The Glowbus Dewdrop and Growdrop is an eye-catcher in every garden and home due to its timeless design! This luxury design fire pit and candle holder is available in various sizes and/or colours. They are an eye-catcher during the day and a source of cosiness in the evening! Discover your new world around a crackling fire.

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Glowbus® Growdrop
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2 sizes, 3 materials
Handmade in Belgium
IN STOCK, available now
As low as €320.00
Glowbus® Dewdrop
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Available in 3 sizes
Handmade in Belgium
IN STOCK, available now
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Glowbus Fire pit and candle holder

The products of Glowbus have a very striking design and are real eyecatchers. The candle holder and the outdoor fire pit both have the shape of a drop. They are handmade in Belgium and have an open design. This allows you to see the flames in the fire pit very well and you can enjoy the light and warmth. In short, the Glowbus products are a perfect blend of raw simplicity and pure outdoor luxury.

The Growdrop candle holder

The Growdrop candle holders from Glowbus have a very special design. In the shape of a drop you can see the light of the candles on all sides and enjoy a great ambient light. These candle holders are available in three colours/materials: corten steel, stainless steel and black steel. These different colours all give a different look. The candle holders look great throughout the garden, on the patio table or inside. The Growdrop is a luxurious product and certainly gives this look. The candle holder for in the garden or inside is therefore a very good addition of mood light and a beautiful object. 

Glowbus GrowdropGlowbus Growdrop

The Glowbus Dewdrop fire pit

The Dewdrop outdoor fire pit of Glowbus is a unique fire pit and stands out when it comes to its special design. This source of warmth has an open design so that you can sit around the fire pit and see the flames dance everywhere. The pit stands on a base plate for extra solidity on unstable surfaces and can therefore stand on stones, grass or pebbles. This way, the fire pit is suitable for every garden and can be a real mood enhancer!

Apart from the fact that the fire pit has a special design, it is made of a high quality corten steel. This type of steel will get a rust layer in a short period of time. This layer protects the product against rusting and external influences. Therefore the Glowbus fire pit will last a lifetime and is a valuable investment in your garden.

Placement of the Dewdrop

The outdoor fire pit is made of rust brown corten steel and is available in the sizes M, L and XL. Size M is 150 kg and 100 cm high, size L is 220 kg and 120 cm high, size XL is 425 kg and 150 cm high. Because of the robust weight of the Dewdrop, it can withstand wind gusts of up to 200km/h and the pit will remain in place.

Because of its weight, this design fire pit is a keeper that you would rather not lug around in your garden every week. The Dewdrop M and L can be moved fairly easily by rolling the fire pit on its side. The axle plate is not attached to the fire pit. The Dewdrop XL requires a little more power and is usually moved into place with a mechanical lifting device.


The brand stands for commitment and authenticity. The garden fire pits are handmade in Belgium and are made of ecological and sustainable materials. In this way, and with the improvement of their products and shipping process, Glowbus is working on sustainable products that can last a lifetime. Besides that, Glowbus will donate 25 euros of every order they receive to the organisation. With this organisation they have already planted 8,1 hectares of trees. All these steps are taken by Glowbus in order to be able to create a moment of commitment in the future.

Glowbus Dewdrop Augmented Reality

Glowbus comes with a whole new feature! You can now view the Dewdrop in a very easy way via Augmented Reality. Read on to see how you can view the Dewdrop in your own garden. After this you have a better idea of the Dewdrop in your garden and you can order the fire pit in our webshop!

Do you want to see how the Dewdrop looks in your garden? Follow the steps below:

√ Scan the QR-code* with the camera of your phone or tablet.    
√ Click on the link that appears on your screen and you will be directed to the webpage of the Dewdrop AR.
√ Select the desired format at the bottom of the page and go to the place where you want to place the Dewdrop.
√ Click on 'View in your space'. The Dewdrop appears on your screen!
√ If you want to move or rotate the Dewdrop, slide the Dewdrop with one finger to the desired location and use two fingers to rotate the Dewdrop.
√ Want to see a different format? Close the window with the cross in the upper left corner, select another format and start again from step 3.

* If you are reading this on a phone, click on the QR code.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Do you still have questions about Glowbus or their new Augmented Reality? Then get in touch with our customer service team using the contact form or call +31 (0)13 545 19 66.