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If you have purchased an OFYR Barbecue or are thinking of doing so, we would like to give you some additional information on the use and maintenance of the OFYR here.

OFYR is the new outdoor cooking. The conical fire bowl has a wide, flat rim that you use as a sort of tepanyaki or plancha. The heat radiates from the centre to the outside in a flowing pattern, giving the plate multiple cooking temperatures. Whether you are grilling a nice piece of meat or fish, frying eggs or slow cooking vegetables, with the OFYR Barbecue you will discover a completely new world of possibilities for outdoor cooking.  

OFYR Barbecue




The OFYR functions best after it has been used once or twice and oil has been burned into the plate. This facilitates the baking process and protects the plate from rusting when not in use. The new plate may feel a little sticky because it has already been rubbed with vegetable oil at our factory for protection.

When you fire for the first time, it is necessary to make a small fire for the first 20-25 minutes and only then increase the size of the fire. As the plate gets significantly warmer on the inside than on the outside, the plate will always hollow out when heated. If, however, the first time you build up a fire that is too big, the plate will draw much more hollow in the future than if you build up the fire gradually. The plate must settle. After the first firing, this procedure is no longer necessary.

For cooking, it is best to use vegetable oil with a high degree of combustion, such as sunflower oil. For a nice brown/black colour on the plate, however, it is advisable to use olive oil for the first firing.




When the fire in the OFYR is well lit, it will take about 30-45 minutes before the maximum cooking temperature of about 250-300 ̊C is reached. The plate gets hottest in the middle. The place where the wood is placed as well as the wind also influence the place where the plate heats up the most. When heating up, the plate becomes slightly concave towards the middle. This does not affect the baking process and when the plate cools down, it straightens itself again.


When the plate starts to get hot, simply scrape it clean with a spatula to remove any oil or grease residue from previous use. Then, rub the plate with oil again and put some extra oil on the place where you will be frying. As you fry, you can add more oil as needed. A decorative OFYR oil can is available as a nice accessory for the OFYR.

Cedarwood planks

To slow cook food or give it a smoky flavour you can place the ingredients on cedar planks on the OFYR. These cedar planks are available at

OFYR cedar planks




Putting out the fire

It is easiest to let the fire extinguish itself. Or you can place the optional lid on the plate to speed up the extinguishing process. If you wish to extinguish the fire quickly, you can also carefully pour water into the fire (this will not damage the OFYR but beware of smoke and soot). PLEASE NOTE: The OFYR may remain hot for hours after use.


When the plate has cooled down to a lukewarm temperature, scratch it clean with the spatula and rub it in with oil again. The plate is then well protected against possible rusting and ready for the next use.

The ash can be easily removed from the cone with a dustpan and brush (without removing the plate). Make sure that the ash is completely cooled when disposing of it.


The OFYR requires little maintenance. It can be left outside all year round without a cover, but care should be taken that the hole in the cone is not blocked by leaves or ashes.

The Corten steel base and cone will, over time, develop a darker and darker rust colour. This rust layer is the protection against rusting through. Stronger rust formation on the plate (as a result of little use or not properly oiled) can be removed with a brush or scouring machine. The plate then looks like new again. The more often the plate is used, the better it is protected against rust, because oil is regularly burned in. So the best way to take good care of the OFYR is to use it a lot.

Thanks to its three modular parts (base, cone and baking plate), the OFYR is easy to move. The three parts can be lifted and moved separately. 


OFYR assembly instructions 





The OFYR Barbecue is available in various models. For more information, please visit our showroom or contact one of our employees. You can reach us by e-mail.