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Do you also love evenings sitting outside with a good book or some lovely music on? Then the colder evenings can be an annoying spoilsport. But not to worry, there are plenty of solutions to this problem. Think, for example, of a patio heater or a fire basket. Don't feel like lugging logs around? Then go for a gas fireplace!

How does the gas outdoor fireplace work?

The gas outdoor fireplace stands for convenience and comfort. Usually, these fireplaces burn on propane or butane gas. You simply buy the 5 to 10 litre gas cylinders from a DIY store, garden centre or petrol station. And when the bottle is empty, you simply exchange it for a full one.

The gas bottle can often be stored at the bottom of the stove. The big advantage is that you are very flexible and can place the mobile fireplace anywhere. First by the garden table and later by the lounge set, for example. Examples of these mobile gas fireplaces are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz.

The latter model, the Faber The Buzz, is one of the few gas fires in this segment that can also be connected to a natural gas pipe. If you have ordered this fireplace, all you have to do before you can enjoy this cool gas fireplace is to lay a gas pipe for it.

Sunwood Marino or Faber The Buzz gas fireplace?

The two best-known gas fireplaces in our range are the Sunwood Marino and the Faber The Buzz. The output of these gas fireplaces ranges from 5 to 9.3 kW and, with the included ceramic logs, the fire resembles a real wood-burning hearth. Read on to find out more about these models and make an informed choice.

Sunwood Marino

The Sunwood Marino has a modern and sleek appearance and is therefore often seen on the terraces of catering establishments. In addition, the Sunwood Marino is available in stylish colours such as anthracite and black, but you can also contact our customer service team and choose your own RAL colour. That way, you choose the perfect gas fire to suit your style and garden.

The four wheels under the gas fire make this relatively light gas fire easy to move around. Would you first like to place it next to the dining table and then move it to the lounge area? Then remove the wheels from the brake and easily roll it across the terrace.

Faber gas fireplaces

If flexibility is less important to you, then the Faber The MOOD might be a hit. The Faber The MOOD is a beautiful outdoor fireplace made of Corten steel. The fireplace can be placed freestanding or built-in. Freestanding, this garden fireplace is simply a beautiful object in the garden and built-in, it offers possibilities for connecting two parts of the garden, for example.

Also well-known from Faber is the Faber the Buzz. This freestanding gas fireplace is easy to move and great for next to or near the garden furniture. The fire in this gas fireplace can be seen from three sides and therefore, in addition to the warmth and atmosphere, provides a beautiful view of the flickering flames and is an immediate eye-catcher for guests.

Faber catches on to the trend of moving the comfort of the living room outdoors with this garden fireplace. The fireplace can be used on both propane and natural gas. This robust gas fire looks great with a larger terrace and immediately fills the space with a stylish object and pleasant warmth. Choose a Faber Corten steel gas fire and you are guaranteed years with a fine fire and a warm atmosphere.

faber the mood, faber the buzz, sunwood marino gas fireplacesCosi Pillar gas fireplaces

Especially aesthetically, the Cosi Pillar is a very fine gas fire for outdoors in the garden. Create a great mood light by the front door, on the driveway or next to a bar table during a garden party. The Cosi Pillar L is available in black and teak. These two variants both look great in a natural and/or modern garden.

The Cosipillar L comes with pebbles and allows the flame of the burner to stand out beautifully in the centre. The 360° view of the burner spreads the light all around, creating a fairytale atmosphere in the garden.

Want to buy an outdoor gas fire?

Got enough information and interested in a gas fireplace? Then you've come to the right place at An extensive range, competitive prices and good service are our focus. Do you have questions such as: "how does my gas fire work" or "what are the differences between a wood fire and a gas fire"? Then don't hesitate to ask our customer service team! Send a message to our whatsapp or send an e-mail to