Calculate the capacity for your wood burning stove

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In order to calculate the required power (kW), you must calculate the m³ of the space where you want to place the wood burning stove. This is done by multiplying the length, width and height of the space (LxWxH).

When the kW capacity of a wood stove does not match the calculated power of the room you get too much or too little heat.

When the space is too small, you notice that there is not enough oxygen in the room. This gives an unpleasant feeling. In addition, the wood stove works only halfway, which is bad for the combustion process, the environment and your wallet. You then have a wood burning stove with too much power. If the capacity is too low for the space you want to heat, then of course the temperature is too low.

A wood burning stove under a veranda or roof

Of course, when using outdoors, for example under a veranda or a shelter, these guidelines do not apply. The heat release is then depending on the number of square meters to be heated and the number of sides that the porch / cover is closed. Below is an overview of the ideal indoor power. When the wood stove is used as an additional heater, half of the capacity will be sufficient.


                Content space     Well-isolated house   
Fairly isolated house 
     No Isolation     

40 m³

4 kW 5 kW      6 kW

60 m³

4,5 kW 5,5 kW      7 kW

80 m³

5,5 kW 6,5 kW      8 kW

120 m³

7 kW 8 kW     10 kW

140 m³

7,5 kW 8,5 Kw     11 kW

160 m³

8 kW 9,5 kW     13 kW

180 m³

8,5 kW 10 kW     13 kW


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