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  • Buy an electric fire? Check the advantages!

    The advantages of an electric fire

    Have you been dreaming of such a cozy fireplace in your living room for a long time, but you don't have a chimney, for example? Then an electric fireplace is the ideal solution. Electric fires mean atmosphere and warmth in the house without smoke and / or odor nuisance, hardly any maintenance and you do not always have to go up and down to the barn for firewood. Just a simpel socket is sufficient!


    Electric fires Advantages electric fires

    The electric fireplace is the eye-catcher in the living room and easy to apply in any living situation. Chances are that an electric fire is the right choice for you too. We give you five reasons why:

    1. Simple installation

    The first reason for choosing electric fires is the ease of use. In the case of a gas fire, wood-burning stove or pellet stove, it is necessary to connect a valuable chimney. In the case of an electric fire, a socket will do! This not only costs less money, but also ensures that you can place such a fireplace in many more places than in the living room alone. What about the bedroom or the kitchen?

    2 . Comfort and convenience

    An atmospheric fireplace is synonymous with comfort and convenience. From your easy chair you can switch on the fireplace by means of a remote control that is included in the delivery. There is no need to throw a new block of wood on the fire in between and if you want to go to sleep, you can switch the fireplace off again at the push of a button.

    The maintenance of electric fires is minimal. If you have a fireplace with the well-known Opti-myst technique (water vapour), it is important that you descale the reservoir and the pipes from time to time. For the other fireplaces, no maintenance is actually required and, depending on the type of fire, the average burning time of the lamps is so high that even the replacement of a lamp takes a long time.

    1. With an electric fire, a lifelike fire image

    In order to create a lifelike fire image, the various techniques have been greatly improved in recent years. Think of the use of lamps, mirrors, light projection and water vapor, which shows a three-dimensional image of flames. In combination with lava stones and/or ceramic logs it is as if you are sitting in front of a real fire. Especially when the fireplace also emits heat and the sound of sparks jumping away is heard...

    1. Atmosphere fireplace with heating

    Many electric fireplaces are equipped with a built-in heating element. Of course, the heat from the electric fire is not as intensive as the heat from a wood or gas fire, but it can provide just that little extra comfort. And is it warm enough in your room? Then you can easily switch off the heating, so you can decide for yourself whether your electric fire should give off heat or not.

    Most atmospheric fireplaces come with a heating function of 1 or 2 kW power. This is therefore very suitable as an additional heater. Do you only want an atmospheric fire? Then you can also switch off the heating completely.

    1. Electric fire for a better environment

    An electric fire is a conscious choice for more and more people. They want to reduce their gas consumption or even live a completely gas-free life. If you have solar panels or plan to purchase them, it is also attractive to choose an electric fire. The overcapacity that you build up with solar collectors can be used for additional heating with an electric fire. In this way you also save on gas costs.

    Conclusion: An electric fire is the "fire of the future"

    The electric fire is the fire of the future, we sometimes say. The greatly improved techniques and the wide range of models have ensured that the popularity has increased enormously in a short period of time. Although we have listed five advantages of an electric fire above, there are of course many more reasons to buy an electric atmosphere fire.

    Just like an ordinary stove, you can choose from a variety of models. There are electric insert fireplaces, 'hanging' fireplaces, freestanding fireplaces, but also burners such as a Dimplex Silverton insert fireplaces that you can easily place in an existing fireplace.

    Here you can view all electric fireplaces at your leisure. And if you have any questions or need advice, we will be happy to help you. Our customer service is ready for you!



  • Christmas dinner with OFYR BBQ!

    An attractive Christmas dinner with an OFYR

    Christmas is coming up again and that is the time to spend time together with family and friends. The house is decorated and the Christmas tree is rigged. Many people take the opportunity to pamper each other with beautiful Christmas gifts, the most beautiful clothes are put on and also for the Christmas dinner almost everything is taken out of the closet. Do you already know what the plans are for this year? We do have a suggestion for you!

    Christmas dinner

    Cozy around a cozy fireplace, a snack and a drink and ultimate enjoyment of a delicious Christmas dinner and atmosphere ... Who wouldn't want that? Take a completely different approach this year and celebrate the holidays outside. In your own garden around the fire pit with family and friends.

    Celebrate the holidays in your own garden

    Celebrating the holidays outdoors is not customary for everyone, but it is very special! And what is stopping you? Today's winters are less cold and there are many ways to keep it pleasantly warm. Eating, drinking, fire, warmth, the company of friends and family. All the ingredients are there to experience wonderful holidays in your own Winter wonderland.

    With a few small tools you can have a nice and warm day in your garden in no time at all. Of course it starts with nice warm clothes. If you are sitting still for a long time, a patio heater and a fleece blanket are a welcome solution. Or light a fire pit and stand around it. For extra atmosphere, warmth and conviviality, put some Swedish torches in your garden.

    Your Christmas drink can hardly be broken! You can enjoy a glass of mulled wine, the children of hot chocolate. Add an extra scoop of fun! Go toast marshmallows above the fire basket. A guaranteed success with the children.

    Winter barbecue on the OFYR

    The holidays are there to enjoy each other and all kinds of tasty snacks and drinks in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle. A winter barbecue is a perfect match. To complete the party, you can have your Christmas dinner this year at the OFYR BBQ. A fire bowl on a base with a large round baking tray / plancha. Here your guests can all stand around and prepare their own meal.

    Take on a tough leather OFYR apron and go during the holidays for delicious seasonal meat such as duck breast or deer. But also grilled sausage, steak and satays always do well. For some vitamins, you can roast carrots with honey, roast onions or caramelise apples on a stick. Would you like to cook in the open air? With the OFYR, it's a holiday to remember.

    The OFYR Classic 100 for a Christmas atmosphere

    The great advantage of the OFYR is that it can be used all year round. It has a wood-fired fire bowl that gives off a wonderful heat. The wood is fired in the cone so no heat is lost, but is directly passed on to the baking tray where you can enjoy grilling.

    This year, opt for an original Christmas barbecue with the OFYR Classic100. Prepare a Christmas meal with your guests around the baking tray in a cosy and attractive atmosphere. Place some Swedish torches or tumble torches in your garden and turn your garden into a true winter paradise. This Christmas will not be forgotten in a hurry and there is a very good chance that your guests will be happy to come back to you next year.

    And are you more into slow-cooking? Then a Big Green Egg might be a good alternative. With a kamado BBQ you can make the most delicious dishes for a fantastic Christmas dinner.

    Would you like to buy an OFYR BBQ or Big Green Egg? Then you can go to



  • Grilling - even in winter a perfect idea!

    I can hear you thinking: why let the barbecue season just begin? It hasn't been summer for a long time, has it? That's right! But who said that you can only barbecue in the summer? In the winter you can make delicious dishes on the barbecue and it's also super cozy! With these tips you are ready for a winter full of grilling.


    1. Smoking on the winter barbecue

    A winter full of grilling is perfect for smoking meat. The neighbours in the street have probably closed the windows anyway and if you invite them, you won't hear them complain at all. You can use the Barbecook smoke generator.

    2. Closed grill

    A very suitable barbecue for the cold days during the winter is a Kamado. This egg-shaped barbecue holds the heat well and for a long time. If, unexpectedly, it does start to snow or rain, then it's just as nice to have a closed barbecue at your disposal.

    3. Winter cost on the barbecue

    The best thing to do is to throw real winter fodder on the barbecue. Think of tasty spiced sausages, goulash, snert and game like duck or rabbit leg. Puffed potatoes, which you cook between the hot coals. Or roasted beets, with which you can make a nice stew. Grilling makes the winter feel like summer!

    4. Leave out surprises

    Mention that you are going to have a winter barbecue in your invitation to your guests. Make sure your guests don't have their teeth chattering while you're showing off your skills above the grill. You'd better let everyone know where they stand. Then they can take into account the fact that they have to dress warmly. And of course it's not really cozy if you're the only one hanging around the barbecue outside.

    5. Small is fine

    Would you rather stay outside with your company? Then make sure that you mainly prepare small snacks that you can easily eat out of your fist. Or where you only need one piece of cutlery. Do you still want to make a larger piece of meat? Make sure that it is easy to divide into smaller pieces, such as spareribs. They will fall apart in no time at all!

    6. Decorate the outside as nicely as the inside

    The decoration is just as important during a winter barbecue. The winter days are short and it is already dark around 5 o'clock. If you want to go on a bit longer, a little bit of lighting is not a luxury. One or two lights above the barbecue or work table is sufficient. Put some Christmas lights garlands in your trees or above the doors. Cozy and handy! Put a few lights here and there. And of course a fire pit is mandatory. You can warm your hands above it, it smells delicious and of course marshmallows can be prepared at the end of the dinner!

    Hopefully these tips have helped you and you've already gotten the urge to dust off the barbecue. What are you going to bake this winter?



  • The perfect atmospheric Christmas gifts

    The Christmas days are coming! The time of the year when you come together with all your friends and family to have a nice meal and a drink, to talk about your calves and to give beautiful gifts. Sounds delicious, until the stress strikes. Because what are you going to cook? Where is it celebrated? And what kind of Christmas gifts are you going to give? We say: don't worry. We can help you with one of these questions, namely: what gifts do you give away? In this blog we give you our Christmas 2019 gift guide. This way, you will be able to put the best and most attractive Christmas gifts under the tree.


    Christmas gift 1: the fire pit

    This is a gift you give to a friend of yours who, for example, has just moved house. His garden is bare, uncomfortable and above all cold. Not attractive, so. But you, as a good friend, can take matters into your own hands to solve this problem. Give him a fire pit as a present. With a fire pit you can simply turn the backyard into a warm place where you can sit down with a beer or a glass of liqueur in the evening. Take the Esschert fire pit as an example. The size of this fire basket makes it perfect for moving wherever you want it. The powder-coated metal gives the basket a black colour, which makes it suitable for any garden. With such a gift, a housewarming or New Year's Eve can be a success!


    Christmas present 2: The popcorn pan

    This you give to your sister or niece who likes to sit outside in the garden with her friends and a glass of white wine. Or to someone who loves popcorn very much. Baking popcorn in a microwave is not always a good thing and baking it in a pan on the stove is a huge mess. With the Esschert popcorn pan, that's easy to solve. The handy pierced lid keeps the popcorn nicely in the pan and prevents it from sticking to the bottom due to the non-stick finish. Put a little oil in the pan, throw in the corn and keep the pan over the fire of the fire basket or fire bowl. Just wait a few minutes and you can eat the popcorn by the fire. The popcorn pan may catch some strange glances, but you'll see that this is a gift she didn't know she was missing in her life.


    Christmas gift 3: Leather apron

    And last but not least: the perfect gift for your father or uncle who loves to cook. Every year, he's the one who puts the most delicious dishes on the table that he's been doing since the early morning. During barbecues, he is the one who stands at the grill and only leaves the grill to go to the toilet. You can give him the OFYR Leather Apron. With this apron he can cook with style from this Christmas, without his clothes getting dirty. The leather provides excellent protection against heat and will look better with age (just like your father or uncle, you have to add that, of course). Moreover, the apron is easy to clean, which preserves the quality of the leather. With this gift you can leave it with less worry and more pride in the kitchen or behind the barbecue.


    Have you found the ideal Christmas gifts?

    We at do everything we can to give you and your family and/or friends an unforgettable Christmas. Do you need help finding gifts? Then our customer service is ready for you!



  • Faber Dimplex

    The history behind the development of Faber Dimplex fireplaces

    A long time ago, in 1844, the fire was lit in the Frisian town of Franeker for the historic day. Jan Gerrits Faber started with the establishment of a coarse forge; the basis for the current range of Faber Dimplex fireplaces and stoves. Perhaps your parents used to have one of Faber's first gas stoves at home (now called Dimplex). In the 1960s, the use of gas in the Netherlands increased more and more.

    Faber Dimplex

    There's a good chance that you've grown up with them! Do you remember how wonderful it was to come home and warm up by the gas stove. Going through the day together with friends or family. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and a biscuit of course!

    Keep innovating

    Fortunately, the Faber Dimplex brand hasn't been sitting still since the good old days. Many new products and techniques have been developed. Faber Dimplex has several unique inventions to its name, which are now seen as the standard in the international market. Unique innovations to experience and feel warmth and fire optimally together.

    Faber Dimplex

    Faber Dimplex has been working on electric (atmospheric) heating for more than 70 years and has now grown into the market leader in electric heating. We are continuously working on smart electric heating and various sustainable solutions.


    Electric heating: is that sustainable?

    Electric heating is not necessarily new, we have been doing it for quite some time. The point is that electric heating with boilers and radiators costs a lot of electricity. In the Netherlands we cannot generate that much electricity sustainably. We must therefore use electricity in a smart way and also use other energy sources for heating.

    On average, a household uses about 1,340 m3 of gas for heating and hot water and 2,830 kWh of electricity for appliances and lighting. These numbers may not mean much to you. And you can easily make a mistake about how much impact gas has on your energy consumption. Let's make it more concrete: 1 m3 of gas stands for about 9 kWh. The average gas consumption of a household in our cold frog country can therefore be compared to 12,300 kWh. If we simply replace gas with electricity, this will lead to an enormous demand for electricity. We can't build windmills to meet this demand. That's why we have to make sure that we heat our house efficiently, with less electricity: and that's possible!

    Faber Dimplex


    Opti-Myst by Faber Dimplex offers a solution

    The patent on the Opti-myst® technique is held by Faber Dimplex and is characterized by a realistic flame image without heat and fire, but with water mist and light. In addition to the wide range of electric fireplaces, Faber Dimplex also works with convectors and total heating systems for your home.

    Faber Dimplex

    There's so much to tell...

    The passion of Faber Dimplex goes, in their own words: the fire passes! Enjoying the atmosphere, conviviality and warmth around the fire together. That's what it's all about in the end. To enjoy quality time with the people you love. Time for the family, friends and each other. A place to talk, listen and enjoy stories about the past and plans for the future. Gaining new energy and ideas. Feeling at home.

    With the wide and deep range, we can reassure you that a Faber Dimplex fireplace will fit in every living environment and every time. So there is a suitable fireplace for you as well. Discover it for yourself on our website!



  • Black Friday - Curious about our promotions?

    Black Friday Sale 2019: What's in store for you?

    Put it in your agenda now, because from November 29th till December 1st will be holding its big Black Friday Sale! We don't want to tell you what the sale will be, but we do want to give you a foretaste of what's in store for you. Are you looking for a fire pit, a fire bowl or a garden fireplace? Then Black Friday is the perfect time to buy it. In this blog we list the differences and advantages of these three products. This way you will know exactly what to look for.


    Fire pit

    A fire pit is ideal for the person with a small garden and/or a small budget. The open design of a fire basket gives you warmth in all corners, wherever you stand. So you can enjoy the warm and atmospheric flames from all sides. Because the basket is often lightweight, you can move it wherever and whenever you want. Place it in the middle of your garden when your family or friends are on the (garden) floor, so that everyone can enjoy the flames. For example, you can use a fire basket to make popcorn. Delicious, because it tastes different from the microwave. Put the fire basket aside again if you don't use the basket for a while. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy one of these.................

    Vuurschaal La Hacienda Moho

    Fire bowl

    A fire bowl is the centre of your garden or terrace. Thanks to the sleek design, your garden will immediately receive many glances from others. A fire bowl is less easy to move than a fire basket, but we can embrace this. Place a few luxurious chairs or benches around the bowl and your garden will have an inviting look. Because the fire bowl is larger in size, this also means: more warmth. The fire bowl is perfect for roasting marshmallows, for example. Fun for the children, but also for the real lovers. Perhaps a good idea for celebrating the coming holidays?

    Garden fireplace

    Of course, a garden fireplace should not be missing in this blog. The garden fireplace is suitable for the garden in which may be moved. The fireplace is best on the edge or in the corner of the garden. So can be played with furniture, but the fireplace? It stays in place nicely. For example, put a picnic table by the fireplace or two garden chairs. Add a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of cognac and you can enjoy the wintery outdoors without getting cold. The long pipe protruding above the fireplace means that you won't get any smoke. This allows you to sit comfortably where you are.

    Celebrate the holidays with

    With Black Friday you have the perfect moment to buy a fire basket, fire bowl or garden fireplace. The holidays are almost there, so grab your chance to make your garden 100% attractive! Keep an eye on our website, because soon we will announce what our actions will be.


  • Accessories fire pit

    3 accessories for your fire pit to get even more out of it

    You know, from those typical autumn days. In the morning you don't know if you have to put on a coat. Then, in the afternoon, it's suddenly sweaty. And in the evening you can put on an extra sweater because it cools down quickly. Because yes, you want to sit outside. A fire pit is then the perfect way to keep yourself warm in a cosy way and still be able to enjoy the beloved outdoor life for as long as possible. But did you know that there are also accessories for your fire basket so you can do even more with a fire pit?

    1. Popcorn party

    Of course, fall evenings are the perfect time to watch a movie or to watch your favorite show on Netflix. But then you're always inside. But nowadays you can easily watch movies anywhere, and therefore also outside, through portable devices such as phones, laptops and tablets. Popcorn can't be missing from the movie. Fresh popcorn is of course the best! You can make your own popcorn in your own garden above your fire basket with a popcorn pan, specially designed for outdoors! Pour some oil on the bottom of the pan and add a handful of corn. Close the pan and keep the popcorn pan above the fire. After a few minutes, the corn will start to roast. Shake occasionally so that the corn grains do not burn. The popcorn is ready when the roasting stops. Finally, add some sugar or salt for a nice taste. Enjoy your meal!

    Accessories fire pit


    2. Your own pancake house

    Yeah, you read that right. Call the children down. It's time to put them to work to prepare their favourite meal. A fire basket is also an excellent way of cooking outdoors when preparing dinner. Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes. You can make them savory by putting cheese, bacon and onions on or in them. But of course you can also keep them nice and oldskool and then cover your pancake with apple syrup or snow with mountains of icing sugar. To be able to bake pancakes on a fire pit, you need a special pancake pan. This pancake pan with its long handle ensures that you do not burn your hands. It's so nice, isn't it?

    Accessories fire pit


    3. Classics may remain

    Who hasn't strung marshmallows on a stick over a campfire during school camp and eaten himself in complete nausea? Then you couldn't sleep because of the stomach ache and the sugar kick? And do exactly the same thing the following year? Everyone remembers it. And secretly the child in us wants to do it again. With the excuse that we do it 'because the children would love to give it a try'. This marshmallow pin even has three points, so you can toast three marshmallows at once! Are you tired of the marshmallows or do you want to try something else? You can also toast meatballs, sausages or small sandwiches above your fire pit!

    Accessories fire pit


    Enjoy accessories for your fire basket

    With the accessories above, you can get even more out of your fire basket. There is much more possible with a fire pit except to keep you warm on these fresh summer days. has a large and diverse range of fun accessories for your fire basket.



  • Electric fire

    Why an electric fire is a must in every living room

    Fire has accelerated human evolution. The invention of fire, among other things, gave us the opportunity to create extra warmth and light. Fire was also able to protect and heat mankind so that we could inhabit a larger part of the earth. In our modern age it remains a fascinating natural phenomenon. We all know the hypnotic effect when you look at a burning fire. The warmth of the fire makes you feel safe and you experience a special atmosphere. Today, electric fireplaces, also known as atmospheric fireplaces, can also create this warm feeling of real fire. You want this feeling in your own living room, don't you?


    Electric fire

    1. An electric fire is durable

    An electric fire is a conscious choice for many people. It is the ideal solution if you want to reduce your gas consumption or perhaps even live completely without gas. If you have or have thought about installing solar panels, it is also attractive to choose a fireplace that runs on electricity. The overcapacity that you build up with solar panels can be used for energy and heating with an electric heater. In this way, you also save on the gas. And so also on costs. Double the profit!

    1. Anyone can have an electric fire installed in their home.

    The electric heater is perfect for installation. It is actually a fireplace as we all know it, but not on gas, but working on electricity. This means that it is sufficient to have only one mains connection. In addition, a flue gas outlet is no longer necessary. Also in terms of design and flames, the electric fire is close to its brothers and sisters who work with gas. The method of installation is actually almost the same, but without installing the flue gas outlet. This ensures that electric fireplaces are suitable for every living situation and every room. Can you imagine it?


    Electric fire


    1. Thanks to new technology, flames seem to be real.

    Light and water spray, that could be enough to see 'flames'. In every Dimplex fireplace with Opti-myst® technology there is a water tank under the glow bed from which a nebulizer produces water mist. Lamps behind the water tank heat up the air, which transports the nebula upwards. The rising water mist spreads over the glow bed and reflects in the LED or halogen light. This results in a lively, flickering fire image, just like a real flameshow. This eliminates the need for a dark rear wall and allows the three-dimensional Opti-myst® fire effect to be viewed from all sides. In addition, the flames react completely naturally and move in response to the wind. If you were to reach into the fog flames, the flames would enclose your hand; the height of the flames is adjustable and completely safe. So you can't burn your hands!

    Do you also want real flames that are durable and can be placed anywhere? Take a look at our offer for electric fireplaces. Do you have little knowledge of electric fireplaces? Then sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice. The customer service will be happy to help you!



  • Fire pit: which one suits me?

    Fire pit: which one suits me?

    Find your fire pit

    If you read this blog, we assume that you want to transform your backyard into a cosy and warm place. A place where you can invite your friends or family, even in the autumn and winter months. Or a place where you can relax with a good book or good music after a long day at work. Now you don't know where to start, because there are so many options to put light and warmth in your garden. Luckily we are there to help you find your fire pit. In this blog we cover the fire pit in three types; from functionality to design.


    The round fire pit

    This design can be called the classic among fire baskets. This shape fits perfectly with the backyard that has cosiness as a priority. We see many natural colors, such as green and brown, and plenty of room to move in the garden. This garden belongs to someone who loves variety and dynamism. This is what the Esschert Round fire basket is suitable for. Its light weight and small dimensions make it easy to move around the entire garden. Place it in the middle of the garden when your friends are on the floor and let the cosy evening begin.


    The square fire pit

    Do you have a backyard with a sleek and modern look? Are the colors gray and white often reflected in the garden furniture and tiling? Then the Barbecook Fire pit Classic Squadra is for you. Its square appearance makes it the perfect addition to the trendy backyard. This is one you can put in the centre of your garden with a few luxurious, comfortable garden benches around it. Grab a nice glass of wine or whiskey and enjoy!


    The artistic fire pit

    Do you think the previous fire pits are too 'simple' and do you want one that really makes an impact on everyone who enters your backyard? The Esschert Fireball Laser Cut makes heads turn and mouths fall open. The cut-out patterns and the special design make the fireball a truly decorative object. It fits in the backyard where art is number one. Think for example of decorative garden cushions, posters or paintings on canvas and small statues scattered throughout the garden. The Fireball Laser Cut has several designs to choose from, such as flowers, leaves, birds and trees with deer. Something for everyone, so.


    This one suits me!

    Perfect! If you have a choice of one (or more) of our fire baskets, you can easily order them through our webshop. Are you stuck or do you want to see the fire baskets in real life first? Then we will be happy to help you in our showroom. We will gladly show you around while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. See you soon!


  • How te create an attractive terrace with outdoor gas fires

    Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside....

    Welcoming autumn on your terrace can be a bit painful at first. Daytime warmth, light and conviviality. Hello cold, shorter days and... Cosiness! During this period you can make your terrace attractive with the right accessories. Outdoor fires that run on gas are one of them. The luxurious appearance of these outdoor fires provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for this season. In this blog we introduce our three favorite outdoor gas fires for the autumn of 2019.

    Outdoor gas fire

    An outdoor gas fire on wheels

    For a somewhat larger terrace, one outdoor fireplace can be just enough, but sometimes just not enough. Then it is useful if you can move the fireplace to all the corners and places you have. The Happy Cocooning Cocoon Move is ideal for this. This fireplace has a built-in gas fire, which makes it safe to move anywhere in addition to its sleek appearance. The burner is located under the supplied ceramic fireplace blocks that the fire creates and maintains. This makes it look as if the fire is really wood-fired, which creates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. But this is a secret trick your guests don't need to know, right?


    Outdoor gas fire

    A luxury built-in outdoor fireplace on gas

    If you want to focus on your outdoor gas fire, this one is the right one for you: Faber The MOOD Gas Fire. This fire is made of Corten steel, which gives a natural brown rust colour when the fire itself stands on the terrace. The long chimney gives the gas fire an interesting, but unique look that can catch glances. Does your terrace have a sleek and luxurious appearance? With this outdoor gas fire it is possible to build it into two connectors, making it look as if the fire is in the middle of the installation. So this outdoor gas fireplace can fulfill more than just one terrace wish.


    Outdoor gas fire 

    An outdoor gas fire in several colours

    Yeah, you read it right. Would you like to have a gas-fired outdoor fireplace on your terrace in a specific colour? The Sunwood Marino Terrace Fireplace can fulfill this wish for you. But first let's tell you more. This outdoor gas fire is the absolute mood creator for hours on end, because one gas cylinder will give you 30 to 35 hours of pleasure from a burning fire. In addition, the outdoor gas fire is made of sustainable materials and components by the Dutch design and manufacturer! That makes this fireplace unique. What also makes the patio fireplace unique is the choice of colours that you have. You can choose from the standard colours black, anthracite grey and white. But do you want a different colour? Then we can make this dream come true. Read here how you can do this.


    Which gas-fired outdoor fireplace suits you?

    We are happy to help you with this question. You can feel free to take a look at our webshop for our range of outdoor gas fires. For questions you can contact us. Do you want to see the gas fires in real life? Then you are most welcome at our showroom. We will gladly show you around while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. See you soon!



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