Live it up on the  Plancha, the trend of this summer! }

Does your fire basket or garden fire look beautiful but are you still looking for a simple way to cook outside? Then this summer, live it up on BonFeu's planchas. This way, you can discover plancha baking and try out this cooking technique extensively this summer. 

What is plancha baking?

Plancha baking is a very old technique for preparing food but it is becoming increasingly popular. It originated in the Basque Country where cooking was done on hot stones. The technique behind plancha baking is simple but effective! Due to the high temperatures of the plancha plate (300-330°C), the meat is seared on the outside and all the juices remain in the meat. Actually, you can also call it plancha grilling. With plancha baking you preserve the pure taste of the meat and yet it is juicy and tender to eat.

The benefits of plancha baking

Now, why should you start baking on a plancha? First of all, it is an extremely healthy way of cooking. The high temperature ensures a short baking time so you retain as many nutritional values in your dish as possible. In addition, you don't have to use a lot of fat to fry, so you don't add much fat to the food.


It's an easy way to bake some ingredients and enjoy a nice fire at the same time. Like on the Bonfeu BonVes fire basket. This fire basket has a BonFeu plancha as an extra option which you can easily convert your fire basket into a plancha barbecue.

Plancha baking for a delicious four-course dinner 

Baking on a plancha offers many culinary possibilities. Start the day with a good fried egg with crispy bacon or a delicious pancake. For lunch, you can also put incredibly delicious things on the table. Toast a few slices of bread, bake a delicious fish or make a beautiful golden brown croque-monsieur on the plancha plate! With the BonFeu spatula, you can easily turn your ingredients and create the perfect dish.


For dinner, you can go all out. A good piece of meat, fish or chicken is always a good idea on the plancha but with some potatoes and vegetables you have a complete meal ready. Crustaceans are also highly recommended to prepare on the plancha, grill some good prawns or prepare a salmon.


Did you know that dividing the wood in the fire creates multiple heat zones on the plancha? This way you can play with the heat and there is no dish too crazy for the plancha!


Last but not least, a good dinner can't do without dessert. You may think "dessert on a hot plancha, that's not possible?". Yet you can put a number of delicious dessert dishes on the table, made by yourself on the plancha. Whether you are a fan of pancakes for dessert or a delicious piece of fruit, make it on the plancha and after a few minutes you will enjoy a delicious dessert. The BonFeu BonBiza is the showpiece of plancha baking. A complete dinner can easily be prepared on the outdoor kitchen.

Tips from our chefs

Besides the fact that the plancha is a great way to enjoy outdoor cooking, our chefs have some great tips to make plancha baking even more fun and easy!

  • Tip from chef Axel van Lent: "Oil the plancha baking plate well with sunflower oil before you start baking!"
  • Chef Armijn van Nierop's tip: "Make sure all ingredients (meat/fish/vegetables) are dry so that they are seared immediately. That way you get a nice 'roast' flavor."
  • Tip from chef Bart van de Wal: "If you fry fish on the plancha, you can slice the skin very thinly for even cooking and to make sure the skin doesn't warp during frying. Make sure the plancha is the right temperature, 200-250 degrees Celsius."

Plancha baking, as described in this blog, is a popular way to enjoy outdoor cooking. This cooking technique is easy to perform and very effective for quickly preparing a complete dinner! Are you curious about even more of our toppers when it comes to plancha baking? Let us surprise you on our plancha baking page.