Create energy-efficient heat in your hospitality company

Create energy-efficient heat in your hospitality company}

In general, gas prices have risen and heating your business will also cost more. A good solution to this is to buy an electric fireplace. These fireplaces are easy to install and in many cases can provide up to 2kW of heat. Although it is not real heating, it is certainly a nice warm-up for your guests. In addition to the dancing flames, they can enjoy the atmosphere in your establishment.

The ideal decor piece for the catering industry

A Dimplex fireplace exudes luxury and atmosphere behind a bar, above the bottle rack or in the lounge area closer to the guests. Without compromising on space and safety, the fireplaces from Dimplex are a good addition to your place.

Although the atmospheric fires of Dimplex are electric, they continue by creating an illusion of lifelike fire; of a fascinating play of flames, glowing pebbles, the crackling of wood up to sparks that seem to jump away every now and then. Dimplex occupies a very prominent position with a wide range of high-quality fireplaces in Europe.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable business

A number of sustainable advantages of a Dimplex fireplace are that there is no emission of harmful gases, no use of oxygen and no combustion. The water and energy consumption are also minimal, the power consumption is lower than the average room lighting. In short, it is green business! With the plug in the socket it is plug and play after which the guests can quickly enjoy. The electric fireplaces require little maintenance, are easy to connect and fit well in the sustainable hospitality industry. Thereby, electric fireplaces are safe to use.

Popular atmospheric fireplaces from the Dimplex range:

1.      The Dimplex Cassette 1000 Projects Opti-myst®

This electric built-in fire is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting. This LED lighting creates a beautiful glow that makes it look like the wood logs are really glowing. The special flames of this fireplace are created by illuminating water vapor. The Opti-myst fire consists of two colors and the lighting creates a natural 3D flame image and a realistic ‘ smoke ’. The model can be linked to a fixed water pipe which is favorable for use in your catering space.

2.      Dimplex Ignite XL 74" Linear Optiflame®

The Ignite XL 74 is only 15 cm deep and does not require a chimney or gas pipe. This electric fireplace is lit at the touch of a button on the supplied remote control. The latest LED techniques have been used to illuminate the pebble set. There is a choice of different color themes and this fireplace also has an adjustable heating element that can give up to 2 kW of heat. The patented ComfortSaver ® ceramic heating system also consumes 11% less energy than the average quartz infrared heating by automatically adjusting the fan speed and heating power to the dimensions of the room.

3.      Dimplex Vivente Revillusion®

A real innovation in the field of electric atmospheric fire is the Dimplex Vivente Revillusion. The Vivente Revillusion is equipped with a heating element (up to 1.5 kW) and the clear crystals, in combination with the traditional ceramic fireplace blocks, together provide a spectacular appearance.

The Dimplex Vivente is available in three different sizes and turns any space into an attractive and inviting place. Thanks to the built-in Anti-reflection glass and mood lighting themes, you can adjust the Dimplex Vivente exactly as you wish. In addition, the Dimplex Vivente can be used as a 1-, 2- or 3-sided decorative fireplace and the fireplace contains a sound module through which crackling sounds are simulated.

electric fireplaces in hospitality

Largest Dimplex dealer

A fire brings atmosphere, peace and comfort. Install one decorative fireplace or unpack with multiple fireplaces and immediately bring more atmosphere to your catering areas.

Did you know that is a large Dimplex dealer? With a wide range of Dimplex we can safely say that a beautiful Dimplex fireplace fits in every room. So there is also a suitable atmosphere for your catering establishment! If you would like more information or personal advice, we are happy to help you. Call us on +31 (0)13-5451966  or send an email at

Dimplex Opti-Virtual Double
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W 135.6 x D 34,5 x H 45 cm
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Dimplex Cassette 1000 Opti-myst
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W 101 x D 30 x H 22,6 cm
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Dimplex Cassette L Pebbles Opti-myst
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W 71.5 x D 19.5 x H 38 cm
Incl. pebbles & remote control
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Dimplex Ignite XL 74" Linear
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W 194.1 x H 41.9 x D 14.7 cm
Incl. Ice Ember pebble bed
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Special Price €1,299.00 Regular Price €1,845.25
Dimplex Vivente plus
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Latest technology from Dimplex ( May 2021)
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