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Assortment Faber Dimplex


Heat and comfort in the garden with the Faber Dimplex fireplaces

With the Faber gas fires The Buzz and The Tube you give shape to the design of your garden in a stylish manner. Comfort, warmth and cosiness guaranteed!

And if you are looking for a comfortable fireplace for your home, there is always an electric fireplace to your liking within the wide range of Dimplex. And the big advantage is that you only need a socket!


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Convenience and comfort with a Faber gas fireplace

Convenience serves man! To provide the garden fireplace or garden stove with a nice fire at the touch of a button, that is of course ideal. Because of all the beautiful designs and modern techniques, a gas fireplace is now almost indistinguishable from an average wood fire. Stoking gas also has the necessary benefits.

Benefits outdoor fireplace on gas

Gas burning is clean, easy and safe: after all, no sparks can splash out of the fire and as soon as the fire starts, it can also go out. Only one push of a button is enough to control the fire or switch the gas fire on or off. This ease of use immediately explains the popularity of gas burning. You do not have to leave it for the fire. Thanks to the innovative techniques, most gas fires show a lively flames that can hardly be distinguished from an original wood fire.

Gas fireplaces and gas heaters in many shapes and sizes

Gas heaters are available in many models. The assortment of is limited to outdoor gas fires. Gas fireplaces such as the Faber The Buzz, the Faber The Tube and the Faber The Mood fully meet the quality standards we set. Moreover, the fireplaces are provided with a stylish design, very comfortable to use and also extremely suitable for use in the catering industry.

And if you are still looking for a beautiful indoor fireplace, then look at the new generation of Dimplex electric fireplaces. The fire image has never been so realistic and the only thing you need is an electrical outlet.

Electric fireplaces

An electric fire gives a direct atmosphere at any desired place in a house, but also hotel or office. Faber Dimplex electric fireplaces are suitable for all spaces that need atmosphere and decoration; creating a striking focal point in a room. Whether you are looking for a single front view or all-round fireplace, Faber has the solution for all your needs. Electric stoves are available in many different shapes and sizes, but only a Faber fireplace gives that real, realistic flames pattern. A pattern that you keep looking at.

With Opti-Virtual®, Opti-myst® and Optiflame® a 3D, highly realistic flame pattern is created. Faber's electric fireplaces gives the same warm feeling of fire and atmosphere. Faber Dimplex's range of electric fireplaces consists of unique techniques, many options and decoration possibilities, such as different lighting systems or fireplaces. Together you we can design an electric fireplace to your own taste, fitting your interior.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then we would like to invite you to our showroom. has all models of gas fires and gas stoves themselves in stock. Our employees are ready for you with appropriate advice.