Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday


What a day! Cyber Monday 2021 was a great success for many shoppers. The Moodz fire bowls were flying out of the warehouse. Unfortunately, Cyber Monday has come to an end, but we would like to see you back on this page next year on Monday 28 November 2022. Can't wait? Take a look at the current assortment and find your favourite fire bowls, patio heater or fire pit table.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an annual recurring shopping day and falls in 2022 on Monday 28 November. Just like Black Friday, it offers great deals and promotions where shoppers can stock up for the holidays. However, the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that these deals only apply online, hence the name 'Cyber Monday'.

How long does Cyber Monday last?

Originally, Cyber Monday, like Black Friday, was only once a year and the shopping frenzy lasted one day. However, at many shops, the discounts and deals are presented for several days. This means that a variety of attractive online deals can be enjoyed over a number of days.

How did Cyber Monday originate?

To understand how Cyber Monday originated, it is important to first know why Black Friday was created! Black Friday was born because shops were offering good deals in response to the increase in purchases for the holiday season. These were mainly offline shops, but now online shops also participate in Black Friday. Cyber Monday was created when online shops seized the opportunity to start their own promotion in honour of online shopping.

Special Cyber Monday week deal also participates in Cyber Monday! We set up a fun promotion to make sure you'll be sitting comfortably during the holiday season, this year. Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing so that you are well informed.