Barbecook Grill tabs 3-pack

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Barbecook Grilltabs 3-pack
Barbecook Grill tabs 3-pack
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Barbecook Grill tabs tripack

The Barbecook Grilltabs 3-Pack is a refill for the Barbecook Joya table barbecue. Use these grill tabs for easy and quick lighting of the barbecue. One refill is enough to barbecue food for at least 1 hour. This pack contains three refills. This means that you can barbecue for 3 hours using just this 1 pack.

Environmentally friendly and durable

The Barbecook Grill Tabs are made from 100% FSC certified wood. They are made from the  Invader Bush. This is a fast growing shrub from the Africa savannah which blocks the sunlight from the local flora and fauna. This shrub can transform the fertile savannah into a dry desert. Removing the shrub gives the flora and fauna a chance to revive. At the same time, Barbecook supports the local population which produces the grill tabs. So you can be assured that the grill tabs are produced with respect for people and the environment.

How to use the Barbecook Grill tabs 3-Pack

1. Remove the cover from the Grill Tabs
2. Place the entire aluminium bowl on the Barbecook Joya
3. Light the 3 wood shavings with a long match
4. Wait for about 40 minutes until the coals glow white
5. The barbecue can be used for at least one hour.

De Barbecook Grill tabs in a nutshell:

- Suitable for the Barbecook Joya table barbecue                                                                     
- Quick and easy lighting of the barbecue
- No dirty hands
- 100% FSC certified charcoal briquettes
- The pack contains three refills
- Enough to barbecue for three hours


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Brand Barbecook
Model Grill tabs 3-pack
Article number 223.1500.030
Weight 3 x 630 grams
1 Review
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