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Enjoy a lovely fire in no time with Fire-Up firelighters

Lighting a fireplace, outdoor fireplace or fire pit is child's play if you use the right firelighters. Light the fire in your fireplace in no time with Fire-Up firelighters. Use long matches and perhaps bellows or a blowpipe and enjoy a great fire in no time.



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Safety before everything!

Whether you light a fire pit, garden fireplace or BBQ, do this safely! Do not use flammable liquids, but use for example long matches, firelighters or paraffin firelogs. These are not only safe, but also very effective. You have the fire burning just as fast as with that dangerous spirit or petrol, but there is no unnecessary risk of serious accidents. In addition, the firelighters from for example Fire-up are also environmentally friendly as well ...

Fire-Up's well-known brown firelighters

The environmentally friendly and brown firelighters from Fire-Up consist exclusively of biological materials. FSC® certified softwood impregnated with a well-considered mix of natural oils and fats.

CO2 neutral

Many fire-up fire products are completely COneutral due to the fact that the CO2 emissions after combustion are equal to the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere as a result of the new growth of biomass.

Go Green!

Fire-Up is a leader in the field of sustainable and organic lighting products and considers environmental friendliness, sustainability and safety to be of paramount importance. Fully compostable and made from biomass (wood fiber and vegetable oil). Ideal for creating the stove, garden fireplace or barbecue, in an environmentally friendly way!