The use of a Mexican fireplace

The use of a mexican fireplace

Mexican fireplaces are made of clay. Therefore we advise you to follow the following instructions to guarantee a prolonged use of your outdoor fireplace:

  • Before you light the fireplace, fill the fireplace with a approx. 6 cm layer of (play)sand or gravel. Next, you will have to keep the fire small!
  • When first using the fireplace, make a small fire with paper and only a little wood to ensure that the clay hardens and the fireplace becomes heat proof. After a few times you can use larger logs, but please remember to not overdo it, in sake of your cosiness and the durability of your stove.
  • Using the fireplace can cause the clay to discolour.
  • Never use charcoal, gasoline, or other lighting fluids to light the fireplace, these fluids enter the clay and create such a high temperature that the fireplace can crack.
  • Never extinguish the fire with water as this will cause large temperature variations and cracking of the fireplace. You can use sand to extinguish the fire, but it’s better to let the fire die down.
  • The outside of the stove is hot, so be careful with children or pets near the stove.
  • If the stove is not in use, place the included cover on the chimney to protect the fireplace against the elements. A protective cover is available as accessory.
  • If the fireplace has become wet from the rain, remember that the clay is softer. In that case, don’t move the fireplace.
  • In winter, the fireplace is best kept dry and frost free to prevent cracking. If this is not possible, then clear the sand from the fireplace and cover the chimney. Then it’s best to pack the fireplace in plastic to protect it from the rain.