Dimplex electric fireplaces

The electric fireplaces of Faber Dimplex

The electric fire is on the rise and the popularity is growing rapidly. And that's not surprising, because electric fireplaces can be installed in almost any room. A mains connection is sufficient and a flue gas outlet is not necessary. The operation is comfortable, simple, safe and durable.

Dimplex fireplaces may be electric, but they continue by creating an illusion of lifelike fire; from a fascinating play of flames, glowing trunks, the pinching of wood to sparks that occasionally seem to jump away. A fireplace brings atmosphere, peace and comfort.

Dimplex occupies a very prominent position in Europe with a wide range of high-quality fireplaces and stoves and has many inventions in this field to its name, such as the Opti-V®, Opti-myst® and Optiflame®. We list the various technologies below for you:


Faber Gala inbouwhaard


Dimplex Opti-Virtual®

Each fire with Dimplex Opti-Virtual® technology uses the latest HDTV technology to create an image of flames and sparks. This unique, patented system combines the image of flickering flames and three-dimensional logs with glowing LEDs, from which sparks occasionally seem to jump away. The sound of crackling wood completes the experience of a real fire. An atmospheric fireplace with Opti-virtual technology is the Dimplex Opti-Virtual Single, for example.

Dimplex Opti-myst®

Light and water spray, which can be enough to see 'flames'. In every Dimplex fireplace with Opti-myst® technology there is a water tank under the glow bed from which a transducer produces water mist. Lamps behind the water tank heat the air, which transports the mist upwards. The rising water mist spreads over the glow bed and reflects in the LED or halogen light. And this creates a lively flaring fire image, just like in a real flame play. This eliminates the need for a dark back wall and the three-dimensional Opti-myst® fire effect can be viewed from all sides.

The flames also react completely naturally and move in the wind. Should you get caught in the spray flames, the flames enclose your hand; the height of the flames is adjustable and completely safe. Moreover, the water vapour produced contributes to a good moisture balance in your home and the vapour is free of fine dust. If you nevertheless want to enjoy pleasant warmth, this is possible: various models have a built-in heating element, adjustable in two positions. Enjoy the unique flame effect of your Dimplex fireplace at home. Easily adjustable, with sparks that seem to jump off the logs. This is possible with the patented electric 'Opti-myst® technology. An atmospheric fireplace with Opti-myst technology, for example, is the Dimplex Cassette 500.

Dimplex Optiflame®

Fire from mirror images! The secret behind electric fireplaces with Optiflame® technology is a moving axis with mirrors. Just like the blades of a propeller, mirror elements that are bent and turned together are attached to it. This creates a mirror surface that is as large and irregular as possible, so that light can break in countless ways. And that contributes to the fire effect; the more individual elements move among themselves, the more realistic the flickering of the 'flames' ... just as is the case with real flames.

This technique is based on the very first electric open flame, invented at the beginning of the twentieth century by British inventor John Berry. Even then, the mirror axis was illuminated by a light source that illuminated the mirror axis from the side upwards, directly against the dark back wall of the fireplace. The logs and/or coals in the fire bed are also purchased from below, to ensure the most realistic glow effect possible. An atmospheric fireplace with the Optiflame technology is for example the Dimplex Vega Optiflame.

Dimplex Revillusion®

Revillusion® is the latest flame technology and a new milestone in electric fire. In the brick fire interior there is an unprecedented wide view of lifelike flames. These flames rise without reflection from the centre of the fireplace from the lifelike glowing glowing wood set. The light colour and intensity can be adjusted in many ways with the easy-to-use remote control. The light image can be optimally adapted to the desired atmosphere, style and surrounding light. A popular electric fireplace based on Revillusion technology is the Dimplex Firebox 650, for example.


A beautiful Dimplex fireplace fits in every living environment.

Enjoying a fireplace is closer than you might think. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the lifelike flames of a Dimplex fireplace.

With the wide range of Dimplex we can safely state that a beautiful Dimplex fireplace fits in every living environment. So there is a suitable fireplace for you too! And if you would like more information or personal advice, we are happy to help! Call us on 013-545 19 66 or send us an e-mail.

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