OFYR Island 85 Corten Ceramic Dark Grey

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OFYR Island 85-100
OFYR Island 85 Corten Ceramic Dark Grey
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OFYR Island 85

In terms of functionality, this is a complete outdoor kitchen with the unique OFYR design. This piece of furniture is made from Corten steel and consists of a 85 cm or 100 cm OFYR with generous wood storage, a thick work top or cutting block and a useful holder for accessories and spices.

OFYR is a functional piece of art designed to enhance the outdoors with beauty, warmth, food and friendship. The OFYR is more practical and stylish than a normal barbecue and its simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting, from country lawn to a chic restaurant terrace. When it is time to get together with friends and family, this stylish piece of art transforms into a warm, welcoming hub for cooking and entertaining.

Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family the whole year round

The OFYR brings people together in the same way as a traditional campfire. The wood-fired fire bowl emanates a cosy heat within a two metre radius so that you can cook and eat outdoors even in winter. The OFYR has an innovative, round design and lends itself perfectly for preparing food while having a drink or a nice conversation with family and friends.

Outdoor cooking is a real pleasure with the OFYR

The OFYR's unique design makes it an incredibly versatile cooker. The cone shaped fire bowl has a wide, flat rim (read: plancha) which also serves as a very efficient cooking area. The warmth emanates from the middle to the edge so that one cooking plate has multiple cooking temperatures. Whether you're frying eggs, slowly cooking vegetables or grilling a tender steak, the OFYR opens up a world of possibilities for outdoor cooking.

The 12 mm thick griddle is available with a diameter of 100 cm or 85 cm. The plate is heated to approximately 300˚C by the wood fire (you can also use charcoal but this doesn't look at good as there are no flames). Put some oil on the plate and start cooking. It has a very large cooking area: the plate has a diameter of 100 cm which makes it possible to cook food for 50 people. 

Easy to use and easy to clean

Unlike other outdoor cookers, the OFYR is very easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Food scraps and excess oil go straight into the fire.  The griddle is easily cleaned with a spatula as everything can be scraped into the fire. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth  and the OFYR is ready to use again.

The OFYR is easy to move thanks to its three-part modular design. The cooking plate, fire bowl and base can be lifted up and moved separately.  The cone has a 2 cm hole  for the easy drainage of rainwater.

Made from durable Corten steel

This means that the fireplace can be left outside the whole year round without the need for cover. Both the OFYR's wood storage and cone are made from a special grade of steel which contains copper (Corten). Corten steel is sometimes called weathering steel. Corten steel is characterized by a brown/orange rusty colour and its long lifespan. The reason it lasts so long is that the first corrosion layer prevents any further deterioration caused by rust. Painting is therefore not necessary, which makes this material very low maintenance. The more you use the OFYR, the better it looks. After a while, the steel forms a beautiful and natural patina layer.

A lifestyle object that looks great in every setting

The OFYR Island is a real lifestyle object. The OFYR serves as artwork that perfectly complements the setting in which it is placed.  Fire in its natural form encourages people to enjoy the warmth the whole year round. Just add wood to the fire to enjoy this feature. A crackling fire adds to the ambiance where the OFYR transforms from a piece of art into a fire basket which adds an extra dimension to socializing.

The OFYR is available in various sizes

The OFYR Island cone is available in various sizes. Please contact us for more information or visit our showroom to see the OFYR for yourself.

The OFYR Island 85 in a nutshell:

- Unique design                                                                              
- Can be used as a complete outdoor kitchen
- The cone is placed on the useful wood storage facility with worktop
- A thick wooden worktop and a useful holder for accessories and/or spices are included as standard
- Made from durable Corten steel: The OFYR can stay outdoors in all seasons
- Available in various sizes (cone diameter)
- Also particularly suitable for catering purposes 


See below for a brief impression of the ambiance created by the OFYR:





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Brand OFYR
Model OFYR Island 85
Article number OI-85-CD
Color Rusty brown
Material Corten steel
Dimensions L 45 x W 135 x H 100 cm
Weight 147,2 kg (Plancha 44 kg)
Fuel Wood
Thickness steel cone 3 mm
Baking tray thickness 12 mm
Cone depth 23,5 cm
Cooking surface Ø 85 cm
Table top material Ceramic Dark
Baking tray material Steel
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