Excellent warranty conditions

You have a 1 or 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all products, depending on the manufacturer, without prejudice to the legal rights regarding warranty and conformity. If an article is damaged immediately upon receipt, you can return it to us within 5 working days.

Transportation damage and damage to the product that is only determined after opening the box must be reported within 5 working days after delivery. Report the transport and product damage via e-mail with the accompanying damage pictures of the product and the box. Receipts must always be signed off, stating "subject to inspection". The product should not be used before the product is returned. Within the period of 5 working days we can exchange the damaged or not (properly) functioning product for a new product. Please inform us in time via e-mail so that we can exchange the product as soon as possible. Read more about our warranty conditions here

Please note: Despite the fact that most fire baskets, patio fireplaces and fire bowls are equipped with a heat-resistant and rustproof coating, the experience is that sooner or later such outdoor products will rust anyway. As a result of weathering and heating/cooling, the lacquer layer will be affected, which may cause it to deform or bulge.

Often the fireplace or fire basket will only become more beautiful as a result of the rusting! This is not a problem for use; because of the thickness of the material these products will last for years.

If you want extra protection, order a protective cover and/or place the garden fire or fire basket inside or under a shelter after use. The formation of rust will be less, but can never be completely prevented.

Mexican fireplaces

When using so-called Mexican clay fireplaces, it is good to remember that these are mainly intended for the ambiance. This means that you should not fire too hard. Keep the fire "small" because if the temperature is too high the fireplace will tear. Read more about the use and maintenance of Mexican fireplaces here.