Firelighters: How to use?

Firelighters are used to start a fire. This can be a BBQ fire pit, terrace fireplace or campfire, but also firewood for the fireplace. Firelighters are often made of sawdust and paraffin waxtitleParaffintitle.

To light the firewood, the first step is to light the firelighter. Once the firelighter is alight, the kindling can be placed in the shape of a pyramid around the firelighter. Good kindling is dry and thin and will catch fire quickly. Once the kindling is burning properly you can add the logs (again in the shape of a pyramid). Start with small logs and add large logs later.

The advantage of firelighters

The advantage of a firelighter compared to old newspapers or lighter fluid is that a firelighter burns a lot longer. On average, a firelighter burns for about 5 minutes. During that time the kindling has enough time catch fire. There is the danger of lighter fluid causing a flame jet. A flame jet can have enormous consequences, for example, burns. A firelighter is a very safe way to start a fire. In addition, firelighters are very affordable.

In short: firelighters are cheap and very safe to use.

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