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The nice summer weather is approaching and that means that the barbecue can come out from under the canvas again and it is time to cook outside in the evening or enjoy a beautiful summer day. For the upcoming barbecue season, is again the place to buy your barbecue. In this blog, you will read all about the brand Stoked BBQ and their versatile garden fireplace/barbecue.

Stoked BBQ, the brand

The newest brand in the garden fires and barbecues at is Stoked BBQ. The men of Stoked have developed a robust garden fireplace of 3mm thick corten steel with a tough look. As the garden fireplace is delivered, after assembling it you can proudly light it and have a nice evening!

The Braai  

The unique thing about the Stoked BBQ Braai is not only that it comes as a kit. The Braai is the standard model garden fireplace of Stoked BBQ. Once you have assembled the braai, you can easily light it and enjoy a delicious fire. Besides being a very cool and sturdy garden fireplace, the Braai can also be used to prepare a delicious meal. The Braai is supplied as standard with a stainless steel grill grid. But not only the grill is a fantastic extra of the Stoked BBQ Braai. The Braai is a terrace fireplace that can be fully customized with all kinds of handy and fun accessories. Read on to find out more about the Braai, the various versions and accessories.

stoked braai garden fireplace

Various ways of using the Braai

Because the Braai has two compartments, an upper and a lower part, there are several ways to light a fire.

  • Put briquettes in the top: ready to grill or slow cook a meal
  • Put briquettes at the bottom: ready to smoke or slow cook a meal
  • Wood at the bottom of the stove: Now you can bake on wood fire  
  • Wood on top of the fireplace: enjoy a nice fire or make your own charcoal

Garden fire available in various designs

If you want a complete garden fireplace with nice extras, Stoked BBQ has made it easy for you! The brand has the Braai as a basic fire, but has also put together three packages so that you do not have to buy additional accessories.

Braai Chef's Edition

The Braai Chef's Edition has been specially put together for the outdoor enthusiast who mainly wants to use the garden fireplace for baking, grilling and cooking. In this edition the Braai is extended with a door, lid and base plate.

Braai Lumberjack Edition 

The Lumberjack Edition is for the real fire lover. With the included chimney you can enjoy your beautiful fire without being bothered by smoke. Perfect for a lovely evening sitting outside with friends. The Lumberjack Edition comes with a stainless steel grill, door, base plate and chimney.

Braai Premium 

Then there is the Premium Braai. In addition to the Braai garden fireplace, all accessories are included when you purchase this edition. This way, you can light a perfect fire and prepare an extensive dish, all on one barbecue! The Premium comes with a stainless steel grill, door, base plate, chimney, wok plate and cooking plate.

applications stoked garden fireplace

Delicious outdoor meals with Stoked accessories

All accessories for the Braai, just like the fire itself, are made of corten steel. This type of steel has the nice property that it can handle enormous temperatures. The steel will not rust and is therefore a very durable material that is perfect for use outdoors. Do you want to slow cook a delicious piece of meat or smoke a fish? This is also possible with the Braai. Use the lid of Stoked to turn the Braai into a slow cooking bbq and let your stew or piece of fish cook slowly under the lid. On the lid there is a temperature gauge, which allows you to easily read how hot it is under the lid. That way, you can prepare your dish even better and you know for sure that it is well cooked and ready to serve!

A worthy garden fire with chimney

The Braai is basically a garden fire, but a garden fire also needs a chimney to guide the smoke upwards so that you don't have any trouble when you're sitting around the fire.

The door of the Braai

Stoked has many handy accessories to complete your Stoked BBQ outdoor kitchen. The door of the Braai is an important part. With a door on a garden fireplace you can control the flames and thus achieve or maintain the desired temperature. Leaving the door open means more oxygen and therefore a bigger flame. With the door closed, the flames will become smaller and eventually go out smouldering because of too little oxygen.

Cooking on the Braai

The stainless steel grill grid is supplied with the Braai and all special editions. With this grid you can easily grill pieces of meat. The cooking plate and wok plate are only included with the Premium Braai, but can of course also be ordered separately. With these accessories, you can cook delicious meals on the braai and no dish is too crazy to make!


Would you like to place your braai on grass, soil or loose stones? Then the base plate is a handy extra. The base plate keeps the braai firmly on the ground and prevents dangerous situations from arising.

The robust, sturdy garden fireplace/bbq of Stoked BBQ

With all the extra handy tools and parts of Stoked BBQ, you can prepare any dish you can think of on this barbecue. In short, as far as we are concerned, the Stoked BBQ braai and its accessories are a real must for this bbq season! Have you become a fan of the braai and do you want to buy it? Then do not wait too long and order quickly! We will ship your package as soon as possible. That way you can quickly assemble your barbecue and enjoy the lovely weather with a tasty snack!