Always a suitable Cosiscoop}

Have you heard? The Cosiscoop gas lanterns are allowed inside! Just in time for the dark and cold days that lie ahead. Where previously we only added atmosphere and cosiness to the outdoor space by placing them in the garden or on the balcony, we can now enjoy these unique atmospheres all year round. But how do you incorporate the Cosiscope into your interior? We are happy to help you on your way!

As a cosy light source on the coffee table

Why place candles on the table when you can also use the Cosiscoop's atmospheric flame! The dancing flame of the gas lantern comes into its own on your coffee table. Find a cosy spot on the sofa and you will have a perfect view of it. Also combine it with other decorative items. Cosiness guaranteed!

As decoration on your favourite cabinet

Do you want to finally decorate that nice cabinet in the living room, but you do not know how? Choose a Cosiscope that goes perfectly with the style of your furniture or the colour(s) on your walls. Even if you decide not to light the gas lantern, it still provides a lot of atmosphere. That's because, thanks to our Dutch designers, the lanterns excel in quality and eye for detail. Real Dutch Design!

Cosiscoop as a decoration

As an eye-catcher on the dining table

Do you like to dine extensively? Endlessly chatting at the dining table while enjoying a good glass of wine? All Cosi products are made to make these beautiful moments in life even more enjoyable. Whichever model or colour you choose, the lanterns are real eye-catchers. Steal the show with family and friends with your own Cosiscoop gas lantern on the dining table.

Tip: Use the Cosiscoop to complete your beautifully laid table at Christmas dinner. Or put the atmospheric gas lantern already on your wish list.

To decorate the windowsill

Thanks to the beautiful design and the trendy colours and materials of the Cosiscoop, you can also use the lantern for decoration. For example, give your Cosiscoop a nice spot on the windowsill. That way, it will be ready to go outside again in the spring. Did you know that the design of the Cosiscoop gas lantern series was even awarded a Design Award?

Cosiscoop gas lanterns

Certified for indoor use

The Cosiscoop lanterns have been extensively inspected and tested for indoor use and have received certification for this. The Cosiscoop itself has not undergone any changes. This means that the gas lanterns that have already been sold in recent years may also be used indoors. Important to know: Cosiscoops are only suitable for indoor and outdoor use in well-ventilated areas. The minimum required space for indoor use is 30m3.

In every interior there is a place for the Cosiscoop gas lantern. Whether it is on the coffee table, windowsill or dining table. Now the only question remains: which Cosiscoop will you choose? Find your favourite Cosiscoop in our webshop!