Conversion to natural gas

Transform your Happy Cocooning fire table into natural gas

You can possibly have your Cocoon table converted to natural gas. Happy Cocooning has chosen this in connection with the guarantee
to work closely with recognized gas installers. If you want to have the table converted, please send an e-mail with your
address and phone number to Afterwards, you will be contacted for it
make an appointment. Your fire table is converted at your location in the Netherlands and connected to the natural gas network.

What is being done?

- Sprayer is being replaced.
- Gas tap is being replaced.
- Aeration is adjusted.
- Table is connected (provided there is a flexible gas hose to connect the table to the natural gas connection).

Costs for conversion

The costs are € 150, - including VAT and call-out costs. (Provided the connection, including flexible gas hose, is present,
additional work in consultation at extra cost) - this service is only available for tables in the Netherlands.

Note: A natural gas connection is only possible if you arrange this via Happy Cocooning. This because Happy Cocooning
 - as a supplier - is the only one with correct and appropriate parts in her possession and cooperates with a recognized gas installer.


You can order the fire table, built-in-burner or table top you want online. Do you want to have it converted to natural gas, you can indicate this at the checkout under the heading "comments". We can, if desired
Inform Happy Cocooning of this so that you are called for scheduling an appointment with the mechanic.

Both the fire table and the built-in burner and table top are suitable for conversion to natural gas.


You must have your Cocoon Table checked by a recognized gas installer every year.