Built-in burners simply create an atmosphere in your garden!

With a comfortable built-in burner, your garden table or lounge table can be fitted with a luxurious gas fireplace.

Built-in burners are available in different sizes and from different suppliers. Our range includes the Happy Cocooning built-in burner and the Cosi fires built-in burner. Both the square model and the built-in burner rectangle are easy to order online at Firepitonline.com. And do not forget about the handy accessories!


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Built-in gas burners

Are you looking for a quality built-in burner or built-in table fireplace? Then you've come to the right place at Firepit-online.com. Within our huge assortment of fire tables, you will also find a number of comfortable built-in burners.

Turn your garden table into a fire table

With a separate built-in burner, you can easily turn your "ordinary" garden table into a special fire table. Built-in burners are gas fires that you lower into a recess of a garden table.

When you buy a built-in burner, you will find a template with which you can set the dimensions of the tray on the table. If you are a bit handy and have a jigsaw, you can transform your garden table into an atmospheric fire table in no time. All you then have to do is connect the built-in burner to a gas cylinder and you can enjoy an atmospheric fire.

Built-in burners, build your own fire tableBuilt-in burners, build your own fire table

Fire without smoke or sparks with a separate built-in burner

Loose built-in burners feature a stainless steel burner that is easy to operate with the clear control panel that disappears under the table.

The burner is camouflaged by the supplied logs and lava stones, making the fire resemble a real wood-burning flame. Ultimately, the built-in burner provides you with a fine lounge fire without smoke or sparks. And that is nice at the table! After use, you can cover the burner with the lid supplied and place something else on it, such as a drinks board, if you wish.

Built-in burners square or rectangular

Individual built-in burners are available in two different shapes: square and rectangle. So you can match the shape perfectly to the shape of your garden table. Preferably choose a square burner for a square garden table and ditto for a rectangular fire table. This way, the garden table keeps its balance and the burner is nicely positioned in the middle.

Within our range, you will find suitable accessories in addition to the built-in burners. For extra comfort, you can expand the built-in burner with a matching glass set. And if you want to make it really special, you could also buy a separate wine cooler in the same dimensions. You then have the choice of hanging the built-in burner or the wine cooler in the table... Ideal for a hot summer's day!

Ordering a separate built-in burner online

At Firepit-online.com we have built-in burners from Happy Cocooning and Cosi fires. We have all built-in gas burners in stock, so if you order the built-in burner online, we will ship your package the same day. Still have questions? Then our staff is ready for you! They will be happy to answer all your questions!