Wood burning stove

Wood stoves are an instant addition to your canopy. No more sitting outside in the cold, the wood stove heats your terrace instantly and fills up your veranda. Calculate the ideal output for your woodburning stove.

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Cosistove Mid wood burning stove
3 Reviews
L 40 x W 45 x H 85 cm
Maximum power: 13 kW
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €629.00 Regular Price €895.00
Houtkachel VHP (9kW)
22 Reviews
W 38 x D 45 x H 76 cm
Heat range max. 113 m2
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €494.95 Regular Price €595.00
Petromax Woodburning stove Loki 2
0 Reviews
L 83,5 x W 55 x H 241 cm
Camping stove and tent stove in one
IN STOCK, available now
Eurom heater fan Kamin Vento 3
1 Review
Get more efficiency from your stove!
L 16 x W 9.5 x H 25.5 cm
IN STOCK, available now
Trondheim houtkachel
0 Reviews
W 46.4 x D 40 x H 92 cm
7 kw power / 80% efficiency
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €925.00 Regular Price €1,195.00
Otta houtkachel met vuur
0 Reviews
W 38.6 x D 38.4 x H 65.3 cm
5 kw power / 80% efficiency
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €519.00 Regular Price €629.00
Livin' flame wand/ plafondrozette antraciet
0 Reviews
L 0,7 x B 26 x H 26 cm
Zorgt voor een nette afwerking
Nordland houtkachel met vuur
1 Review
W 45 x D 40 x H 85 cm
9 kw power / 83% efficiency
Livin'flame Wood Stove Molde
0 Reviews
W 38.6 x D 38.4 x H 57.3 cm
5 kw power / 80% efficiency
Special Price €569.00 Regular Price €599.00
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Outdoor wood stove 

Do you like to sit in the garden but also enjoy the warmth? Then a garden stove is very suitable! You can place it in your back- or front garden for a lovely fire during the summer evenings. At Firepit-online.com there is sufficient choice to make it pleasantly warm outside. Enjoy the warmth of a wood stove like the Cosistove Major with a capacity of up to 16kW.

Sustainable warmth with a woodburning stove

When you buy a wood-burning stove, it is good to know that the stoves can have a considerable output. The good combustion in the stove gives you a high output and the room heats up quickly. In this way the stove consumes little fuel and leaves few harmful substances behind. Perfect for a clean combustion and a wonderful warmth.

Wood stovesWood stoves

Indoor and outdoor use

A wood stove is ideal for use under a veranda, in a conservatory or simply outdoors. However, it is important to regulate and control the heat and smoke discharge sufficiently to prevent nuisance or dangerous situations. As the wood stoves are made of single-walled steel, the heat from the fire is released well and it can quickly become warm. Always use heat-resistant gloves when refuelling the stove and keep a sufficient distance from other objects such as a wall or furniture.

Consult the stove's manual or the supplier for additional information on how to use wood stoves in the living room. Or calculate the capacity for your stove.

Indoor stoves

Do you prefer an authentic stove for your home? So that you can always enjoy the wonderful warmth of the evening? Then you have come to the right place. At Firepit-online.com you can choose from an extensive selection of stoves. Place a stove in your living room and enjoy the warmth in the winter. Guaranteed hours of enjoyment!

For example, consider the Dimplex electric fireplaces, the largest in indoor ambient fireplaces. Create a great ambiance in your living room, kitchen or even in the bathroom.