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You make the tastiest pizzas yourself. And the easiest way to do this is in your own wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. The possibilities are endless and not only can you bake pizzas crispy in your pizza oven. Put a cast-iron pan with bread dough in the pizza oven and make your own bread or focaccia.

Garden fire with pizza oven

A perfect combination of ambience, warmth and fresh pizza. With a patio stove with pizza oven, you kill two birds with one stone. The Esschert terrace fireplace + pizza oven is a good example. This patio fire consists of a stove section with a (pizza) oven above it. The oven comes with a pizza stone and is thus immediately ready for baking. The garden fireplace has a good height and is nice to put by the garden table as decoration and oven.

Besides the Esschert garden fireplace, the Forno Gap garden fireplace is a very good garden fireplace with pizza oven. The garden fireplace can be extended with a door and pizza oven as desired. The fireplace then has a spacious heating section for a good fire. Above this is the pizza oven with door and glass so you can keep an eye on the oven dish.

The Lorenzo pizza oven is a very popular pizza oven. The pizza oven has a fine design with plenty of space for firing. Moreover, the heating section is close to the pizza oven, so your pizza or oven dish will be ready in no time. The doors screen off the sections and keep the heat circulating inside the oven. After use, you can empty the ash drawer and the oven is ready for the next use.

fireplace + pizza oven

Pizza oven on the BBQ

Baking pizza on the BBQ is, of course, also possible. La Hacienda's Firebox Pizza Ovens are suitable for this purpose. You place this oven on a grill grid of the BBQ and let it warm up. On top of the pizza oven is a thermometer to see whether the oven is hot enough to slide the pizza in. The open front allows you to see at any time whether the dish is ready to serve. With this pizza oven, all you need is your own barbecue and you can easily bake a delicious pizza.

The OFYR pizza oven is a popular pizza oven for OFYR users. This pizza oven is available for the OFYR 85 and OFYR 100 cooking units and you simply place it in the centre of the plancha plate with the supplied stand. The pizza oven is made of cast iron and can therefore be used at high temperatures. In addition, the pizza oven comes with a pizza stone and pizza scoop. This way of outdoor cooking from the oven is often used especially in spring and summer and results in unique dishes.

Similar to the OFYR pizza oven is the BonFeu BonPizza pizza oven. This pizza oven should be used in combination with the stand on the BonFeu BonBiza and has a steel handle for easy opening. With a diameter of 42 cm, you can bake a delicious pizza, make a tasty focaccia or a warm apple pie. With this pizza oven, the BonBiza becomes a real outdoor oven with which you can bake and prepare various oven dishes.

pizza oven on barbecue

Tips for baking pizza in an outdoor pizza oven

Baking pizzas is basically easy. Nevertheless, it is always useful to keep some things in mind to make pizza baking even easier.

Tip 1: get the pizza stone hot

Get the pizza oven as well as the pizza stone hot. If the pizza stone is not hot enough, you won't get a crispy base. But if the pizza stone is too hot, the base will burn and the pizza will not be cooked enough. Sprinkle some flour on the stone when you think it is hot enough. If the flour turns brown within 30 seconds, the pizza stone is hot enough!

Tip 2: Using flour

Don't use too much, but also not too little flour. Prepare the pizza on a surface with a small layer of flour on it. Too much flour on the base? Wipe it off with a kitchen paper.

Tip 3: crispy pizza base

The good temperature of the pizza oven and the stone will make the base crispy. Do not use baking paper and, if necessary, turn the pizza halfway through the baking time for an evenly baked base.

Outdoor wood-fired pizza oven

Baking pizza during a cosy summer evening, it is possible with the different pizza ovens in our range. Will you choose a simple pizza oven that also fits on the barbecue or will you build your own pizza oven with a BonBiza outdoor kitchen and pizza oven? Real wood-fired pizzas have a delicious smoky flavour and crispy bottom, thanks to the pizza stone in the oven. If you are still missing suitable accessories to easily remove your pizza from the oven or cut the pizza into even pieces, check out our full range for pizza baking and make your own pizzas from the outdoor oven this summer.