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Freestanding fireplace

An optimal atmosphere experience with a freestanding fireplace

Freestanding fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes, but with the new Opti-myst® Furniture Line Dimplex is once again proving that it is constantly working on practical and contemporary product innovations. A unique fireplace with storage space, a freestanding fireplace or a hanging wall model, with the new line Faber expands its extensive collection of atmospheric fires with the latest possibilities for an intense experience of fire, warmth and atmosphere.

The Furniture Line offers eye-catching furniture based on the famous Cassette 600. A good example of this is the Dimplex  Boxx Opti-myst. In terms of design, this fireplace is fully in line with the latest trends in the field of interior and design.




With the freestanding fireplace unprecedented possibilities

A freestanding fireplace is available in many types and sizes: gas or wood-fired, but also electrically based on, for example, the Opti-myst principle. A freestanding fireplace is the absolute eye-catcher! As a room divider or in the middle of the room, a freestanding fireplace or stove offers many possibilities. In the living room, kitchen or bedroom and from sleek design to classic and everything in between.

A free-standing electric fireplace, such as the Dimplex Boxx Opti-myst, can be used perfectly as a room divider, or as an extension of a partition wall so that it also serves to divide the room in two. A Dimplex Opti Virtual 360, for example, is another atmospheric eye-catcher in the middle of a seating area. You can't even imagine, or it's possible with the current electric fireplaces.


Faber Opti-virtual 360 elektrische haard


The freestanding electric fireplace offers luxury and comfort

Free-standing electric fireplaces come in many types and designs. They are perfect for those who are looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fireplace, but have no room for a chimney. With an electric fireplace, there are hardly any restrictions left in placing a freestanding fireplace. This makes you very flexible in placing a beautiful fireplace, for example in the middle of the living room. A socket is all you need! The included remote control guarantees a feeling of comfort and luxury.

The freestanding fireplace is extremely popular

Freestanding fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular and that is not surprising. Some stoves give the possibility to fire with a closed window or door, others have a completely open character.

For example, the Dimplex Stockbridge 2.0 is a free-standing electric stove with a classic appearance. This freestanding stove can be placed in an existing mantelpiece, for example, and is completely closed. The flame effect is created by the illumination of ultra-fine water vapor. This creates a realistic fire image.

The Opti-Virtual 360, on the other hand, is a free-standing fireplace with a beautiful view of the flames all around. Although the Opti-Virtual 360 is an electric fire, it goes further by creating an illusion of fire with a lifelike play of flames, pinching and sparks that even seem to jump away.