Not only heat, but atmosphere in the garden as well with a flame heater

A flame heater is a real eye-catcher for in the garden! Flame heaters look amazing and illuminate and heat your patio or porch with an attractive flame. Despite the fact that some flame heaters provide slightly less heat than a traditional patio heater, the flame heater is very cosy. Because the flame is visible, you can create the atmosphere of a real terrace fireplace in your garden. 



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A flame heater: eye catcher in the garden

A flame heater is a beautiful eyecatcher for every garden or terrace. Due to the slender design combined with the playful flames, it is a pleasure for the eye. Want a tight, modern design ? Then choose a model of Sunred. Or would you prefer a more playful design ? Then the Eurom model is fit. In the spring, autumn and summer you can sit outside in the evening. If you want to protect the heater well from weather conditions, you can buy a protective cover !

Also ideal for catering facilities


The heater fits well in your garden, but is also very suitable for catering facilities. For example, your visitors can enjoy a drink or snack out of every season. Would you prefer a spectacular entrance? Then place two flame heaters at your entrance and your visitors are immediately immersed in the warm atmosphere. Thanks to its slim design, the heater is suitable for any entrance, however narrow!

All the benefits of a flame heater

The flame heater differs substantially from a traditional terrace heater. The flame is well visible, which enhances a cozy atmosphere. The flame heater is the perfect addition to your garden party or drink, everyone can enjoy the warmth! The range of the heater is not only higher than an infrared heater, it is also more economical. You do not need electricity because it works on gas. In addition, the gas bottle is subtly placed underneath the heater itself. Rather be in another place in the heat? Through the wheels you move the heater in a snap

Which flame heater is right for you? has several models in the assortment. Would you like a large range or would you prefer something smaller? Do you opt for a modern design or more traditional? always has a model that suits you!

The benefits in a short:

- Easy to assemble                                                       
- Easy to move
- Adjustable capacity
- Electronic ignition
- Overheating protection
- Fall-over protection



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