How to make your own fire table?

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Fire tables can be bought ready-made. They come in different types, sizes and colours. There is also a wide choice of materials. But it can of course happen that nothing is to your taste. The built-in burners of then offer a solution. They make it easy to build your own fire table. Or take the jigsaw in hand and convert your own garden table into a fire table.

Make your own fire pit table

In short, the fire table you are looking for does not seem to exist. This is a great starting point for making a fire table. After all, you already have a good idea of what your ideal fire table looks like. Now the building remains. If you are a bit handy, this can be done in no time. With this step-by-step plan, we give you a guide to your own table fireplace in the garden.

What do you need to build your own table fire?

Depending on the fire table you have in mind, the list of supplies will vary somewhat. Roughly speaking, it boils down to the following:

  • Wood or other material for the table (or an existing garden table)
  • A built-in burner
  • A gas bottle
  • A glass surround (recommended)
  • Tools and sandpaper (for a wooden fire table)
  • Hardware (screws, fittings, etc.)

Step 1: building plan for the outdoor fire table

You have a picture of the fire table you want to make. It is advisable to translate this into a building plan. Here, you determine the exact dimensions of the fire table and the materials you need to build your own fire table.

5 tips on this step:

  • Scaffold wood, for example, is widely used because of its trendy looks and good value for money.
  • When buying wood, keep in mind the recess for the built-in burner.
  • Also make sure there is enough space and hide the gas bottle in the table.
  • A side door allows easy access to the gas bottle.
  • Look at existing fire tables and get inspired by the styles and ways you can make a table fire.

Step 2: choosing built-in burners

The shape of the garden table often determines which built-in burner you can choose. Rectangular built-in burners lend themselves well to uniformly shaped tables. Do you have a square table? Then a square built-in burner generally looks better. sells both square and rectangular built-in burners of the brands Happy Cocooning and Cosi Fires. Do you have a round garden table? Then Happy Cocooning's round built-in burner fits perfectly in the middle or a suitable

Step 3: building the table

Building the table depends on the construction plan in step 1. If you choose wood, it is advisable to sand the planks well. This gives the best result when staining or painting. And it prevents splinters. When finishing, use a white or grey wash and a layer of neutral stain. This gives the fire table a trendy look and protects it from the weather. It is crucial that your fire table stands securely. Because a wobbly outdoor fire table is no fun with a table burner.

Step 4: Accessories for your table fire

Your very own fire table is now ready. But hold off on that garden party just yet. For safety, we recommend using a glass surround. This can be matched to the built-in burner and is available separately. We sell glass covers from Happy Cocooning and glass sets from Cosi Fires. Not only does this increase safety, it also makes your homemade fire pir table look even more professional. In addition to the glass surround, you can place a cover plate on the glass set to protect the burner and complete the look.

cosi built-in burners

What does a fire table cost?

Of course, the costs will differ if you will build your own fire table. The ready-made fire tables in our range vary between €565 and €1499. For this, you get a complete fire table in a sleek design and high quality. If you build your own table fireplace, you can buy a built-in burner from us from € 249.95 and completely choose your own materials for a unique fire table.

Table-top fire on the garden table

The middle way between building your own fire table and buying a complete fire table is to place a table fire on the garden table. The Happy Coocooning Table top models and the Cosi burner build up are an example of this. You can place these gas burners on the garden table and connect them with a gas bottle. This way, you can easily create atmosphere without having to build the burner into the table or buy a complete fire table.

Buy a complete outdoor fire pit table

Are you not confident in your handyman skills? Or do you simply lack the time? No problem. We have a wide range of fire pit tables that you don't have to do anything about. Take, for example, the Cosi Fires or Happy Cocooning fire pit tables.

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