Why should I buy an electric fireplace?

Why should I buy an electric fireplace?}

An electric ambient fireplace comes in different designs, from an insert that you can put in an old fireplace to a freestanding ambient fireplace that works through plug-and-play. But what are the advantages of an atmosphere fireplace and, above all, what can you do with an atmosphere fireplace? Read on quickly to find out.

Atmosphere electric fireplace

What is an ambient fireplace? An atmosphere fire is an electric fire containing a certain flame technology, such as Opti-myst or Optiflame. In our range, you will find four different flame techniques. These techniques are explained in our blog on the different types of fireplaces.

Atmosphere fires come in various designs and can therefore be used in a variety of styles. An atmosphere fire, as the name suggests, adds a lot of atmosphere to the room in which it is placed. This is because of the flickering flames and, in some cases, the sound of a crackling fire. An example of such an atmosphere fireplace including a sound module is the Dimplex Cassette 500R Opti-myst. You can easily place this fireplace insert and use a remote control to adjust the height of the flames and the sound. The sound and the realistic Opti-myst technology make this fireplace special to have in your home with a lifelike flame picture.

Atmosphere fireplace in the kitchen

Save energy with an electric decorative fireplace

Within our product range, you will find several ambience fireplaces with a heating module. This module blows heated air up to an output of 2000W. This additional warmth reaches your body when you sit down next to the fireplace. Examples of an atmosphere fire with fine additional warmth are the Dimplex Ignite XL 50" and 74". These built-in fireplaces have Optiflame flame technology and a heating element with an output of 1 to 2 kW.

Buying an ambient fireplace with a heating element is definitely interesting in times of higher gas prices. The added warmth is so significant that the central heating could well be a degree lower if you sit around the mood fire. This is extra atmospheric on cold winter evenings.

Tip: create a cosy seating area by the fireplace as shown in the picture below and you can sit and watch the flickering flames all evening.

Sitting cosily by the electric decorative fireplace

Atmosphere fireplace in all rooms

A fireplace is atmospheric, warming and a beautiful focal point of the room. Yet it is not convenient to place in all rooms, which is why we recommend an electric ambient fireplace. An electric ambient fireplace not only provides atmosphere and warmth but can also become the focal point of the room. Electric ambient fireplaces are very easy to place and convenient to use.

An electric ambient fireplace not only provides atmosphere and warmth but can also become the focal point of the room. Electric ambient fireplaces are very easy to place and convenient to use. An atmosphere fireplace is a great object for on a sideboard or under the TV. But an atmosphere fireplace can also be very fitting in the kitchen. Do you have a nice kitchen island and a windowsill in the kitchen? Place a Cassette 400 LED here, for instance, and turn your kitchen into an atmospheric place for cooking.

Electric ambient fireplace in the bedroom

In the bedroom, as the name suggests, a mood fireplace is a real source of atmosphere and is very nice and soothing to look at. For example, place the Livin'flame Fey Built-in Fireplace under the TV or next to the bedside table. The advantage of this ambient fireplace is its operation via remote control or even with your phone via WiFi. This way, you don't have to get out of bed and turn the mood fire on from the bed in the morning for a relaxing and atmospheric morning.

Bathroom decorating with an electric fireplace

Perhaps a surprising place, but you can also place a mood fireplace in the bathroom. It is great fun to switch on the crackling "fireplace" when you take a bath or get ready for a night out or dinner. But even a relaxing evening ritual can be atmospherically filled with an electric ambient fireplace.

Electric fireplace as a partition between two rooms

An electric mood fireplace such as the Dimplex 3-step Opti-myst or a Dimplex Cassette are good mood fireplaces to use if you want to create a partition between two rooms with this mood fireplace. Build one of these ambient fireplaces into a wall or create a separate sideboard and place it where you want the partition. By placing an open atmosphere fireplace, you can

Atmosphere fire as a partition between two rooms

Electric ambient fireplace in the home office

Do you work a lot at home and have created your own study or office for this purpose? An electric ambient fireplace then brings this business room a bit of atmosphere and possibly warmth. Switch the ambient fireplace on and take an occasional peek during your breaks. This will give you peace and energy to continue working again.

Various atmosphere fireplaces in the range of Firepit-online.com

Hopefully, you are now convinced of the charm and practicality of an electric fireplace. Want to get even more inspiration and see how atmosphere fireplaces are placed and integrated in various rooms? Then check out our Pinterest page and get inspired!

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