Esschert Swedish Torch | Height 100 cm| 18 pieces

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Esschert Swedish Torch 100 cm. high Ø 15-25 cm
Esschert Swedish Torch | Height 100 cm| 18 pieces
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Esschert Swedish Torch | Height 100 cm , Ø15-25 cm | 18 pieces

We only sell this Swedish torch in full crates of 18 pieces

Swedish torches are perfect for creating a warm, friendly ambiance out of doors. Swedish torches originate from the 17th century when garden torches like these were already being used by the Swedish army. With their special oxygen intake technique, the torches provide you with several hours of pleasant warmth and cosiness. Because the torch burns vertically from the inside, it’s more concentrated and controllable than a campfire or fire pit.

The Swedish torch is available in various sizes

The wooden torch is a block of sawn wood and is available in various heights. By applying the vertical cuts the flame has a perfect oxygen supply so that the block can burn through to the ground. The number of burning hours depends on weather conditions and the wind. The Swedish torch is ignited by way of a fire lighter inserted in the core of the trunk.

A Swedish torch creates a great atmosphere at a garden party or a BBQ

Swedish torches are often used at garden parties, weddings, outdoor events or just for a cosy evening in the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace or camping. Several Swedish torches together create an opulent flame fest. Place them in a row to illuminate a path in an attractively atmospheric way. The torches provide a large flame, creating a great deal of light and warmth.

The Swedish Torch in short:

- Creates great atmosphere                                                         
- Easy to use
- Handle to (re-)position the torch easily
- Hours of light and warmth
- FSC trademark (sustainable forest management)
- Perfect for a garden party or barbecue
- Also available in height 25 cm (per piece) or height 50 cm (per crate of 36 pieces)
- Burning time 5 to 6 hours


Logo Esschert Design

FSC keurmerk Zweedse fakkels


While using the Swedish torch please remember:

• Only for outdoor use. • This Swedish torch is an open fire. • When dealing with fire, act with particular care and caution. • Select a flat, fire-resistant surface, such as tiles or gravel. • Keep a safe distance of 5 m from flammable materials. • Pay attention to the wind direction. • Softwood tends to cause flying sparks. Make sure that there are no combustible materials such as dry grass or leaves in the immediate vicinity. • Only ignite the Swedish torch using the provided firelighter and do not use any other fire lighters. • Light the torch from above. • Please ensure that there are no children near the fire. • Never leave the Swedish torch unattended. • Don’t move the Swedish torch while burning. • Extinguish the torch with water.

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Brand Esschert Design
Model Swedish Torch
Article number FF106_krat
Material Wood
Dimensions Ø15-25 cm | Height circa 100 cm
Weight +-270 kg ( 15 kg each)
Number of fire hours Circa 5 á 6 hour
2 Reviews
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4.5 out of 5
Uitstekende Zweedse fakkel, brand lang en geeft een mooie vlam.
4 out of 5
Fakkel hebben we kado gegeven. Brand lang en geeft veel warmte af.
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