How to maintain your plancha?

Welcome to your culinary adventure with the plancha! To ensure that you can experience the tastiest cooking sessions, proper preparation of your plancha is essential. Follow these simple steps to prepare your plancha for its first use and discover useful tips for maintenance.

Maintenance plancha

First use

To ensure that you can fully enjoy cooking with the plancha, proper preparation before first use is important. Here are some simple steps to get your plancha ready for tasty cooking sessions:

  1. Preparation: Before you start, remove all packaging and protective materials from the plancha.
  2. Cleaning with warm water: Clean the cooking surface thoroughly with warm water and a soft cloth. This will ensure that any dust and dirt residues are removed from the transport.
  3. First burn-in: Heat the plancha at medium temperature until the surface is well warm. Then add a thin layer of (vegetable) oil to the cooking surface. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper. This burn-in process helps create a natural non-stick coating and protects the surface from rusting.
  4. The first dish: Now your plancha is ready for the first dish! For example, you can fry some sliced onions or vegetables to further strengthen the new non-stick coating. This not only helps to enhance the flavour, but also to familiarise the plancha with the cooking process.
  5. Cool down: Let the plancha cool down completely before removing the remaining oil. Wipe the cooking surface again with a dry cloth.


Cleaning after use

After each cooking session, it is essential to clean the plancha. Scrape away food residues and excess grease using a spatula while the plancha is still warm (but no longer hot). This will prevent caked-on residue from throwing a spanner in the works next time.

Oil treatment after use

To prolong the life of your plancha, it is advisable to always apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the cooking surface after use, even when the plancha is not in use. This will protect the surface from rusting and preserve the precious non-stick coating. Spread the oil evenly using a cloth or kitchen paper to ensure each dish slides effortlessly off the plancha.


Rust prevention

To prevent rusting, always store your plancha in a dry place, especially if you are not using it for long periods of time. A dry shelter protects against adverse weather conditions and significantly prolongs the life of your plancha.

Protective cover

Consider using a protective cover to protect your plancha from weather and dust when not in use. Using a protective cover is a smart investment that significantly prolongs the life of your plancha.

Safety tips

Make sure the plancha has cooled down completely before storing it. Store the plancha in a safe and stable place, away from children and pets. Use heat-resistant gloves when cleaning or moving a hot plancha.