The Bastard Regular Large Complete + Multi System

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The Bastard Regular Large Complete + Multi System
The Bastard Regular Large Complete + Multi System
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The Bastard Regular Large Complete + Multi Level System

The Bastard Regular Large is the beginning of the Bastard family. The Large's 49cm cooking surface allows you to easily cook all your favourite dishes & those of your family & friends. At the same time if necessary, because the Large has enough space to cook for 8 people! With all that space, The Bastard Large also makes it easy to prepare complete three-course menus

Do you want to get the most out of your kamado? Then the Large is your perfect match, because this is the model for which most accessories are available. And so the possibilities of this all-rounder are actually, as the name suggests, Large.

Why buy The Bastard Large?

Yes, why should you buy The Bastard Large? Actually, it is the combination of several things. It is a beautiful large one for which most accessories are available. But it is also the ceramic that reflects the heat, creating an airflow that makes ingredients and dishes extra tender. It is the perfect air circulation, which cooks food evenly at the desired temperature.

And it is the fact that the temperature can be regulated and maintained to the exact degree. Even external temperatures do not affect the temperature inside your The Bastard because of the high quality, heat-insulating ceramic. And last but not least, its rugged exterior is a feast for the eyes.

Proud to be a Bastard 

Impressive! That is the right name for The Bastard Regular Large. This kamado has a rugged matte design and fits seamlessly into any garden. The Bastard comes complete with stand, side shelves, ash lifter, plate setter, charcoal basket and stainless steel grid. The side shelves can be folded down when you want to store the kamado. And thanks to the extra thick stainless steel grid of 7 mm(!), you can put the most delicious products on the table. So you can get started right away! Meet the Bastard.

Grilling, baking, smoking, stewing, it's all possible with The Bastard 

Because The Bastard has a temperature range of 70°C - 350°C you can use it for all kinds of cooking techniques: grilling, baking, boiling, stewing, smoking and wokking.

In addition to these numerous possibilities, The Bastard is also made for slow cooking larger pieces of meat or for slow cooking delicate ingredients like seafood and fish fillets. The Bastard has many practical accessories which make your culinary activities even easier and more fun & allow you to show off your cooking skills even more.

The Bastard Regular Large Complete in short:

-  Versatile BBQ
-  Large model
-  Grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, wokking, stewing and slow cooking
-  High quality
-  Integrated thermometer                
-  Cooking for 8           
-  Weight 138 kg
-  Can be expanded with many practical accessories
-  Including side shelves, base with wheels, plate setter, Charcoal Basket stainless steel and Ash Lifter stainless steel


The Bastard - Unboxing



The Bastard

Enjoying good life, good food with authentic flavours and design, that's what The Bastard stands for. Being together to taste the best dishes you've ever had.

Grilling, baking, smoking and stewing; with The Bastard, anything is possible! An ancient cooking method, but refined by the Dutch. The Bastard is the Dutch pride when it comes to barbecues and with this versatile barbecue you can prepare the most delicious dishes in no time.

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Brand The Bastard
Model Regular Large Complete + Multi Level System
Article number BC201
Color Black
Material Ceramics
Dimensions L 76.5 x W 57 x H 127 cm
Weight 138 kg
Included Side shelves, Base with wheels, Stainless steel Grid, Ash Lifter, Plate Setter, Charcoal Basket
Fuel Charcoal
Type of heater Kamado
Capacity 2 to 8 people
Montage See film
Cooking surface Ø49 cm
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