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The Quoco brand produces robust outdoor kitchens in various sizes and colours. Plenty of storage space and a high-quality carbon steel griddle are guaranteed with Quoco's outdoor kitchens. Would you like to know more about the features, advantages and versions of Quoco's cooking units? Then read on!

(Corten) steel outdoor kitchens

Quoco's products mainly consist of three components: the base, the fire bowl and the plancha baking plate. The base of the cooking units are made of corten steel or steel (in the colour dark grey), the fire bowl and the griddle are made of carbon steel. Corten steel is a robust material that acquires a protective rust layer when affected by outdoor conditions. This rust layer prevents the underlying steel from rusting through, making corten steel a very good material for planters, garden benches or barbecues, for example.


Carbon steel is also a strong material, but carbon steel is much more susceptible to rust. It is a strong material that can be used well for a griddle such as the plancha on a Quoco kitchen. All outdoor kitchens are available in the colours Corten and dark grey.

The various Quoco outdoor kitchens

Quoco's range includes various outdoor kitchens, outdoor cooking islands and accessories such as grills and wood storage units. We would like to highlight a few models to show you Quoco's range and the differences.

Quoco Piatto cooking unit

The Piatto is the basic model and consists of a base with two storage compartments, a fire bowl and a griddle. The other models of the Quoco cooking islands are designed from the Piatto models.

Piatto Pro: cooking unit on wheels

The Piatto Pro version stands on four wheels and has roughly the same dimensions as the Piatto Large. The nice thing about this cooking island on wheels is that it can easily be moved around the garden. Would you rather store the cooking unit inside? Even then, the kitchen can easily be wheeled into a shed or under a canopy.

Quoco Montabile: simple barbecue

The Quoco Montabile is a simple version of the Piatto. This outdoor kitchen is available in a Small and Medium size where the medium size is similar to the Piatto medium. The difference is the base. The base of the Montabile is completely open and stands slightly higher above the ground on four legs.

The Piatto Tavolo cooking island

The Piatto Tavolo is more of a kitchen island. This outdoor kitchen consists of a base from which an extra-long worktop is made for cutting ingredients or preparing dishes. On top of this is a fire bowl with griddle, just like the basic model. The Piatto Tavolo is very nice to place in the garden as a complete outdoor kitchen and has a total of three compartments for storing cooking utensils or dry firewood.

Quoco Basso+: the low cooking unit with safety ring

The BASSO+ is a unique model within Quoco's range. This firebowl stands on a very low base and comes with an oak safety ring as standard. This cooking unit is a fine option if you have a low garden set that you would like a barbecue to go with.

Quoco range of products

Quoco accessories for wood outdoor kitchens

As with many outdoor kitchens, you can purchase matching accessories to make outdoor cooking easier, more fun or tastier. If you want to grill directly over the flames, an extra grill is available for the Medium, Large and Extra Large models.


Good dry firewood is of course a must for outdoor cooking on wood. Place a matching wood storage Cremagliera in the garden for sufficient wood for the barbecue. Would you like to combine this wood storage with a comfortable garden bench? The Panca Bench is a garden bench with spacious wood storage underneath.

Practical air supply while cooking on the Quoco outdoor kitchen

What makes the Quoco outdoor kitchens so unique compared to other cooking units in our range? The Quoco cooking units have a unique feature. Under the bowl is a slide that can be opened. This allows you to add more oxygen to the fire while cooking to stoke the fire. In addition, the slide is good for clearing away any remaining ash in the bowl.

Cleaning and maintaining the Quoco cooking units

Cleaning outdoor kitchens is easy. First of all, it is important to remember that not only the plancha, but also the fire bowl and the top of the base can get hot when the barbecue is used. To remove the ashes from the firebowl, you can open the slide underneath the firebowl. Do remove any remaining firewood first, as glowing pieces may still be released. Through the holes in the firebowl and the open bowl, you can also sweep the very fine ashes out of the firebowl.


The griddle is very easy to clean. It is advisable to throw as much food residue into the fire as possible while the plancha is still hot, the residue will then come off the plate most easily. Clean the plancha with a wet cloth and before storing, grease the griddle with oil and a kitchen paper. The oil will create a protective layer and will prevent/reduce rust on the griddle. To prevent rust on the base, you can also grease the plinth.

New outdoor kitchens in the range

The new Quoco brand brings many new barbecue models to the range with a unique feature that makes outdoor cooking more fun and easier. Are you curious about a good mood impression of the outdoor kitchens, how to use the Quoco outdoor kitchens and which models are available? Watch more atmospheric impressions on our YouTube channel and get inspired for your next barbecue.

Quoco Piatto Pro Corten
L 94 x W 94 x H 95 cm
Handy on wheels
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €2,339.00 Regular Price €2,595.00
Quoco Grill Extra Large
L 10 x W 55 x H 55 cm
Removable grid
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €589.00 Regular Price €649.00
Quoco Coperchio / Lid Medium Ø85 cm
L 85 x W 85 x H 2 cm
Made of stainless steel
IN STOCK, available now
Special Price €359.95 Regular Price €399.00
Quoco PIATTO Tavolo Donkergrijs
Available in two sizes
Create your own outdoor kitchen
IN STOCK, available now
As low as €3,239.00 Regular Price €3,595.00