Stoked BBQ Braai Lumberjack Edition

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Stoked BBQ Braai Lumberjack Edition
Stoked BBQ Braai Lumberjack Edition
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Stoked BBQ Braai Lumberjack Edition

The STOKED Braai Lumberjack Edition is the special edition for the real outdoorsman. This edition of the Braai comes with a chimney so you can sit outside around the fire for hours without being bothered by the smoke. The Braai is a versatile garden fireplace, because you can use it not only as a garden fireplace for a warm and cozy fire, but also as a barbecue by placing a grill or wok plate on top of the fireplace.

The Lumberjack Edition with chimney

The Lumberjack Edition of the Braai is a garden fire apart. It comes with a chimney that blows the smoke from the fire straight up into the air. In this way, you and the neighbours are not inconvenienced by the smoke, but you can still enjoy the fireplace.

The Braai comes standard with a stainless steel grill, door and base plate so that the fire can be perfectly used as a barbecue. By means of the door at the front of the Braai, you can regulate the temperature of the fire and enjoy the garden fireplace to the full.

The Braai Lumberjack as a complete fireplace

The Lumberjack Edition is the way to enjoy the garden fire without sitting in direct smoke. The chimney guides the smoke upwards and allows the fire to smoulder. The chimney also looks very cool with the Braai and completes the garden fireplace.

By using the grill you can show off the versatility of the Braai and create delicious dishes. Throw a delicious piece of meat on the grill or base plate and show your company your barbecue skills.

The Lumberjack Edition in use

The Braai is just as easy to use as many other garden fireplaces. Make sure you have a good base of burning firelighters and add larger pieces of dry wood. This will create a nice and long-lasting fire. By means of the door at the front you can control the fire yourself and decide how big and how long the fire burns.

Cleaning the Braai is just as easy. Just open the door and wipe up all the leftovers from the fire. Dump it in a dustbin and you're done.

The Braai Lumberjack Edition in brief:

- Made from 3 mm thick CorTen steel
- Perfect for use as garden fire and barbecue
- Lots of stoking pleasure without smoke nuisance
- Delivered with chimney, stainless steel grill, door and base plate
Note: It may happen that a certain type of Corten steel outdoor fireplace is not supplied with a rust look. You may initially think that you have received the wrong article. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you place the garden fire outside, humidity and/or rain will very quickly create a first layer of corrosion. Stoked BBQ delivers the product as steel, so the first rust has yet to appear. But don't worry, this goes very quickly.

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STOKED BBQ is a brand founded by two young entrepreneurs. The brand stands for cosiness, multifunctionality and a tough look. The proud feeling of putting something together yourself and being able to enjoy it is what STOKED BBQ wants to convey.

The aim of the brand is to expand the outdoor experience by bringing various ways of firing and barbecuing to the market. In this way, STOKED BBQ is not just a brand but also a real experience.

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Brand Stoked BBQ
Model Braai Lumberjack Edition
Color (Rusty) brown
Material Corten steel
Dimensions L 35.5 x W 45.5 x H 185 cm (Incl. chimney)
Weight 45 kg
Included Stainless steel cooking grid + Door + Base plate + Chimney
Fuel Wood and charcoal
Thickness steel cone 3 mm
1 Review
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4.75 out of 5
Absolut großartig! Sehr gut durchdacht mit viel Liebe zum Detail. Alles passt super zusammen und macht diesen Grill/Ofen zum perfekten Begleiter für tolle Abende unter freiem Himmel. Lässt sich zu zweit gut aufbauen und ist dann sehr stabil. Wird sicher viele Jahre Freude bereiten. Ist sein Geld in jeder Hinsicht wert.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Schön zu hören, dass Sie von dem Gartenkamin so begeistert sind. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Freude mit Ihrem Stoked Gartenkamin!
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