FORNO Base CortenSteel

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Burni Base corten
FORNO Base CortenSteel
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FORNO Base CortenSteel (available in 13 different sizes)

Would you like to give your fire bowl pride of place in the garden or on your patio? Does your garden sculpture deserve to get a prominent place in the garden? This stunning base from CortenSteel is probably your best choice. This base can be put in the garden but also looks good in your home topped with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Weighing between 9 and 42 kg and varying in height, these plinths are an absolute asset for your garden. The plinth is available in no fewer than thirteen different sizes! We have listed all the details for you below;

-  CK 1 - L 500 x W 500 x H 1200 mm - 42 kg
-  CK 2 - L 500 x W 500 x H 1000 mm - 36 kg
-  CK 3 - L 500 x W 500 x H 800 mm - 29 kg
-  CK 4 - L 500 x W 500 x H 600 mm - 23 kg
-  CK 5 - L 400 x W 400 x H 1200 mm - 33 kg
-  CK 6 - L 400 x W 400 x H 1000 mm - 28 kg
-  CK 7 - L 400 x W 400 x H 800 mm - 23 kg
-  CK 8 - L 400 x W 400 x H 600 mm - 18 kg
-  CK 9 - L 400 x W 400 x H 400 mm - 13 kg
-  CK 10 - L 300 x W 300 x H 1000 mm - 21 kg
-  CK 11 - L 300 x W 300 x H 800 mm - 17 kg
-  CK 12 - L 300 x W 300 x H 600 mm - 13 kg
-  CK 13 - L 300 x W 300 x H 400 mm - 9 kg

Made from 2 mm thick CortenSteel

The FORNO base is made from 2 mm thick CortenSteel . This means that the base can be left outside in all weather conditions without the need for cover. The pillar is made from a type of steel that contains copper (Corten).

CortenSteel is sometimes called weathering steel. Corten steel is characterized by a brown/orange rusty colour and its long lifespan. The reason it lasts so long is that the first corrosion layer prevents any further deterioration caused by rust. Painting is therefore not necessary, which makes this material very low maintenance. The longer your base has been in the garden, the better it looks. After a while, the steel forms a beautiful and natural patina layer.

In brief; The FORNO base is a high quality product for your garden. It will really show off your fire bowl and/or garden sculpture!

The FORNO base from CortenSteel in short:

- Stylish base made from CortenSteel                                                                          
- Looks stunning when paired up with a fire bowl or piece of art
- High quality product
- All bases from FORNO have a 5-year full warranty
- Available in 13 different sizes 


For your consideration:

Please note: It may happen that a certain model fireplace or fire bowl made from Corten steel does not have the rust-coloured look that you expect when it is delivered to your home. Your initial thought may be that you received the wrong product. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Once you put the fireplace outside, it will form the first corrosion layer caused by damp and/or rain. The manufacturer will generally deliver the fireplace with the corrosion layer that you expect but sometimes the steel still looks smooth as the first 'corrosion' still has to take place. Don't worry. The fireplace will get that rusty look in no time.   


Logo Forno

FORNO is a Dutch company with a small team of professionals engaged in the design and manufacture of garden fireplaces, fire bowls and fire tables. Hand-made, with the greatest care for design and quality. At FORNO, everything is about pure craftsmanship!

All FORNO products are of an outstanding quality. You will enjoy them for years. Whether it's a fire table, a patio fireplace or a fire bowl, all models are made of no less than 3 mm thick corten steel. To sum it up; With the stylish FORNO products, you choose special design and high quality. 

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Model Base CortenSteel
Color (Rusty) brown
Material Corten steel
Dimensions Different sizes - see text
Weight Different weights - see text
Shape Square
Warranty 5 years
Thickness steel cone 2 mm
7 Reviews
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3.75 out of 5
Qualität ist gut und wurde schnell und unbeschädigt geliefert. Der "Rost" Prozess lässt sich mit einem "Rostaktivator" beschleunigen. Dann wird der Effekt innerhalb eines Tages erzielt.
Vielen Dank für Ihre positive Bewertung! Schön zu hören, dass Sie mit Ihrem Kauf zufrieden sind.
2.5 out of 5
Da in der Beschreibung die Farbe mit "Rostbraun" angegeben ist und in den angefügten Hinweisen nur Bezug auf "bestimmte" Aussenkamine und Feuerschalen genommen wird, war ich doch sehr enttäuscht darüber das die Pflanzsäule bei mir erst noch rosten muß! Deshalb finde ich, obwohl die Säule sehr gut verarbeitet ist, das der Preis doch 20% zu hoch ist.
Lieber Thomas, vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Der von Ihnen bestellte Sockel ist aus Cortenstahl gefertigt. Diese Art von Stahl wird zunehmend rostig, wenn er im Freien steht. Wir haben dies in der Tat in den Text aufgenommen, damit der Empfänger nicht schockiert ist, wenn der Sockel nicht so rostig ist wie auf den Bildern. Der Sockel wird rosten und somit eine gleichmäßige Rostfarbe annehmen. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Freude mit Ihrem Sockel!
3.75 out of 5
Le pliage est bien réalisé, les soudures sont parfaites et les faces sont bien planes . L 'ensemble est très rigide.
Deux bandes corten sont soudées à l'intérieur de la base du piedestal certainement pour renforcer la rigidité.
Il a été livré en acier corten non rouillé.
Il me faut le dégraisser par précaution et le laisser s'oxyder.
Satisfait de l'achat et de la livraison.
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