Maintaining an electric fireplace

Maintaining an electric fireplace }

You own an electric ambient fireplace and are immensely happy with the ambience it provides. But an electric fireplace also needs maintenance. Which parts should I clean and how often? And what should I pay attention to after cleaning or when using it for the first time? In this blog, you will find tips on how to clean different electric fireplaces so that you can enjoy your electric fireplace for as long as possible.

Installing an electric fireplace

When installing an electric fireplace, it is important to take a few things into account. If you are having the mood fireplace built in, it is a good idea to look at the exact dimensions of the mood fireplace, including any ventilation space required. A built-in fire with heating capacity always requires a ventilation space. You can find this in the specifications of built-in fireplaces. This extra space is needed to give the appliance enough room to release its heat and prevent the fireplace from overheating.

Many of the decorative fireplaces have a plug-and-play function. This applies to quite a few hanging mood fires, inset fires and freestanding fireplaces. This is of course very convenient and makes it possible to use the fireplace immediately.

Maintenance and cleaning of the fireplace

Maintaining an ambience fireplace is important for its functionality and lifespan. Especially with an Opti-myst fireplace, keeping the various parts clean is important for the continued operation of the fireplace.

Cleaning an Opti-myst fireplace

An Opti-myst fireplace contains a water tank, a defuser and LED lights. This water vapour fireplace has a unique ambient appearance. To clean it: close everything and disconnect both the water tank and the two trays below and empty the water into the sink. Clean these trays. Also, always check that the transducer is still free of limescale. It is recommended to use descaled water but if you don't have access to this, regular cleaning is definitely recommended. Besides the water tanks, also clean the filter behind the lights by vacuuming it.


It may happen that a part does break. In our webshop, you will find various new parts such as halogen lamps for the Opti-myst fireplaces and a transducer.

Opti-virtual, Optiflame and Revillusion

The three other technologies we offer in our webshop, Opti-virtual, Optiflame and Revillusion require minimal maintenance. These fireplaces have virtually no loose parts that need to be cleaned separately. Occasionally wiping the fireplace with a cloth against dust is always a good idea. Keep in mind that any control knobs on these stoves can wear out. This is unfortunately unavoidable and fortunately does not affect the operation of the electric fire or the ambience.

Maintenance for a long lifespan

As with a garden fireplace, a fire bowl or a barbecue, maintenance is required if you want to give these products a long life. Similarly, you have been able to read how maintaining an electric ambience fireplace works. The conclusion: an Opti-myst fireplace requires more maintenance than the other three types of fireplaces in our range. Fortunately, this does not diminish the beauty of the Opti-myst fire. Would you like an explanation of our ambience fireplaces via video? Check out our youtube channel for various ambience and explanation videos.