BonFeu Plancha Ø44 (for BonVes 34)

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BonFeu Plancha Ø44 (for BonVes 34)
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BonFeu Plancha Ø44

Do you want more than just a fire basket? Then this baking plate is probably a hit! With this BonFeu baking plate, you can turn your BonFeu BonVes 34 into a beautifully functional cooking appliance in no time. The baking plate, also called plancha, is simply placed on the fireplace and you can barbecue deliciously.

Note: The plancha baking plates are supplied already greased to prevent rusting. Remove the grease with a wet cloth first and then re-oil the plate when you are ready to use it. Make sure you always store the plancha greased (at room temperature) to prevent rust damage.

Outdoor cooking over a wood-burning fire

If you have a sturdy BonFeu BonVes (or are now considering buying one), then this baking plate is a very practical accessory that should not be missing. BonFeu once again comes up with a surprising item that sets this brand apart.

You simply place the baking plate on the round opening of the BonVes 34. The plate is now heated from the hearth below and you can use it to cook outside. Meat, fish or vegetables, you can prepare just about anything on it. All you need is a little olive oil and a spatula.

Unlike the grid of a normal charcoal barbecue, this griddle is very easy to clean. Food remains and surplus oil can be pushed directly into the fire with the spatula. Afterwards, just wipe with a damp cloth, oil it a little and the plancha is ready for the next use.

Plancha for BonFeu BonVes 34

The 6 millimetre thick baking plate has a diameter of 44 cm and is fitted with two handles. This makes the plate handy and easy to place.

De BonFeu Plancha Ø44 is suitable for the BonFeu BonVes 34.

The BonFeu Plancha Ø44 in short:

-  Plancha for the BonFeu BonVes 34 -  Turn your BonVes into a BBQ in no time at all -  Outdoor cooking over a wood-burning fire -  Diameter 44 cm -  Equipped with two handles -  Easy to use -  Easy to clean    


The Dutch brand BonFeu stands for a recognisable design, a well-considered design and high quality. They make every effort to develop fireplaces that are pleasant to use and moreover suitable for outdoor cooking.

Again and again, they come up with creative and contemporary designs, responding to current trends, but always with a certain robustness that guarantees a long life. Precisely because of these core values, the BonFeu brand has grown into a leading player in the field of garden fires, fire bowls and woodstoves.


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Brand BonFeu
Model Plancha
Article number BPR6.450
Color Black/Grey
Material Steel
Dimensions L 45 x W 45 x H 3.5 cm
Weight 7 kg
Baking tray thickness 6 mm
Plancha Ø44
(Size:1.2 MB)
1 Review
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4.5 out of 5
Der leichte aber robuste Feuerkorb mit dem umfangreichen Zubehör und der zusätzlichen, einzigartigen Grillplatte ist wirklich was besonderes und von hervorragender Qualität. Ich habe wegen dem hohen Preis lange gezögert, bin jedoch froh, dass ich mich schlussendlich fürs den Feuerkorb und die Grillplatte entschieden habe. Einzig die leicht scharfen Kanten an der Grillplatte, könnten etwas angefasst sein.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Wir hoffen, dass Sie Ihren Feuerkorb und Ihre Plancha genießen!
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