OFYR Rotisserie SET

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OFYR Rotisserie SET
OFYR Rotisserie SET
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OFYR Rotisserie set for the OFYR 85 and 100

Make your OFYR outdoor kitchen complete! With this rotisserie set, you can easily cook large pieces of meat, poultry or even a pineapple. Thread the clamps as well as the ingredient onto the skewer and hang it in the rack. Choose the height for different preparations and cook various ingredients at the same time on the plancha of the OFYR outdoor kitchen. Together with the rotisserie set, you can prepare a complete dish with the OFYR using this unique cooking technique.

Note: assemble the Rotisserie set before lighting the fire!

The complete rotisserie set from OFYR

The rotisserie set from OFYR is an ideal construction for preparing large pieces of meat or poultry. The set consists of two stands that fit onto both the OFYR 85 and OFYR 100 cookers. A stainless steel intermediate tube is stretched between these two posts and attached so that the posts stand securely. The spacers are supplied for both the OFYR 85 and the OFYR 100. You only need to attach one, depending on your model of OFYR.

To make it easy to rotate the skewer, it has a handy rotation hook at one end. Always use heat-resistant gloves when turning the skewer. To prepare various large pieces of meat, a set of large and a set of small clamps is included so that the ingredients are properly cooked and baked.

Prepare a variety of dishes!

With the OFYR rotisserie set, you can prepare various tasty meals. This set is also extremely suitable for making a casserole. It comes with an S-hook on which you can hang a simmer pot or Dutch Oven. If you combine this hook with the skewer and plancha, you will kill several birds with one stone! By hanging the skewer close to the fire, you will get a crispy skin and a quickly cooked product. But if you hang the skewer higher above the fire, the cooking process will be a lot slower and you will get a softly cooked product.

Besides frying with the skewer or Dutch Oven, you can also prepare various other ingredients at the same time on the OFYR. In this way you make optimal use of the set and prepare a complete dish in one go. In short, this Rotisserie set is a real addition to the OFYR.

OFYR Rotisserie SET in brief:

-  Rotisserie set for the OFYR 85 and OFYR 100
-  Makes the OFYR complete
-  The cooking possibilities are endless
-  Supplied with two sizes of clamps
-  Easy to install on the OFYR


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Brand OFYR
Model OFYR Rotisserie Set
Article number OA-R-SET
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions L 75 x B 29,5 x H 5,5 cm
Included Stainless steel posts and holders, skewer with swivel hook, 2 large and 2 small holders and an S-hook to hang a pan on.
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