Glowbus® Growdrop

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Glowbus® Growdrop
Glowbus® Growdrop
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Glowbus® Growdrop

The Growdrop has the character of the Dewdrop, but is compact and candle-lit. Bring the Glowbus® atmosphere to the table with this compact version. The uniqueness of the candle holders is resembled by the Handmade in Belgium label. Next to the Growdrop, you'll receive a giftbox and a certificate of authenticity, including the artist's signature. The Growdrop and the certificate of authenticity share a unique number and compose a truly special and unique product.

Contemporary design

The Glowbus® Growdrop transports the Dewdrop atmosphere to your interior. With its timeless design and hand-made details, the Growdrop is an eyecatcher within your home.

The Glowbus® Growdrop is available in 2 sizes. On its own, or together in a composed set, cosiness is guaranteed! The flickering flame inside the unique design creates an atmosphere to dream of!

Made from high-quality material

The Glowbus® Growdrop is, just like its big brother Dewdrop, hand-made and constructed from the most durable materials. You have a choice of a characteristic Corten Steel, or the more sleek Stainless Steel and Blackened Steel.

The choice of materials was carefully done and colour robustness was kept in mind. The rust colour of the Corten version and the light colour of the Stainless Steel version are derived from the natural colours of these materials. The Black version is made from Blackened Steel and has a deep black colour.

The Glowbus® Growdrops from Corten and Stainless Steel can perfectly remain outside in wet conditions. The Black Steel version can be used outside, but limited rust formation when exposed to rain cannot be ruled out.

Using the Glowbus® Growdrop

The Glowbus® Growdrop only needs an occasional swipe with a soft duster. If you want to use a damp cloth, always use lukewarm, clean water.

The circular openings within the Glowbus® Growdrop are made according to the standardised regular and XL candle light measurements. The Growdrop M holds one 39 mm tealight, while the Growdrop L can be used with an XL 58 mm tealight or a glass windlight of the same size.

The Glowbus® Growdrop in short:

- Unique and contemporary design 
- Including certificate of authenticity and artist's signature
- Delivered including giftbox  
- Available in two sizes
- Made from Corten Steel, Stainless Steel or Blackened Steel
- Handmade in Belgium Label 

Small, authentic moments of peace are becoming rare in today's fast-pacing world. That little moment of connection and relaxation with your loved ones is priceless.

With the Glowbus® collection I transform these moments into a unique experience. This is my way of presenting the ultimate experience of fire to the world. With that, we are proud owners of the "Handmade in Belgium" label. | Andreas Ketels, Artist & Founder of Glowbus®

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Brand Glowbus
Model Growdrop
Dimensions L 10 x W 10 H 15 cm (M) | L 15 x W 15 x H 22 cm (L)
Weight 0.6 kg (M) | 1.35 kg (L)
Included Gift box including certificate of authenticity
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