BonFeu BonSolo Rust Fireplace

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BonSolo rust fireplace with grill and spark screen
BonFeu BonSolo Rust Fireplace
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Accessories for BonFeu BonSolo Rust Fireplace
Cover BonSolo/BonBini
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L 50 x W 50 x H 113 cm
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BonFeu BonSolo Rust Fireplace

The BonFeu BonSolo is the successor of the original Bonfeu Small (BonBini). The BonSolo is not only larger (height 124 cm and Ø 34 cm), but also adapted and improved on many levels.

For example, in the BonFeu BonSolo the logo on the front is cut out decoratively so that the flames are beautifully visible. This gives a beautiful atmospheric effect during heating. But also the grill function is new! You can now also use a BBQ grid on the BonSolo.

The BonSolo Fireplace can also be used as a barbecue

The unique thing about the BonFeu-BBQ fireplace is that it can also be used as a barbecue. The BonFeu BonSolo is equipped with a handy, rotatable grill, which is of course certified for the preparation of food. And that distinguishes this fireplace from many other fireplaces.

The barbecue turntable is easy to turn in and out of the fireplace without coming into direct contact with the fire. Place the meat on the plateau and then turn it over the fire. So you do not have to work above the direct heat of the fire, which is often necessary with other barbecues. When the meat is cooked, simply turn the plateau out of the fireplace and then enjoy a grilled sparerib or chicken leg.

Durable and comfortable to use

The BonFeu-BBQ patio fireplace has been specially designed for use on patio or lawn. The Bonfeu fireplace stands on three sturdy legs. The fireplace is made of steel and has a black heat-resistant coating.

Due to its shape and high stove pipe, the BonFeu-BBQ has an excellent smoke exhaust and a large heat output is guaranteed. Once the BonFeu has warmed up well, it cools only slowly, which guarantees a constant heat emission.

The BonFeu BonSolo Rust Fireplace in short:

- Timeless BBQ patio fireplace in rusted steel
- The cut-out logo gives a beautiful effect ofn the flames
- The turnable grill can be used in two positions
- High radiant heat all round, so not only on the front side
- Very good stability (low centre of gravity, solid materials)
- Height 124 cm and diameter of 34 cm
- A poker is supplied free of charge 
- Ideal during a cosy winter barbecue
- Also available in height 165 cm (BonFeu BonBono Rust).
- A protective cover can be ordered separately

BonFeu logo

The Dutch brand BonFeu stands for recognizable and well-thought design and premium quality. The team at BonFeu focus on the design of fireplaces which are a pleasure to use and suitable for outdoor cooking.

They continuously come up with creative and contemporary designs which match the current trends but also have the necessary durability to ensure a long product life. It is thanks to these core values that BonFeu has become one of the leading players in outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls and wood stoves.

Below you will find a short impression of the atmosphere:


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Brand BonFeu
Model BonSolo
Article number 3401R
Color (Rusty) brown
Material Steel
Dimensions L 34 x W 34 x H 124 cm
Weight 9.4 kg
Included Grill grid and poker
Shape Round
Fuel Wood
Diameter stove pipe 10 cm
(Size:890.8 KB)
11 Reviews
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Marius P.
5 out of 5
J'aime bien passer les soirs d'automne dans le jardin, mais il fait nuit tôt et plus frais. Ce cheminée est idéal pour chauffer, créer de l'ambiance et même griller une saucisse si on a envie. C'est un produit bien conçu, facile à mettre en route et livré très rapidement depuis Pays Bas.
Inez van Stroe
5 out of 5
Supersnel geleverd, staat stevig en door spatscherm prima te gebruiken op bovenste balkon. Dacht eerst nog een verlengde pijp nodig te hebben, maar als ik stapel volgens de Zwitserse methode is dat totaal niet nodig! Kortom; zeer tevreden.
Eva vreeken
4 out of 5
Haard brandt goed. Wel jammer van de korte pijp en het deurtje sluit ook niet echt soepel. Voor deze prijs Had ik iets meer kwaliteit verwacht.
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