Fireplace insert

An electric insert fireplace is ideal when you have a fireplace that is hardly used. Easily place the insert fireplace in the opening and fill the place with a nice ambience and a fine accompanying warmth. With an insert fireplace, you have created a complete fireplace in just a few steps. Looking for an freestanding fireplace? View our range of freestanding fireplaces.

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Dimplex Silverton Opti-myst
14 Reviews
W 68,2 x D 36,1 x H 33 cm
Remote control included
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €724.00 Regular Price €925.65
Dimplex Basket Opti-myst
10 Reviews
W 60,3 x D 32 x H 48,2 cm
Remote control included
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €269.00 Regular Price €447.70
Livin'flame Insert Fireplace Lugano
1 Review
W 60 x D 19 x H 43.4 cm
Including logs and pebbles
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €269.00 Regular Price €289.00
Dimplex Albany Opti-myst
0 Reviews
W 64 x D 30 x H 70,3 cm
Incl. heating element
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €1,381.00 Regular Price €2,008.60
Livin'flame Insert Fireplace Avers
0 Reviews
W 60 x D 21 x H 43 cm
Logs included
Special Price €279.00 Regular Price €299.00
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Electric insert fireplaces 

An electric insert fireplace is ideal if you already have an open fire but do not use it. Installation is easy and the pleasure is enormous! The Dimplex inset fires provide a cosy flame and pleasant warmth. Would you like to know more about electric fireplaces? Then contact our customer service or check out the manuals for the atmospheric fireplaces.

Dimplex inset fires

Dimplex is the brand for electric fireplaces. Since the range is extremely broad, you will always be able to find an ambient fire for your home. The fireplaces are easy to assemble and operate and are a real addition when it comes to mood lighting.

Inzethaarden Inzethaarden

In the Dimplex range of atmospheric fireplaces, various flame technologies are possible. One of the unique techniques from Dimplex is the Opti-myst flame technique. This technique was developed to imitate an even more beautiful 'real' flame in the electric fireplaces. The Opti-myst technique means that the flames are shown and that a fine mist is emitted, which imitates the warmth of the flames. When the fire is switched on, you will see a beautiful orange colour and, by means of a water reservoir at the bottom of the fire, the fire will emit a water mist. Because of the ceramic blocks and this mist, the flames seem to dance very softly and you can watch the fire for hours.

Another beautiful technique from Dimplex is the Optiflame technique. By means of a mirror wall at the back of the fireplace you can see the flames moving and they seem to be real. Again you can see a beautiful coloured light coming out of it and the fire immediately gives atmosphere to the room. By means of the controls on the fireplace, the colour of the light can be changed and you choose the atmosphere that the room will have. The fireplace contains a bottom with stones, wood or a combination of these two. A nice example of this technique is the Dimplex Cassette 500R.


Livin´Flame makes use of LED lights which will imitate the contours and the flickering of the flames. This allows you to see the fierceness of the flames in the fireplace and watch them for hours! Livin´Flame fireplaces have two heat settings and can provide the house with both a pleasant warmth and a nice atmosphere. As soon as the room has reached the right temperature the fire will switch off. In this way you save electricity and the fireplaces comply with the Erp-guidelines. The fireplaces can be operated with a remote control so that you do not have to get out of your chair. A nice example of such an electric fireplace is the insert Lugano.

Using an insertion fire

The installation of an insert stove is very simple. In the place where the fireplace should be, there should be a recess with an electricity connection. After that it is a matter of sliding the fireplace in the recess, placing the screws to secure the fireplace and connecting the fireplace. Within a few steps you can enjoy a beautiful fireplace with a nice warmth. Atmospheric fireplaces are mainly meant to give a beautiful filling to a fireplace or mantelpiece with which your living room receives a good ambiance and atmospheric light.

Do you now have one in your living room with an original fireplace or hearth but are you looking for the convenience of an electric fire? Then an insert fireplace is perfect for your living room. Stand-alone fireplaces can also look beautiful. View the extensive range in our webshop. More than 100 electric fireplaces!