CookKing Smoker Hamburg

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CookKing Smoker Hamburg
CookKing Smoker Hamburg
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CookKing Smoker Hamburg

CookKing offers two smokers. The Smoker Hamburg is a slim model with a width and depth of 38cm and a height of 160cm. The smoker is made for outdoor use and has various options for smoking a variety of ingredients.

Various smoking options of the Hamburg Smoker

Included with the Smoker Hamburg are the following attributes:

✓ 2 wooden stakes
✓ 6 hooks (3 small & 3 large)
✓ Smoke diffusers
✓ Ash tray

These attributes are included to make smoking in the smoker as easy and tasty as possible.

Different from the Smoker Berlin are the two separate doors on this smoker. The lower door is mostly used to control the air supply and is therefore separate from the upper door. Due to the size of the smoker, it is delivered on a pallet.

Air supply and smoke exhaust from the smoker Hamburg

Smoking food is not difficult but requires some knowledge about the technique. In the smoker, you place the smoking wood and any smoke chips for extra flavour. The smoker Hamburg has a slanted section at the top where the smoke is discharged. At the bottom of the lower door is a flower-shaped cut-out that you can slide open or close. This allows you to control the amount of air supply and thus also the temperature in the smoker. On the upper door of the smoker is a thermometer that allows you to read the temperature.

CookKing Smoker Hamburg in brief:

✓ Made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel
✓ Powder-coated black on the outside
✓ Preserved from the inside with cooking oil
✓ Supplied with 2 wooden pegs, 6 hooks (3 small & 3 large), smoke spreaders & ash tray
✓ Height: 160cm
✓ Thermometer up to 120 degrees
✓ Robust smoker, made for outdoor use


The Dutch brand CookKing is known for its robust and handmade garden products. Their products are made in Europe from high-quality thick steel and are therefore guaranteed to last a long time.

CookKing offers a diverse range of garden products for grilling, lighting fires and creating cosiness. Because of their wide range, there is a garden item for everyone. CookKing therefore makes every garden complete!

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Brand CookKing
Model Hamburg
Article number 111251
Color Black
Material Powder coated metal
Dimensions L 38 x B 38 x H 160cm
Thickness steel cone 1,5 mm
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