fact that the temperature can be regulated and maintained to the exact degree. Even external temperatures have no influence on the temperature within the EGG due to the high-quality, heat-insulating ceramic. And - last but not least - its looks are of course there too.




    A combination of old wisdom and innovative technology

    For the idea behind the kamado and the Big Green Egg we have to go back centuries in time. More than 3,000 years ago, kamado was already used in East Asia as a traditional, wood-fired clay oven. There it was discovered, embraced and taken away by Japanese who affectionately called it "kamado", or oven or fireplace.

    Once in Japan, American soldiers discovered the kamado at the beginning of the last century and took it home as a souvenir. In the course of time, the centuries-old model was further perfected according to contemporary knowledge, production techniques and innovative materials. The advanced developments in NASA's ceramic technology have also contributed to the creation of the special outdoor cooker: the Big Green Egg.


    Big Green EggEnjoy the ultimate taste experience together

    Enjoying the good life together is what Big Green Egg stands for. Family, friends and loved ones around you and the best dishes you've ever tasted. Because the Big Green Egg has a temperature range of 70° C - 350° C, you can use all kinds of cooking techniques: grilling, baking, cooking, stewing, smoking and slow cooking. Do you want to make it even more versatile? For every model of the Big Green Egg, there are handy accessories that make cooking even easier and more fun and give your cooking skills even more flavour. The interplay of the multifunctional EGG and good company ensures unforgettable moments. The question is not why you want a Big Green Egg, but which of the seven models suits you best.


    View the full range of Big Green Egg products here


  • Dimplex Stonebridge electric fireplace

    The Dimplex Stonebridge, as seen on tv

    Have you seen the episode of Eigen Huis en Tuin last weekend? A super nice garden house with placed the Dimplex Stonebridge fireplace. A small, sturdy stove with the appearance of a wood stove, but with the modern technologies of an electric fireplace.

    Dimplex StonebridgeSturdy fireplace with classic look

    The Dimplex Stonebridge is a sturdy, yet somewhat classic electric fireplace with a beautiful fire image. This fire image is created by the famous Opti-Myst technique of Dimplex. A technique in which a filled water tank is heated to create water vapor. When the water vapor is then illuminated by LED lighting you will be amazed how much this fire image resembles a real fire. In combination with the authentic doors, the slender legs and a coal grid, the Dimplex Stonebridge is a real eye-catcher in your home.

    Electric fireplace with heating

    Besides a very realistic fireplace, this atmospheric fireplace also has a heating element with two positions. At one setting this fire consumes 1000 Watt and at the other 2000 Watt. This makes the Dimplex Stonebridge a very suitable fireplace for a little pleasant additional heating. Of course you can also choose to leave the heating off. The maximum consumption of this fireplace is 200 Watts.

    An electric fireplace provides convenience and comfort

    Our lives seem to be getting busier and the need for convenience and comfort is growing. It is therefore not surprising that the popularity of electric fireplaces is also increasing enormously. The fact that only the plug needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and the fireplace can be switched on from an easy chair at the touch of a button on the supplied remote control is wonderful. And of course you can easily move an electric fire like the Stonebridge. Today in the living room, tomorrow in the bedroom…

    Dimplex StonebridgeThe freestanding fireplace is available in various models

    Besides the Stonebridge, there are several similar freestanding stoves available. Flavours differ and so there is always a freestanding fireplace to your liking.

    Take a look at the Dimplex Stockbridge or the Dimplex Sunningdale. Very popular atmospheric fireplaces where the Sunningdale is based on a different flame technique (Opti-virtual) and the Stockbridge especially in appearance which differs from the Stonebridge. But all three are characterized by a beautiful fireplace, convenience and comfort.

    Want to buy an electric fire?

    You can easily order electric fireplaces online from us. If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact our sales advisors. They will be happy to help you. Do you prefer to visit us first in our showroom? No problem, the coffee is ready for you!


    View our full range of electric fireplaces here.



  • Patio heating for the catering industry

    What are the ideal atmosphere creators for the catering terrace?

    These are of course your guests. But how do you ensure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy sitting on your terrace? Don't leave them out in the cold. With comfortable patio heaters and real atmosphere creators you create an oasis of peace, warmth and atmosphere. This way your guests will stay a little longer on your terrace. Good for the conviviality and good for your turnover! We dare to put our hands in the fire for that.

    Sunwood Marino Patio fireplaceProvide comfort with patio heaters

    We all want to be able to sit outside all year round. There are opportunities here for entrepreneurs in the catering industry. The possibilities are great and the investments are recouped in no time.

    The best-known patio heater is probably the 'mushroom' heater on which a butane or propane gas bottle is connected. A beautiful variant of this, however, is the Flame heater. This not only gives off a lot of heat, but offers in the glass housing also a cozy flame. Put some scattered on the terrace and the flames ensures that your terrace is inviting and cozy.

    Although you are very flexible with these gasheaters - and that is also worth something - the gas bottle remains a point of attention. Especially under canopies or other slightly enclosed terraces, wall or ceiling mounted patio heaters are a perfect alternative. Connected to a natural gas pipeline or the electricity network, your guests will enjoy a pleasant warmth and you will often be more economical in terms of consumption.

    Create a relaxed atmosphere with a fireplace

    It is well known that fire attracts people. Apart from the heat, a fireplace and, for example, the light of a tumble torch also guarantee an atmospheric and relaxed atmosphere. While enjoying a snack and a drink, dreaming away by the moving flames of a firepit table is delicious. Create a cozy lounge area around this gas fireplace and your guests will sit for hours.

    At the moment, gas fires such as the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz are also extremely popular, especially in the catering industry. You know them, the high columns with gas fireplace through the glass on all sides visible. Central to the entrance or scattered over the terrace, these gas fires are real eye-catchers.

    OFYROffer a unique experience with an OFYR barbecue

    Besides a beautiful appearance and friendly staff, there is another aspect that is important for a successful hospitality terrace: offering an experience. If there is some noise, a visitor is more inclined to take a seat. For example, take care of activities on the terrace, such as preparing dishes on a barbecue.

    The OFYR barbecue is a cooker that is perfect for show cooking on the terrace. This BBQ is equipped with a baking tray / plancha where you can really prepare anything. Meat, fish or vegetables, everything is possible! The griddle is heated by an authentic wood fire and therefore offers not only a beautiful spectacle, but also a lot of cosiness on the terrace. is the specialist in atmospheric outdoor living

    Your terrace is often the first thing potential guests see. So it is the business card of the company. And as an entrepreneur you usually only get one chance to make the right first impression and distinguish yourself from your fellow competitors. Is your restaurant terrace ready for the summer? has been the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium for years in the field of patio heating, firepit tables, fire pits, fire bowls, outdoor cooking and related accessories. Almost all items are delivered directly from stock and you often have the day after already in house.

    Take a look at the entire range in our webshop and profit from the competitive prices and attractive promotions. If you prefer to visit our showroom first, you are more than welcome! The coffee is ready for you!


  • Types of patio heating

    How do I choose the best patio heating ?

    Patio heaterIt is so cozy to sit outside, especially during the summer months. When it cools down faster in the evening, it becomes less pleasant to sit outside for a long time. Fortunately, a patio heater offers a solution and you can therefore sit outside for hours on end. However, there are so many different ways to heat your terrace. But which patio heater is most suitable for your terrace? There are many variants. We are happy to give you advice / tips, so you can more easily choose which patio heater best suits you.


    What is a patio heater?

    The word says enough of course: patio heating is a way to pleasantly heat your terrace. The most common ways are on gas and electricity. But also on a wood fire such as a fire pit or patio fireplace. In this article, however, we limit ourselves to the first 2 categories. Every way has its advantages and disadvantages.


    How do I choose the right type of patio heater?

    We are regularly asked which patio heater is most suitable. This of course differs per terrace and what the wishes are. We try to help you in a number of steps to make the right selection. So that you can enjoy this summer a pleasant warmth on your terrace.

    Step 1: Measure the surface to be heated

    The surface area determines how strong and possibly how many patio heaters you need. The specifications always state how many square meters there is maximum heating can be. This range is determined by the capacity, the type of lamp, the weather conditions and the protection of the terrace.

    Step 2: Determine which heat wave you need

    How is your terrace closed? This affects the type of heater you need. If you have a closed or a (largely) closed terrace, we recommend to take a patio heater with a long wave, such as a Quarz heater. However, no patio heater on gas that is dangerous!

    For an open terrace, a patio heater with a short wave is the most suitable. The heat of this wave does not blow. The heat gradually moves over the entire surface and remains there for longer periods of time. Halogen patio heaters are the most suitable in this situation.

    patio heaterStep 3: Decide whether you want a fixed or flexible terrace heater 

    You have patio heaters that you mount on a fixed spot or that are mobile. If you have one fixed spot where you always sit outside and you do not want to have to worry about it after continuous moving, then a fixed mounting on the ceiling or a wall is suitable. A ceiling model is easier to mount and takes up almost no space. A disadvantage can be that the heat is only blasted directly down. A wall model radiates the heat waves over the terrace like a kind of warm blanket. A possible disadvantage here may be that the power cord is short.

    View our range of fixed patio heating

    With a standing patio heater you can quickly heat your entire terrace quickly. These heaters are usually about 180 cm high and give off heat all around. Delicious if you and your friends have a pleasant evening outdoors (such as a party). A standing patio heater works on electricity or gas. The advantage of a gas-fired patio heater is that you can place it anywhere: you are not dependent on a power supply.

    View our range of standing patio heating

    Step 4: Select the desired fuel

    Terrace heaters are usually on gas or electricity. Both fuels have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Terrace heating on gas


    1. 1. Hardly any light comes from gas heaters. The burner bed will glow and spread an orange-red glow. This glow is considerably less than with the electric heaters.
    2. Gas is a cheaper fuel than electricity. To burn a heater an hour on gas is cheaper than a heater an hour on electricity to burn, obviously at the same power.
    3. Gasheaters are more powerful than electric heaters. The range of a gasheater is larger. To the same terrace to heat there are therefore often fewer gas heaters needed than electric heaters.
    4. Fire continues to attract attention and creates a certain atmosphere. Especially with the so-called flame heater.
    5. Due to its wide range, gas heaters are ideal for installation above high window frames.
    6. Less CO2 emissions than an electric heater. This is due to the released CO2 in the production of electricity.

    Patio heatingDisadvantages:

    1. The installation can be cumbersome when there is no preparation during construction are affected.
    2. Gas heaters with an electronic ignition can be more expensive to buy.
    3. Dimming is only possible in high-low.
    4. Not applicable in completely enclosed spaces.

    View our gas patio heater

    Electric patio heater

    Patio heatingBenefits:

    1. The installation is plug&play if there is enough power available.
    2. The heat is often available within seconds, depending on the type of device.
    3. The heaters can sometimes be extended with a stepless dimmer, motion sensor, thermostat or timer.
    4. They are (often) compact devices.
    5. Installation is possible with some models, so that the device can be completely concealed.


    1. The light coming from the heaters can be experienced as annoying.
    2. When expansion of the meter cupboard groups is necessary, it can become a costly affair.
    3. The maximum suspension height is approximately 2.6 - 2.7 metres. If an electric heater is hung higher than the palpable heat quickly decreases.


    View our electric patio heaters


    Step 5: Go for electric, determine which lamp and heating element you will use

    If you choose an electric patio heater, you have the possibility between different lamps. we offer four types of electric patio heaters. These use different types of heating elements, so the experience of the heat is also different.


    • heat can be compared to the heat from the central heating
    • the environment (air) of the heater is heated, the wind affects this heat
    • quartz heating element is a long wave



    • carbon fibre is a heating element with a medium wave
    • environment is heated with carbon fibre, also the objects around the heater
    • heat can be compared to the heat of the sun


    • halogen heating element is a short wave
    • halogen heaters ensure that man is heated, the body is heated from the inside by this heat.
    • the wind does not affect this heat


    • halogen heating element with one layer of gold leaf
    • more intense heat experience through reflection
    • gives more red light through extra reflection


    Extras Patio heating

    Nowadays there is much possible with a patio heater. Think for example of the way you dim it (with a stepless dimmer) or operate it (with a timer or remote control). There are even patio heaters with built-in (bluetooth) speakers. These are nice extras!

    Have you become curious? On our site you will find our extensive range of patio heaters. And if you have any questions or need advice, we will be happy to help you. Our customer service is ready for you!


  • Buy a firepit table ? Read all information here!

    What is a firepit table?

    Summer or winter, a fire table is without a doubt always the centre point on the terrace. The cozy fireplace creates a relaxed atmosphere and invites you to relax and have a good conversation (or just dream away from the moving flames)...

    We can write here that a firepit table is the ultimate atmosphere maker and only list advantages, but first let's explain what a fire table is. We "park" our enthusiasm for a while and will first give some more explanation.

    A firepit table is a built-in gas fire recessed in a large solid table. This table is available in different shapes (square, rectangle, round, oval) and especially suitable for use on the terrace or in the garden. The table is closed on all sides so that the centrally placed built-in burner is neatly concealed for the eye and in many cases a gas bottle can be stored underneath. The gas fire normally burns on propane or butane gas. You can simply buy these standard gas bottles (10L) from a hardware store and/or petrol station near you.


    Firetable Happy CocdooningFirepit tables made of different materials

    When the very first models were introduced, the outside of the fire table was always made of composite. Composite is a material that is made up of various components such as fibre-reinforced plastics and looks like concrete to the eye. So it is like having a heavy concrete table with a fireplace in your garden, but in reality the weight of a square table, for example, is only 45 kg. An additional advantage of composite is that it can withstand extreme heat and/or cold. The fire table can therefore easily remain outside all year round.

    Nowadays there are many more options. In addition to the composite fire tables, there are now also tables available that are finished on the outside with beautiful teak wood, douglas wood or scaffolding wood. But also a fire table made of corten steel is now a possibility. What does not change, however, is the atmospheric gas fire in the middle of the table.


    Firepit table Cosi FiresA pleasant warmth with a gas firepit table

    Apart from the cosy atmosphere that a fire table will deliver, the gas fire also gives off a pleasant warmth in most cases. If you place a beautiful lounge corner around this fireplace, also on cooler summer evenings you can longer enjoy in the garden or under the veranda.

    The power of the fire tables is on average between 8 and 19.5 kW so that one table gives off considerably more heat than the other. This generally differs per brand. For the sake of convenience, we can therefore state that a number of fire tables function more as a mood maker than as a real source of heat. When buying a fire table it is recommended that you delve into the kW power and the ultimate intentions you have with it.

    Comfortable to use

    The gas fire is a stainless steel burner that is decoratively camouflaged with lava stones and (ceramic) logs. In most cases these are included as standard with the fire table and give a very realistic fire.

    Using the gas fire is really child's play. The burner contains a hose with gas pressure regulator that has to be turned once on the gas bottle. After that it is a matter of opening the gas cylinder and igniting the gas fire by means of the electronic ignition. You determine the height of the flame yourself by using the rotary knob, which together with the ignition knob is incorporated in a handy control panel on the outside of the fire table.

    The gas bottle can also be stored at the bottom of the table at a number of fire tables. Simply place it behind a lockable hatch. At other tables (these are generally a bit lower everywhere), the gas bottle is outside the table and it is up to you to put it somewhat out of sight. A practical solution is the so-called side table/enclosure. This is a kind of storage box in the same material as the fire table. The enclosure has a lid at the top that you can remove for placing the gas bottle. With the lid on it is then a decorative side table. With this you kill two birds with one stone: the gas bottle out of sight and more storage space near the fire table to, for example, a cozy twilight or a windlight to place.


    Firepit table Happy CocooningConverting a fire table to natural gas

    As standard, a fire table works on propane or butane gas. In some cases, however, it is also possible to connect the fire table to a natural gas pipeline. This differs per brand. In connection with safety and warranty conditions, the connection to the natural gas pipeline is subject to a number of rules. Normally, this is done, in consultation with the supplier concerned, by an accredited supplier.

    Fire table accessories

    The fire table is expandable with all fun and practical accessories. For example, the table can be equipped with a glass conversion. This not only looks stylish, but also provides some extra safety when children or pets are walking around.

    Side tables are available to create extra sales space. This is actually just a set of two shelves that can be attached to the sides of a fire table by means of a few brackets. You can put your glass or a bowl with snacks on it.

    The fire tables with a power of 19.5 kW can also be extended with a grill plate (e/o pizza stone). This gives you the possibility to cook outside. The grill plate is not really suitable for a complete barbecue to organize, but cozy during the drink a few skewers or prawns grilling is no problem and of course very cozy!

    Although the number of accessories is now large and we can not review all items here, the wine cooler of Happy Cocooning is also a nice item to mention. The wine cooler is hung on the side of the fire table in the same way as the side tables. Then it's just a few ice cubes in it and your bottle of wine is kept cool.


    Built-in-burnerA built-in-burner for your own garden table

    A built-in burner is actually a derivative of the traditional fire table. In this case, however, it is not a ready-made table, but only the burner as it is also used in the fire tables.

    With a built-in burner you can equip your garden table, a column or any other piece of furniture with a gas fire yourself. To put it simply, you can use a mould to make a hole in your garden table, for example, and hang the burner there. In this way you can easily create your own fire table and enjoy the same comfort, warmth and atmosphere. In principle, a jigsaw is sufficient. Built-in burners are available in different models (round, square, rectangle) and of different brands.


    Want to buy a fire table?

    A fire table is usually quite an expense, but you will enjoy it for years to come. Especially under a veranda or roof, the fire table can be used all year round and is an inviting place to sit with friends and family time and time again. Warmth and conviviality guaranteed!

    We have tried to give some relevant information about fire tables above. Because the possibilities, but also the choice of different brands, models and materials, is now so great, it is important that you inform yourself well in advance.

    At we sell fire tables from renowned brands such as Happy Cocooning, Cosi fires and FORNO. An enormous range in which you can always find a model that meets your wishes and needs.

    If you have a specific model in mind, you can order the fire table online. If you would prefer to come and have a look in the showroom first, we would like to invite you. Our staff will be happy to help you make the right choice and the coffee is ready for you!


  • Snow, ice fun and an atmospheric fireplace

    Snow - time for fun

    The snowflakes slowly whirl down and provide the landscape with a beautiful white blanket. After a long, warm summer, the winter finally makes its appearance.


    Atmospheric fireplace

    On many ponds and fens there is now a layer of ice that the first daredevils immediately use to ride a big skating tour. The skates out of the fat, the hat on and outside to enjoy the beautiful nature. For many people, these winter scenes evoke the ultimate winter feeling!



    With a sled into the woods

    Especially for the little ones it is a feast every year when the first snowflakes come down. They can't wait to make a snowman and prefer to go down the nearest mountain on a sledge from early in the morning until late at night. But also for the parents themselves it is of course fun. All those happy faces and red cheeks.


    What is also highly recommended is a trip through the woods. The Netherlands has so many beautiful nature reserves where it is certainly at these moments wonderful to relax. It is really enjoying the trees and shrubs covered with a thick layer of snow. It gives such a fairytale atmosphere. In between a short stop in one of those many forest cafes with a delicious cup of hot chocolate (and of course whipped cream) and it is completely finished.


    At home around the atmospheric fireplace

    After a long afternoon outdoors, there is nothing more atmospheric than to come home and light the fireplace. Just relax in a homely environment. A cup of pea soup with rye bread and enjoy a cozy fireplace and a pleasant warmth. Often we are a bit pinkish and we have glowing ears... do you recognize it?

    Snow, ice fun, a white landscape and a burning fireplace at home. Most people will literally get a warm feeling with this picture. But not everyone has a fireplace. Sometimes because a chimney is missing, sometimes because one simply finds it too much hassle. But what if we now tell you that things can be much simpler and even a chimney is not necessary?


    Atmospheric fireplace

    With today's generation of electric fireplaces, you can enjoy a lifelike fire image, you don't have to worry about sparks jumping around, you don't have to go up and down to the shed for firewood and a socket is all you need. That sounds good, right? It also gives an immediate indication of why the electric fire is on the rise. The electric fire is widely regarded as the hearth fire of the future!


    Electric fireplaces in many shapes and sizes

    They say something for everyone. And the same goes for the electric fireplace. Whether you have a classic or modern interior, there is always a model to your liking to find. There are free-standing fireplaces such as the Dimplex Sunningdale, electric fireplaces such as the Cassette 500 or the Dimplex Ignite XL 50, but also hanging fireplaces or inserts.


    Over the years, current techniques have improved so much that you will soon imagine yourself in front of a real fireplace. Many fireplaces are equipped with a heating element and in some cases there is the sound of bouncing sparks.

    Let yourself be convinced and take a look at the full range of electric atmospheric fireplaces here at your leisure. If you would rather have a look at the fireplaces in our showroom first, you are more than welcome!

    But first go outside quickly and enjoy the snow!


  • Barbecook Otto Smoker

    Smoking in four easy steps with the smoker Otto

    Barbecook Otto Smoker

    Not experienced in smoking meat or fish? No problem, just do it! The Barbecook smokers are real all-rounders: you can use them for cold or hot smoking. And whether it's salmon, trout or a piece of game, these user-friendly smokers help you achieve the desired result.

    Enjoy their simplicity of use and experiment with different preparations and different types of Barbecook smoke chips (hot smoking) or Barbecook smoke moth (cold smoking) for the ultimate taste sensation.

    With this electric smoker you have a delicious smoked fish in just 4 easy steps.


    Step 1 - Soak the smokers in water

    Barbecook Smoker Otto


    Step 2 - Place a handful of soaked smoke chips in the drawer

    Barbecook Otto Smoker


    Step 3 - Place your piece of meat or fish on the grill and close the Otto

    Barbecook Otto Smoker


    Step 4 - Plug in the power, sit back, relax and let the Otto do his job!

    Barbecook Otto Smoker


    Are you still looking for an original gift?  Then the Barbecook Otto smoker is without a doubt a nice gift for the ultimate amateur chef. Read more about this great smoker here.


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