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With a smoker you can smoke the tastiest dishes yourself

The Barbecook smokers are equivalent to experimenting with taste, fire and experience. Not only can you smoke cold or hot in the Barbecook Oskar, you can also work with different types of wood to give a typical smoky taste to your preparations. Take a look at our smokers below and make your own delicious dishes!



Smoking your own food in a smoker - the ultimate taste sensation!

Smoking food is popular and is a great addition to all the outdoor cooking options we already know. Smoking adds flavour and keeps meat soft and juicy, and it's easy to do.

Smoked salmon, spare ribs, pulled pork - there are many dishes you can prepare by smoking on the barbecue or in a dedicated smoker. You can add a little smoky flavour to any dish and you don't need to do a detailed study.


Barbecook Oskar Rookoven


Smoking food yourself is easy

Smoking your own food is actually quite simple. To start with, you need a barbecue or smoker and some smoke wood. All you need to do is put a little smoke wood on the grill or between the glowing briquettes or charcoal. Wait until the wood starts to smoke, then put the food on the grill and close the lid. If you soak the smoke wood in water for a while, the wood will not burn easily.

During the cooking of the dish, the smoke will lightly draw into the dish. You can smoke all kinds of dishes from beef to pork, chicken, fish and even cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Barbecook smoke chips are indispensable

The smoke wood is the key to a successful smoke festival. You can use all types, except treated wood or wood with resin. Barbecook offers a number of different types of smoke chips with different aromas such as oak, apple and Hickory. You can experiment with the flavours and discover your own favourite. This opens up a world of new taste sensations!