Swedish torches

A Swedish torch is a sawn-in log that can be lit and is available in different sizes. Light up your garden or terrace with these FSC-approved torches. Do you place the torch on the terrace? Then choose a stand for a Swedish torch to avoid damage. View all Swedish torches on this page.

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Swedish Torche Standard Incl. Torche
20 Reviews
L 25 x W 25 x H 40 cm
Incl. Swedish Torch
IN STOCK, available now
€19.95 Regular Price €21.45
HEAT Standaard Zweedse fakkel
5 Reviews
W 25 x D 25 x H 40 cm
Decorative stand
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €13.50 Regular Price €17.50 As low as €11.50
STOOQ Swedish torch stand square low (incl. Swedish torch)
0 Reviews
Height: 33 cm
100% pure steel
IN STOCK, available now
STOOQ Swedish Torch Stand Square High (incl. Swedish torch)
0 Reviews
Overall height: 98cm
100 % pure steel
IN STOCK, available now
Esschert Design 3-piece Fireplace tool set
14 Reviews
L 15,5 x W 15,5 x H 7,5 cm
Burning time approx. 2 hours
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €8.50 Regular Price €10.95
Esschert Swedish Torch Small Ø 18-25 cm
18 Reviews
Diameter 15-25 cm
Unique atmosphere maker
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €7.95 Regular Price €9.50 As low as €5.00
Esschert Swedish Torch 50 cm. high, Ø 15-25 cm
7 Reviews
Ø15-25 cm | Height circa 50 cm
Only available in crates of 36
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €425.00 Regular Price €439.95
Esschert Swedish Torch 100 cm. high Ø 15-25 cm
0 Reviews
Ø15-25 cm | Height circa 100 cm
Only available in crates of 18
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €399.00 Regular Price €414.95
Zweedse fakkelstandaard rond hoog (incl. Zweedse fakkel)
0 Reviews
Including Swedish torch
Made of raw steel
  • Ordered before 17.00h, SAME DAY shipment
  • Delivery from STOCK
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You can create a wonderful outdoor ambience with Swedish torches

The Swedish torch is a carved wood block and is available in sizes 20 cm to 100 cm high. The diameter varies depending on the height.

By applying the vertical cuts the flame has a perfect oxygen supply so that the block can burn through to the ground. The Swedish torch is easily ignited with a firelighter. This firelighter comes standard and is located in one of the cuts on the upper side.

A Swedish torch of 25 cm burns for about 2 hours, but it will somewhat depend on weather conditions (read: wind). To let the Swedish torches to burn you can add a stylish foot, especially made for Swedish torches to your order. But of course a nice fire bowl or a simple base plate would be very suitable, too.

Zweedse fakkels kopen

Swedish torches are suitable for many occasions

Swedish torches are often used in the decoration of garden parties, weddings, outdoor events, Christmas celebrations, New Year's Eve parties or during parades.

But Swedish torches are also often used as Christmas gifts or promotional gifts. What can be more fun than a Christmas gift with Swedish torch or fire pit?

Swedish torches are made of 100% FSC wood

We only sell Swedish torches with a FSC-quality mark. This means that no trees are logged unnecessarily. The trunks are then dried in a special drying room. As a result, Swedish torches have the perfect humidity percentage and burn well. Please note that the flames can in some cases reach quite a decent height.

Safe use of Swedish torches

1. Place the torch in upright position on an even, non-flammable surface, such as tiles, a metal plate, in a fire bowl or on a special stand.

2. Make sure that there are no flammable objects within a 2.5 metre radius of the Swedish torch;

3. The carved and shaped side must always face upwards to ensure a proper oxygen supply;

4. Ignite the Swedish torch from above with a firelighter. Don’t use anything else!

5. Let the Swedish torch burn up in one go. Do not try to put it out and light it again later;

6. Make sure small children cannot come near the torch and that the torch is never left alone;

7. Keep a bucket of water at hand. Put out the torch with water and make sure everything is completely put out before you stow it away.