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Electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace for direct atmosphere in home or office

An electric fire gives an instant atmosphere at any desired place in your home, but also in a hotel or office. Faber electric fireplaces are suitable for all rooms that need atmosphere and decoration. Whether you are looking for a freestanding or a hanging fireplace, we have the solution for all your needs.

Electric stoves are available in many shapes and sizes, but a Faber Dimplex fireplace show real, realistic flames; an image of flames you keep looking at. Read more about Dimplex electric fireplaces here.


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Would you like to buy a cheap electric fireplace?

The popularity of electric fireplaces has been booming for a while now and that is not surprising. Nowadays it is possible to create very realistic and lifelike flames with an electric fire. The electric fireplace with opti-myst system is for example an ideal solution for an extra piece of atmosphere in your home, office or restaurant.

Dimplex haarden

The advantages of an electric fireplace

Where electric fireplaces used to be less popular, they now offer many advantages. A big advantage is of course that you do not need a chimney or flue; all you need is an electrical outlet. This also makes it a good alternative to the more expensive gas fireplace. You benefit from the same ease of use, but the electric model is easier to connect. Ideal when you want to enjoy the comfort of a fireplace, but do not have the possibilities as for example in a kitchen or bathroom.

In addition to normal household use, electric fireplaces are also very suitable for areas where relatively little supervision is possible, for example in catering establishments such as restaurants, cafés and hotel lobbies. And what do you think of a company entrance? The flames are atmospheric, lifelike, but do not give off heat. Very safe in other words.

Difference in electric fireplaces

Are you planning to buy an electric fireplace? Think about how you want to install the fireplace. Are you looking for a built-in fire, a freestanding fire or do you want to hang the fire? In our webshop you will find many models.

The prices for electric fireplaces differ a lot from each other. This is mainly due to how realistic the fire image is. The more realistic the flames and the fire image, the more complex the technique. The more complex the technique, the more expensive the fireplace. Nowadays, for example, there are electric fireplaces that, in addition to a crackling sound, also really give off heat.

Dimplex fireplaces

Electric stoves come in many shapes and sizes, but a Dimplex fireplace gives that real, realistic flames; an image of flames that you keep looking at.

With Opti-Virtual®, Opti-myst® and Optiflame® a 3D, highly realistic flame image is created. Dimplex's electric fireplace immediately gives the warm feeling of fire and atmosphere and all you need is an electrical socket. You can read more about the different techniques here.

Dimplex's range of electric fireplaces includes various unique techniques, many options and decoration possibilities. Think for example of different lighting systems or fireplaces. There is always an electric fire that fits within your interior. Take a look at the Dimplex Firebox 650, the Dimplex  Opti Virtual 360 or the Dimplex Synergy Optiflame above.

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Have you seen a beautiful electric fireplace on our website? Then you can easily order it online. You can go to and we can deliver the fireplace within 3-4 working days!

Do you have any questions about our electric fireplaces? Then you can of course contact one of our advisors. You can reach them on telephone number +31-13-545 19 66 or send an e-mail to