Stock Status

We have almost all items in stock ourselves, however, a product may be sold out or no longer available. On the product page you will find the current stock status of the product in our warehouse. There are three possible situations:

The product is simply in stock. You can order the item directly online or collect it from our showroom.

If a product is available soon, it may be temporarily sold out, in which case you cannot place an order. However, you can leave your e-mail address and/or telephone number. As soon as the product is in stock, we will send you a message with all the information you need to place an order immediately.

The manufacturer comes out with a new item and this product is not 'out' yet. In some cases, we offer you the opportunity to reserve an item in advance. If you order the item, you will receive it the day after its release. The expected delivery date is shown above the order button. Please note that the item must be paid for in full in advance.