Black Friday

Black Friday

Shop till you drop during Black Friday Week at! A fire bowl, garden fireplace or ambient fireplace, you buy it at the ambience store. The range is very wide and features the nicest brands such as BonFeu, OFYR, Dimplex and many more. Unfortunately, Black Friday Week 2022 has ended, but don't be sad! Next year on Friday 24 November 2023, this page will again feature the best offers. Can't wait? Then take a look at the current range and find your favourite fire pit, patio heater or fire pit table.

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Black Friday at

Black Friday is an annual recurring shopping day. Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, a day when many Americans traditionally begin shopping for Christmas. To attract people to the stores, many stores then advertise special offers. Most Americans even get an extra day off which gives them the opportunity to do extensive Christmas shopping. Since a few years, Black Friday has also become a well-known phenomenon in the Netherlands and many stores participate in the shopping frenzy, including!


When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday in 2023 falls on Friday 24 November. Black Friday is the day when many shops run high discounts and communicate special deals to their customers. The bargain craze originated in America and started as a single day but has now grown into a week-long period of great discounts and deals at many shops.


How long will Black Friday 2023 last?

Originally Black Friday is just one day, but at many shops the discounts and deals are presented for at least eight days. So this means that a good week can be enjoyed a lot of attractive deals. For instance, there are shops that make their campaigns last a week or there are shops that publish a new daily deal every day.


How many times a year is Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated once a year, yet often the entire month of November is already dedicated to the discount fest. How Black Friday will looklike at will be a surprise till the very last minute. Stay tuned and enjoy great discounts and/or combi-deals. 


How did Black Friday come about?

Theories on the origins of Black Friday vary, but one theory may sound very logical. The color black comes from the accounting system of America. Losses are written in red and profits are written in black. In order to end the year in the black, there is often still a need to make a profit. In other words, the companies must get into the black. Hence, Black Friday.

In the meantime, Black Friday, like so many American traditions, has blown over to Europe and is now a huge hype in the Netherlands as well. Thanks to well-known campaigns by large retailers, this day has become more widely known in the Netherlands and the number of participating stores has increased dramatically.


Special Black Friday week firebowl deal

Of course also participates in Black Friday! We have set up great combi deals and/or discounts! Read the terms and conditions before you make your purchase so you're well informed.