Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Brave International B.V. (trading under the name highly values the protection of your personal data. In this Privacy statement, we would like to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data.

We take all necessary measures to safeguard your privacy, which is why we handle personal data with great care. Brave International B.V. complies with the applicable laws and regulations in all cases, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that in all cases:

•  We process your personal data in accordance with the
   objective for which it was provided, these objectives
   and types of personal data are described in this
   Privacy statement;
•  The processing of your personal data remains limited
   to only those details minimally necessary for the
   purposes for which they are processed;
•  We request your explicit consent if we need it for the
   processing of your personal data;
•  We have taken the appropriate technical and
   organisational measures as to ensure the protection
   of your personal data;
•  We will not pass on personal data to other parties,
   unless this is necessary for the execution of the
   purposes for which it was provided;
•  We are aware of your rights regarding your personal
   data, respect them and would like to point them out
   to you.

As Brave International B.V., we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you have any questions after reading our Privacy statement or in general, or would like to contact us, please use the contact details below:

Brave International B.V.

Address:        J.F. Vlekkeweg 12
                       5026 RJ Tilburg
                       The Netherlands

Telephone     +31 (0)13-545 19 66

For which purposes do we process personal data?

Brave International B.V. processes your personal data for the following purposes:

•  Administrative purposes;
•  Communication about the order and/or invitation;
•  Executing an order or issuing an order;
•  Sending newsletters and/or other marketing purposes
•  Managing/optimising the website;

Brave International B.V. can use your personal data to process an order and keep track of the contents of your shopping basket.

Brave International B.V. can also use your personal data to contact you to let you know there are still unpaid products in your shopping basket, for an evaluation (review) of its service(s) or to follow up on a complaint issued by you. Brave International B.V. can also share your details with its customer service.

Brave International B.V. also offers the possibility to create an account. This is not mandatory. You can use this personal account to place your orders in our web shop and pay without having to keep entering your details, because the order is then linked to the details in your account. You can also view your order history here.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will keep you up to date on special offers, tips and advice, and we will regularly send you a newsletter. If you do not (any longer) want us to use your personal data for marketing activities, you can let us know by clicking the relevant link at the bottom of the newsletter, via, or by changing the settings in your account. We will then ensure that you no longer receive any marketing communications from us.

We also ask you for your personal data if you take part in a competition. That way we can keep track of the contestants’ details, contact the winners and measure the response to the competition. After the competition, your details are deleted, unless you have also subscribed to our newsletter.

We also process data that is supplied passively, like your IP-address. We use this data to create statistics and analyses about the use of our website, to improve the user-friendliness for you as a visitor, to show the relevant advertisements and to optimise the performances of our website. We will not gather more personal data than reasonably necessary to execute our services and/or for the purposes described in this Privacy statement.

Brave International B.V. can request the following personal data for the purpose(s) described above:

•  First name
•  Prefix
•  Last name
•  Company name
•  Street / house number
•  Postal code / hometown
•  Country
•  (Business) Telephone number
•  (Business) Email address
•  VAT number
•  Chamber of Commerce number
•  Bank or credit card details

Provision to third parties

The data that you submit to us can be passed on to third parties if this is required for the execution of the purposes described above.

If necessary, your name, address and contact details will be sent to the supplier concerned to deliver your order.

When an order is paid for, your bank or credit card details are also used. For the processing of payment transactions, Brave International B.V. works together with one or more payment service providers (“PSP”) with which these details are also shared.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will regularly receive it by email. We use special software by the name of Mailchimp to send the newsletter.

Brave International B.V. never supplies personal data to other parties with which we have not finalised a data processing agreement. This contract contains the necessary agreements to safeguard the protection of your personal data.

In addition, we will not supply the details you provided to other parties unless this is legally required and permitted. For example, the police can request (personal) data in the context of an investigation. In such a case we are required to cooperate and obliged to share this data. Furthermore, we can share personal data with third parties if you provide us with written permission to do so.

We do not supply personal data to parties located outside of the EU.

Advertisements and cookies

Brave International B.V. makes use of cookies in order to ensure that the website functions optimally and to provide the best possible service for visitors.

In this context, data regarding your visit to our website is collected, such as visit frequency, browser type, pages viewed and the duration of the visit. Brave International B.V. uses this information to improve the usability of the website. For more information about the use of cookies, please consult our page about our Cookie policy.

The website also enables you to share product pages via social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. This allows the operators of these social media to keep track of certain information about you. Brave International B.V. has no further influence on this. Please consult the privacy and cookie policies of these social media services for more information before using them.

Securing and protecting personal data

The protection of your personal data is important to us and we will take suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss, misuse and other unauthorised use. Because no IT system can be 100% secure, we cannot 100% guarantee the safety of the personal data given to us.

Several measures that we have taken:

•  We use a safe SSL-connection for the transfer of (personal)
•  All personal data is stored at a hosting party that ensures
•  We make periodical backups in order to prevent and/or
   restore the loss, corruption or any other infringement of
•  We use up-to-date virus software;
•  A large number of organisational measures have been
   taken internally.

Right to inspect, correct and delete data

You have the right to view and/or check the personal data that we have received from you to make sure it is correct. This is possible via the settings of your personal account, or by sending us an email. We will then send you an overview of all personal data that we have received from you as soon as possible in writing or by email.

It is also possible to request, in writing or by email, that we delete all your personal data. We will follow through with such a request as quickly as possible.

You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or part of it) by us or by one of our processors. You also have the right to have your provided data transferred to you or directly to another party if desired. Logically, we can ask for valid identification before accommodating the abovementioned request.

Storage period of personal data

We will not store your personal data longer than legally permitted and necessary for the realisation of the purposes for which we received the details, or longer than the period for which you have given permission.


We only process the personal data of minors (people younger than 16 years of age) if written consent has been provided by the parent, guardian or legal representative.


Should you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data, please contact us. If we are unable to resolve the matter, we sincerely regret this. You have the right to file a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Agency). This is the supervisory authority for privacy.

Changes Privacy statement

In order to process the developments in legislation and regulations or in services provided by Brave International B.V., Brave International B.V. reserves the right to change the contents of this Privacy statement. Brave International B.V. therefore advises you to regularly consult this statement.

If you have any questions or comments in response to this Privacy statement, feel free to contact us!