BonFeu BonGiro Black Fireplace

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BonFeu BonGiano garden fireplace black product photo
BonFeu BonGiro Black Fireplace
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BonFeu BonGiro Fireplace Black

The BonGiro is the latest garden fire to be added to the BonFeu garden fire collection. The fireplace's low legs make it a striking appearance compared to its brothers the BonSolo and the BonBono. The BonGiro is a real outdoor fireplace and is suitable for both in the garden and under a roof with a smoke outlet. Including the stove pipe, the outdoor fireplace is 125 cm high.

With the BonFeu BonGiro outdoor fireplace you enjoy long evenings in the garden without getting cold. You will enjoy an atmospheric play of flames in which the cut-out logo is strikingly visible.

Barbecue with the BonGiro!

The BonFeu brand is unique in that all its products are also suitable for cooking, including the BonGiro! The BonGiro garden fireplace is equipped with a handy, rotating grill grid that is certified for preparing food. This distinguishes the BonFeu BonGiro garden fireplace from other brands of outdoor fires.

You can easily turn the grill grid out and in the fireplace without coming in direct contact with the fire. By this possibility you do not have to work above the fire and the chance of burns is very small. Place the desired piece of meat on the barbecue turntable and turn the grill grid back into the fire with the heat-resistant handles.

Timeless and practical design

The BonFeu BonGiro is designed to high standards. The BBQ garden fireplace is suitable for use on the terrace or lawn. Due to the three legs, the fireplace stands very firm and looks unique. It is a traditional outdoor fireplace with clean lines and no unnecessary frills. The high stove pipe allows for excellent smoke extraction. In addition, the heat emission is high when properly stoked. The garden fireplace cools down only slowly so that there is a constant heat emission. This is possible because the BonGiro is treated with a heat-resistant coating.

Rust on black steel garden fireplace

Finally, the BonFeu fireplaces are made of steel. Steel has the property, under humid circumstances, to rust. So bear in mind that your black BonFeu BonGiro fireplace will unfortunately not stay black. This process can occur fairly quickly. Don't panic, this gives your fire its robust and sturdy appearance.

The characteristics of the BonFeu BonGiro fireplace:

- Timeless fireplace BBQ

- Cut-out logo gives a beautiful effect on the flames

- High radiant heat all around, not just at the front

- Very good stability (low centre of gravity with sturdy legs)

- Impact resistant and tear resistant with normal use

- Door fitted with a spark guard

- The rotating grill grid can be used in two positions

- A poker & grill grid are included free of charge

The Dutch brand BonFeu stands for a recognisable design, a well-considered design and high quality. They make every effort to develop fireplaces that are pleasant to use and moreover suitable for outdoor cooking.

They always come up with creative and contemporary designs, responding to current trends, but always with a certain robustness that guarantees a long life. Precisely because of these core values, the BonFeu brand has grown into a leading player in the field of garden fires, fire bowls and wood stoves.

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Brand BonFeu
Model BonGiro
Article number 5501
Color Black
Material Steel
Dimensions L 55 x W 55 x H 125 cm
Weight 15.8 kg
Included BBQ Grill grid and poker
Fuel Wood
Diameter stove pipe 14 cm
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