Eurom Under table heater (carbon)

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Eurom Under table heater
Eurom Under table heater (carbon)
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Eurom Under Table Heater (Carbon)

You know those summer evenings when you’re sitting outside and it’s getting just a bit too chilly to stay outside? The Eurom Under table heater is a mobile patio heater that will warm your patio in a few seconds and will extend the evening with hours. You simply place the heater under the table so that everybody benefits from its heat.

Adjust the temperature yourself at 450 or 900 Watt

This practical Under table heater has a height of over 55 cm and has two different heat settings: 450w and 900 Watt. You can easily decide for yourself how much heat is needed to keep sitting in your garden. The heating elements have a lifespan of approximately 4000 hours.

Equipped with a powerful carbon lamp

The Carbon fibre lamp can be compared to a halogen lamp. The difference between these two lamps, however, is that the Carbon Fibre lamp gives little to no light in contrast to the halogen lamps. It’s a bit cosier. The carbon fibre heats the environment, so also the objects around the heater. The heater has a heat range of approximately 3 metres / 10 square metres and radiates 360 degrees.

Solid housing and multifunctional in use

The housing of the heater itself is made of strong metal and therefore very durable. It features a fall-over protection and the IP24 certification ensures that the Under table heater is splash proof. This allows you to use the heater both indoors and outdoors.

This multifunctional heater can not only be used under the table, but in many other situations as well. You can think of awnings, party tents or simply as extra heating in a shed.

To sum it up; Should it get just a bit too chilly, then you simply take this compact patio heater, with a weight of just 2.4 kilo, so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant heat.

The Eurom Under table heater in short:

- Perfect for placement underneath a patio table                                                                             
- Compact model
- Approximately 4000 hours
- Carbon heating element
- Two power settings: 450 Watt and 900 Watt
- Maximum range about 10 square metres
- Usage costs approximately € 0.20 per hour


Logo Eurom

Euromac is a dynamic Dutch company that has been importing and developing patio heaters since 1974. A Eurom patio heater is characterized as strong, reliable and powerful. Whether you are looking for a lounge heater, a gas heater, a wall or ceiling heater, with a Eurom patio heater you get quality in the house.

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Brand Eurom
Model Under table heater (carbon)
Article number 33.358.9
Color Silver
Dimensions H 55,5 cm
Weight 2,4 kg
Included 1,80 meter cord
Capacity 450 and 900 Watt (adjustable)
Type Standing terrace heater
Connection voltage 220- 240V / 50Hz
Protection class IP24-splash proof
Number of fire hours Approximately 4000 hours
Protection Fall-over protection
Heating range Up to 10 m²
Consumption costs Up to € 0.40 per hour
Housing Metal
Maximum power 600 - 1.200 watt
Heating range Up to 10 m²
18 Reviews
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Jeroen Kuijpers
4.75 out of 5
Dit is al ons 2e exemplaar. Deze heater geeft een gezellig lichtpatroon in de kamer. We kwamen er in maart/april achter dat je i.p.v. het hele huis met de cv te verwarmen (=3-4 kuub gas) ook alleen de huiskamer met deze 900W kachel kunt verwarmen. Voor 1 kuub gas kan je deze kachel wel 8 uur laten branden. Zwak punt is de bedieningsknop, dus daar moet je wel zachtzinnig mee omgaan.
4 out of 5
Service zeer goed, tevreden. Energie verbruik valt af te wachten, ligt daarom niet aan toestel, maar aan energie prijzen!
Beste Ann, Hartelijk dank voor uw mooie review! Wij wensen u veel plezier haard!
4 out of 5
Service perfect, tevreden, verbruik is af te wachten... Ligt daarom niet aan toestel, maar aan de energie prijzen!!
Liebe Ann, Vielen Dank für Ihre nette Bewertung! Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß an Ihrem Kaminfeuer!
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