Fast service, fast shipping and clear communication are very important to us! We have almost all items in our range in stock. If you order before 5 p.m., the order will be shipped the same working day. On this page we will try to answer all your questions about your order and its shipment. If you still have questions, you can contact our customer service.

What is a pallet shipment?

A package heavier than 31.5 kg is shipped as a pallet shipment. For the delivery of a pallet shipment, you will be contacted by the carrier to make an appointment for delivery.

What is a package shipment?

A parcel that is lighter than 31.5 kg will be sent as a parcel.

To which countries do you ship and how much does shipping cost?

The following prices are used for shipping, these prices are subject to change.

United Kingdom

·        Unfortunately we do not currently have the ability to ship to the United Kingdom


·         Parcel: €25,-

·         Pallet: €165,-


·         Below €50,-: €6,95

·         Above €50,-: free


·         Package: €8,95

·         Pallet: €20,-


·         Package: €28,-

·         Pallet: €160,-


·         Package: €31,-

·         Pallet: €110,-


·         Package: €8.95

·         Pallet: €75,-


·        Package: €26,-

·        Pallet: €140,-


·        Package: €38,-

·        Pallet: €215,-


·        Package: €15,-

·        Pallet: €175,-


·        Package: €29,-

·        Pallet: €190,-


·        Package: €17,-

·        Pallet: €110,-


·        Package: €25,-

·        Pallet: €160,-


·        Package: €38,-

·        Pallet: €165,-


·        Package: €26,-

·        Pallet: €115,-


·        Package: €26,-

·        Pallet: €115,-


·         Package: €7.95

·         Pallet: €50,-


·         Package: €14,-

·         Pallet: €150,-


·         Package: €12,-

·         Pallet: €115,-


·         Package: €26,-

·         Pallet: €155,-


·         Package: €15,-

·         Pallet: €150,-


·         Package: €17,-

·         Pallet: €100,-


·         Package: €17,-

·         Pallet: €110,-


·         Package: €25,-

·         Pallet: €160,-

Chech Republic

·         Package: €15,-

·         Pallet: €100,-


·         Package: €28,-

·         Pallet: €135,-

Can you deliver anywhere?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to campsites, care homes and community gardens.

Which transporters do you work with?

We work with DHL.

What is the delivery time of an order?

When you order before 5pm, the package will be sent the same day! Note: We depend on our carrier, so we cannot give a 100% guarantee. We apologise for any inconvenience. Unfortunately we cannot say in advance during which part of the day your order will be delivered. Orders placed on Friday after 17.00 or during the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can! You can track your shipment on the DHL website. You will receive a shipment number and the track & trace link by e-mail from us as soon as your order has been offered to the carrier. Go to and fill in your shipment number and postal code. The status of your order can also be found in your account.

What should I do if the track & trace code does not work?

The track & trace code only becomes active once your order has been processed and scanned at the carrier's depot. This often happens at night. If your track & trace code does not work the next day, please contact customer service.

What should I do if I have not received an e-mail with track & trace code?

Have you already checked that the e-mail did not end up in your spam messages? You could also check if the e-mail address you entered does not contain any errors. Did you receive an order confirmation, then we have the correct e-mail address. In that case, please contact our customer service.

Do you also ship to pick-up points?

Currently we do not ship to pickup points.

Can I have my package delivered to another address?

Yes, you can. You can indicate this when you go through the ordering process. Uncheck the box next to 'Ship to the same address' and enter a different address.

Do you deliver to companies?

Yes, we also deliver to companies. Special rates are often applied for large customers. You can request an devis. We will then inform you as soon as possible about the price.

What if my product is delivered damaged?

That's not the way it should be! Mail us a picture of the damaged product and the damaged packaging to We will then look for an appropriate solution. We will look at your photos and respond to your e-mail as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have not received my parcel?

If you have not received your package after five working days and the track & trace code does not provide any further information, please contact customer service. We will then do our utmost to deliver the package to your home as soon as possible.

What happens if I am not at home?

If you are not at home when the deliveryman passes by, the parcel will be offered again the next day. If you are not at home at that time either, you will have two weeks to collect the parcel from a DHL Service Centre. This only applies to parcels that are sent in a box.

I have only received part of my order. What should I do now?

It happens that parcels are sent separately and therefore do not arrive at your door at the same time. Please wait one more day, as the other parcel is often on its way. It has not arrived one day later? Please contact Customer Service.

What should I do if I have received the wrong article?

If the package you received does not match your order, please contact the customer service department. Please send us a picture of the faulty product and the packing slip with your order number. The customer service will help you find a solution.