The robust garden fireplace for every garden

Stoked BBQ makes multifunctional, solid and sturdy garden fireplaces. The garden fireplaces are made of corten steel and therefore have a robust and tough appearance. The brand is a real must have when it comes to a garden fireplace and barbecue in one. The products create a place to extend the evening after barbecuing for hours. 

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The story of Stoked BBQ


Stoked BBQ is a Dutch brand founded by two young entrepreneurs. The brand not only wants to offer the customer a versatile product, they also want to give a real experience with the garden fireplaces of Stoked BBQ. An example of this is that the products of Stoked come as a kit that you can easily put together yourself. In this way, you can use your garden fireplace with a sense of pride. The garden fireplaces are made of corten steel, which gives them a tough and robust appearance.  

Multifunctional fireplaces  

The garden fireplaces of Stoked BBQ are more than just a garden fire. The fireplaces have two compartments, which makes the garden fireplace a real atmosphere creator as well as a barbecue. So you can enjoy a delicious smoked fish but also a crackling fire. All garden fireplaces are supplied with a grill grid. This allows anyone with a Stoked Braai to cook outside!  

The experience of Stoked BBQ  

The Bastard CompactThe Bastard Compact

Stoked BBQ stands for an extra experience in the garden. The fireplaces create extra atmosphere and give you the opportunity to prepare a delicious meal on the grill. The multifunctionality and perception of atmosphere is central to the brand with its robust corten steel garden fireplaces. 

The Braai in various versions

The brand has not only thought of the barbecue fanatics. The Braai Lumberjack is a fine example of a garden fireplace where you can perfectly enjoy the fire without experiencing smoke pollution. Place the supplied stovepipe on the fireplace and release the smoke directly into the air. This way you can perfectly use the fireplace as a cosy and fine source of warmth in the garden.
But also the real outdoor chefs can make good use of the Braai. The Chefs Edition comes with a grill grid, a base plate and a lid. With the grill grid and the lid, you as a chef can show off your cooking skills and try out various cooking and grilling techniques on the Braai. The versatility of the Braai is suitable for everyone, making outdoor cooking even more fun.

Extras with the Braai

If you have purchased the Braai and would like to decide which extras you would like to have with your garden fire, then you can order all the extras separately from the Firepit-online range. In this way you can complete your own garden fireplace and add a new accessory each time.
Make your garden fireplace even more comfortable to sit by adding the separate chimney and base plate for extra comfort when relaxing next to the fireplace. Or create your own outdoor kitchen and buy the lid, cooking plate and wok plate separately to turn the Braai into a fine outdoor kitchen.

Buy the Braai now!

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